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Another black on white crime. This time a black nurse in Texas, Verna McClain was arrested for gunning down Kayla Marie Golden- a white woman and mother to a newborn – in broad daylight. Watching the details unfold I can’t help as a parent to become more and more sick to my stomach. McClain gunned down that young mother and kidnapped her child to use the child to qualify for more welfare money. However, the only thing that will cause me to be even more ill to this tragedy is to witness the spin that will occur in the media. We can expect the race hustlers to join in making excuses for the killer. Al, Jesse, Eric, and Barry will create an environment to what we will call the “Right To Gun Down Innocent White Women” if you’re not receiving enough welfare from the government. This could be the bold new tactic for more entitlements squeezed from taxpayers.

Verna Deann McClain (above) illustrated the lengths in which some will commit crime for money. Welfare money for a child? It’s even more for an adopted one. Many welfare-dependent minorities today see children as income and as profit. The amount of money that is provided through welfare for a child is considerable. It’s even more if the state increases entitlements through adoption. I was once in a position in my life where I considered adopting a child. I even applied for adoption and saw the benefits available. I am sure Verna McClain knew the benefits as well.

McClain already has three children. No father is mentioned and I am willing to cash my chips in that she is receiving public assistance for them. In addition, as a registered nurse and knowing the adoption process, she would have access to a birth certificate. The victim did not list a father on the birth certificate. That would make forgery of the child’s birth certificate much easier with no chance of a father being involved.

But the most horrible side to this case will be the politically correct spin through the liberal mainstream media. Now they will have to cover this story because of the brutality. They know the outrage our country is feels as a result of epidemic crime. They know whom the majority of the perpetrators are in cases of violent crime but have, up until now, hidden it. They will leave the issue of race out of the story and the headline will most likely be Vera McClain just had a mental breakdown and wanted a child.

All evidence so far shows a predetermined intent to kidnap the baby to gain more money. When are we going to wake up America and see the writing on the wall with what we continue to tolerate?



  1. Bitch should be drawn and quartered. End of story.

  2. REV Wright


    Can Vera still vote Democrat in November?

    Barry Obama and Eric Holder want to know…………

    • Death to Libtards

      Yes and someone will surely make sure she gets an absentee ballot. There are specific programs out there to make sure incarcerated suspects who have not yet been “convicted” of felonies have the privilege of voting. Think ACORN and you will be getting close.

  3. REV Wright


    Any chance Vera looks like Obama’s daughter?

    Just “axing”…………

    • Rev…

      Chucklin’ here…that was spot-on!

      • Hey Fat Timer I wish that Vera was around when you was born. She would of been Miss Fat Timers nurse and then you wouldn’t be here!!! So happy b-day!

    • Uh oh REV Wright/Rev Weasel..”Any chance Vera looks like Obama’s daughter?” “Just “axing”…………”

      No she doesn’t look like his daughter but what about your daughter…does she look like Susan Atkins? one of those devil worshiping white girls that drank that kool aid with Charles Manson. Oh yeah and another thing…so what that that black woman took that white woman’s baby because that white woman was only going to go crazy anyway and probably drive her own baby into the lake some where and then try and blame it on a black person.

      • REV Wright


        Maybe you are right.

        She looks more like Michelle Obama.

        Just sayin………….

      • Could you imagine if we could go back to the 1600’s and show European Americans the horror of unleashing sub Suharan blacks into a First World civilization. A civilization that they could neither comprehend, create nor maintain nor contribute too.

        The violence, rapes, beatings, murders and other savage acts by blacks are without paralell in the First World. The only other place that anything like this behavior can befound is in the Muslim world.

        Could you imagine if all American cities were white? No ‘bad’ meighborhoods. We [white people] would have probably put a man on Mars, have colonies on the Moon. Now we can’t even have a space program because blacks are too stupid to even qualify for a cameo appearance as a scientist and the rest of the money is spent on welfare and affirmative action.

        • “Could you imagine if we could go back to the 1600′s and show European Americans the horror of unleashing sub Suharan blacks into a First World civilization. A civilization that they could neither comprehend, create nor maintain nor contribute too”.

          yeah, I think USA was already a great “First World civilization” in 1600, so brave and so smart that would be unable to introduce slave labor, the cotton industry had never been developed, many of your cities and palaces never have been built, no jazz and probably America would have fewer medals at the Olympic Games

          “The violence, rapes, beatings, murders and other savage acts by blacks are without paralell in the First World. The only other place that anything like this behavior can befound is in the Muslim world.”

          yeah, I forgot whites are unable to commit violence, rapes, beatings, murders and other savage acts?

