Thank heavens for the First Amendment that gives us the right to free speech. Without it, we’d be a dark, corrupt, hell-hole of tyranny. Like California. And thank heavens even more for the Second Amendment that protects all the other freedoms in the Constitution because tyrannists in Washington are hell-bent on killing off the only purveyors of truth left in America….bloggers!

Last week, a Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move forward a bill that would limit press protections over what they say or write to what California leftist Senator (redundancy alert!) Dianne Feinstein said were “paid journalists.”

AWD is paid. Not much. Barely enough to pay for our increasing bandwidth costs. I receive ad revenue from Angry White Dude. Occasionally, AWD gets a generous donation from someone who believes in what we’re doing here (mucho appreciato!). Do I make millions like propagandist Chris Matthews? No, I do not. But I can look myself in the mirror while shaving, too!

What difference does whether any American is paid or not have to do with freedom of the press and speech? Everyone in America is blessed with the freedom to lift their voice however they see fit. Of course, Feinstein’s real reason for limiting First Amendment freedoms of speech is because she only wants to silence her opposition! Nothing more, nothing less.

Mainstream media outlets such as every large newspaper in America, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and even Fox News are nothing more than mere propaganda organs of the White House and, by extension, the Democrat Party. For decades, Americans have turned deaf ears to the “paid journalists” aka “propagandists” who haven’t broken a newsworthy story in opposition to the Democrats in their entire career. They merely regurgitate the latest Democrat talking points!

Citizen journalists aka Bloggers are the only media organ free to speak the unbridled truth. Corruption and political correctness killed off true journalism at traditional news outlets a long time ago. Even the massive Fox News spikes stories that criticize Islam or other protected classes. Why? One of the largest shareholders of Fox is a Saudi prince and Fox doesn’t want to be accused of being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc by those who seek to destroy them. Bought and paid for! Journalists, my big ol’ blogging ass! Talking-head propagandists is much more accurate.

AWD hasn’t read a newspaper in a decade. I haven’t watched any of the traditional mainstream propaganda channels, either. Hell, I don’t even watch Fox anymore. Why? Anything on television or newspapers is nothing more than politically correct propaganda! I know what they are going to say before it’s said. Why would I tune into Fox News to hear the liberal blatherings of Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, Geraldo, or Shamu What’s Her Name? So why bother watching? I don’t. Neither do millions of others tired of the same old liberal tripe.

AWD now gets all his news from bloggers. Why? I know they can be trusted, for the most part. Sure, some cowardly conservative bloggers are as politically correct as MSNBC. They are afraid of being called names. I don’t visit their sites much because I don’t respect their cowardice. I tend to visit sites where the bloggers have the cojones to speak and write about the truth as they see it. I may or may not always agree but am at least challenged to consider my positions on the various topics discussed.

There are several types of blogs. Some of the most popular are the news aggregators like DrudgeReport and InstaPundit. They don’t write their own opinions. They post article written by others. But they draw considerable traffic. Drudge has enough traffic that he can influence the mainstream propaganda outlets. Good on him. In my humble opinion, these types of blogs are easy to do. All you need is the time to scan the internet for interesting material to link.

Then there are investigative blogs like and the Bigs created by Andrew Breitbart (may peace and the death of the mainstream media be upon him). These do the investigative journalism the mainstream propaganda media doesn’t dare. Do you think we’d have ever learned of ACORN’s nefarious practices if it weren’t for James O’Keefe and Breitbart? What about Pigford? The atrocities committed daily by Islam? The truth about Benghazi? Not a chance! These news blogs are doing the heavy-lifting of journalism the propaganda should do.

The other types of blogs are opinion blogs like AWD, Canada Free Press, and I Own The World. I openly post my opinions on numerous topics and have done so for the past five years. To me, it’s much more difficult to write every day on topics in a fashion that will attract readers. I’m not saying the news aggregator blogs don’t serve a valuable purpose. They do. I visit them every day in search of material. Drudge is usually my first stop every morning. I’m only saying opinion blogs are much more difficult to write.

But every blog serves its purpose in providing material that someone finds useful. Except liberal blogs, of course. They’re just a waste of electricity spouting the same old tired liberal propaganda media talking points. Might as well watch MSNBC or any large newspaper if you want to hear or read stupidity.

Dianne Feinstein and every other Democrat in Washington is not concerned with keeping her oath of office and protecting the Constitution. They seek to dominate America by silencing their political opponents. Conservative bloggers will not go gently into that good night of oppression and tyranny!

Freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment must stand if America is to survive. Bloggers are the loyal opposition to tyranny and the propaganda media organs bought and paid for by corruptocrats and their puppet masters.

The fact that bloggers make Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer nervous tells me we are doing God’s work! Semper sic tyrannus!


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