Another black on white crime. This time a black nurse in Texas, Verna McClain was arrested for gunning down Kayla Marie Golden- a white woman and mother to a newborn – in broad daylight. Watching the details unfold I can’t help as a parent to become more and more sick to my stomach. McClain gunned down that young mother and kidnapped her child to use the child to qualify for more welfare money. However, the only thing that will cause me to be even more ill to this tragedy is to witness the spin that will occur in the media. We can expect the race hustlers to join in making excuses for the killer. Al, Jesse, Eric, and Barry will create an environment to what we will call the “Right To Gun Down Innocent White Women” if you’re not receiving enough welfare from the government. This could be the bold new tactic for more entitlements squeezed from taxpayers.

Verna Deann McClain (above) illustrated the lengths in which some will commit crime for money. Welfare money for a child? It’s even more for an adopted one. Many welfare-dependent minorities today see children as income and as profit. The amount of money that is provided through welfare for a child is considerable. It’s even more if the state increases entitlements through adoption. I was once in a position in my life where I considered adopting a child. I even applied for adoption and saw the benefits available. I am sure Verna McClain knew the benefits as well.

McClain already has three children. No father is mentioned and I am willing to cash my chips in that she is receiving public assistance for them. In addition, as a registered nurse and knowing the adoption process, she would have access to a birth certificate. The victim did not list a father on the birth certificate. That would make forgery of the child’s birth certificate much easier with no chance of a father being involved.

But the most horrible side to this case will be the politically correct spin through the liberal mainstream media. Now they will have to cover this story because of the brutality. They know the outrage our country is feels as a result of epidemic crime. They know whom the majority of the perpetrators are in cases of violent crime but have, up until now, hidden it. They will leave the issue of race out of the story and the headline will most likely be Vera McClain just had a mental breakdown and wanted a child.

All evidence so far shows a predetermined intent to kidnap the baby to gain more money. When are we going to wake up America and see the writing on the wall with what we continue to tolerate?


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