          “Could you imagine if all American cities were white? No ‘bad’ meighborhoods. We [white people] would have probably put a man on Mars, have colonies on the Moon. Now we can’t even have a space program because blacks are too stupid to even qualify for a cameo appearance as a scientist and the rest of the money is spent on welfare and affirmative action.

          mmmmmm intelligence and superiority based on race, is not that the technical definition of the “R” word?

          Again, divide and conquer, the typical Machiavellian move that some whites do, but they don’t realize why america is living this, why the racial hostility is a common disgusting problem since 1600 to nowdays, now they want to re-segregate or deport blacks because they know race relations are not working (and they have never worked) in USA

          • Juan,

            Detroit, Newark, Gary, East St. Louis, Oakland, South Central [LA], Harare, Zimbabwe, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, etc

            Explain…………..In detail…………..


  4. REV Wright

    Vera Mcclain: Obama’s new Czar of Health Care?

    BTW: Watch and the CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, MSNBC [Obama] MSM looks the other way.

    Nothing to see here……..”Move on”

    Remember, NO questions may be “axed”.

  5. As much as I enjoy reading the entries and comments on this site, I must point out that this wasn’t what you’d typically call a “race” crime or a “hate” crime and yes, the woman is unbalanced. If anything, it’s a sickening farce born from economic derision and cynicism. This sort of thing goes on in white circles as well as black. Strangely, it is AWD who is pulling a race card and I would like to know what he would say if the crazy nurse in question was white.

    • David, AWD did not author the post. You might ask the question to American Infidel.


      • If it’s on your site, then you are responsible for the content. Legally, it’s the same as condoning and advocating the argument. Whether you agree with it or not, passing the buck to American Infidel doesn’t absolve you.

    • FuriousFatMan

      if “the crazy nurse in question was white” we’d never f***ing hear about this story, EVER.

      begone david! you have been found wanting!



      • I just wanted to know what AWD (or American Infidel’s) response would have been if the person was white.

        • American Infidel #1

          David, The argument is on the frequency of black on white crime that the media overlooks this. This incident is the latest and the sickest. For instance, the amount of attention that is paid in media time, bounty’s threats, calls for race war, marches, and revenge acts of violence that has occurred since this Trayvon incident. Where is the outrage in the media? Where is the outrage in you? The everyday citizen that hears this on the news- but does not listen to what is really happening? You, David, that would attack this website, question us in the legality, and then be offended by free speech, when we are sicken by MURDER. LOTS of it. You are naive, I have seen killing up close, even participated in it as a result of being in the military. It is chaos, and sickening that ‘everyday citizens” will not be bothered by these actions, but worse make excuses for it. I did not make this a race issue, the perpetrators have.

          • If it was your intention to emphasize the bias of the media, you might make that your thesis instead of the race-baiting AWD so often accuses blacks of perpetrating. No, I am not naive. I am aware of the cultural and political bias the media inflicts on the voting public.

            I am outraged, but not as a white man, but as a parent.

            This might upset you but racism IS free speech. Racism is a belief, and one shared by everyone – no matter what they care to admit. Racism is also an idea and speech is the catalyst. If you want to have free speech and a free country (more or less), you have to embrace the ideas of others, no matter how much you dislike or disagree with the intention. You have to embrace racism, irrational hatred, the violence, the blood…

          • American Infidel #1

            Are you asking me if I am a racist or are you telling me to be one?

          • Wow, what a question. A great question, actually because I’m not sure if I know the answer. I would say righteous indignation goes out the window when faced with the sum of American (and global) Evil. No one is innocent. We’re all complicit – and no, this is not a case of Original Sin. You have to be what you are and not pretend to be something else. You have to be true to yourself and not lie. That’s all I have for today.

          • American Infidel #1

            Good. Thank you.

          • David, I ain’t as smart as you other guys, but America Infidel wrote it, you can dislike it all you want and disagree with it all you want, but he wrote it, you didn’t so–tough darts. You are just like the Obama admin, trying to control they way people write.

            Racism is a belief that someone of one race is superior to other races. Free speech is a right granted to us by our Founding Farmers in our Constitution. Free speech allows us to express our racism, in no way is it racism.

            Finally, having read this blog for quite some time now, I can assure you, it is the heinous act that was committed which is exacerbated by the knowledge of most on this site that the entitlement issue was behind this crime. Murder is nothing to those who live off others.

            Free speech, is me telling you that you are one messed up dude.

  6. John Henry Eden

    Nigress sow was probably going to sell the baby to some DWL couple or use it as human sacrfice and then cannibalize it in some negro juju ceremony.

  7. Isn’t there some white hispanic we can blame for this?

  8. Cooter Brown

    American Whites need to wake up to the fact that there are far more hate crimes committed on whites from blacks every day then anyone in the government would admit. But due to political correctness whites are not allowed to even mention the term hate crime because we have been exempted from the hate crime laws.

  9. Wait, she’s a RN and she needs welfare, and then more welfare to the point of murdering a woman and stealing her baby?!?

    TELL ME she wasn’t an OB nurse!

    I’m just a lowly STNA because I cannot afford the student loans to be an RN and I refuse to go into debt. I don’t get frickin’ welfare!!!

    • American Infidel #1

      Then you need to get pregnant and not know who the “daddy’s” is! LOL

    • misterbill

      Brooke, I say go for it. If that is what you want to do. I do believe that the days of low wages for nurses are over and you could make enough to pay the loan off, or work for medical facility that has tuition assistance.

      Do it for yourself.

      Side issue-with the burgeoning cost of health care, I see more and more facilities with Nurse Practitioners handling a lot of the load. It pays well.

      Good luck to you.

  10. The Democratic party has spent nearly 50 years breeding a culture of morally reckless and irresponsible people. Milllions of these people (mostly black) have spent the most productive years of their lives producing disposable children, whom they are neither interested in and incapable of raising!

    This woman is merely the poster child and recipient of the destructive policies which the Democrats continue to legislate. What’s sad is that she represents the liberal’s idea of the type of “hard working, struggling mom” whom we must sympathize with! When loony Democrat Hilary Rosen condemn Mitt Romney’s wife of “never holding down a real job”, it was just her way of chatising dedicated (white) mothers who lead the kind of respsonsible and enviable lives which liberals despise!

    As I said before, I hold very little confidence in a Mitt Romney presidency. He will most likely continue to compromise with the wicked Democrats in congress as well as those cowardly RINO’s who will remain complicit in producing cultural leeches such as Nerna McLain!

  11. as far I know, the crime was not racially motivated, what’s your point American Infidel?

    • Juan, were you this concerned and inquisitive as to whether or not the media-hyped Treyvon Martin case was racially motivated?

      • that’s a problem not only with the media, but with all american race relations, when you learn to separate a simple judicial issue with a racial one, the things could be different, look for example this article, violent, moody, ignorant and inistable people is found everywhere and unfortunately is not uncommon to find a violent acts with people who have such characteristics, why is necessary to start this text with: “Another black on white crime”?, I see the aggressor as a violent, moody, ignorant and inistable person which happens to be black, is not about being politically correct is being balanced with the information

        • American Infidel #1

          Thank you Juan for your diagnoses of my personality via a web page, or article. Is that mental care covered under Obama Care?

          • How Obamacare can help me if I don’t live in USA?

          • American Infidel #1

            I do, and I guess that is why I am so upset with the crime in this country. How dare you criticise me for my anger of a murder and murders that occur here. That answers the reason why YOU are not upset, you do not even live here.

          • I knew you would answer me like that, look I live in the planet earth and USA is part of this planet, I can be worried for issues which may occur in Japan, Brazil, Kenya, France or Mexico, that’s global thinking, something that you don’t know, besides AWD is on internet, so anyone can access to this site regardless the place of residence and comment in one topic, especially this one, I can’t deny the issues related with blacks, but I’m not agree with your partial attitude, blacks are not only american, How would you treat a black person from Cameroon, France or Brazil?, Could be that person also benefited from your necessary tax payments?, Could be that non-american black person a potential danger to you and your loved ones?, not all blacks are americans, not all blacks are parasitic state freeloaders and last but not least not all blacks are criminals, thanks god black criminals are a minority into the black american community, why don’t you make emphasis on that before you make angry statements?

      • If I may, I don’t think the Trayvon Martin case is being manipulated as much by blacks as it is the Liberals – serious political junkies, the majority them being white because they have the power of the pulpit, the new religion of media and they go on automatic pilot whenever something like this occurs. The politicians pick up on this (Democrats and Republicans – nobody’s innocent in this) and they fan the flames to get their votes. This is about the acquisition of power…nothing more.

    • No, what’s YOUR point? Did American Infidel say it was racially motivated? Does anybody care if it was or wasn’t? Dammit, that Babuntu sow killed a White woman and kidnapped her baby! I’m mad as hell. And you want to debate her motivation? FU.

      • temper, temper, with a hot head you can’t speak

      • The very first f*****g sentence…”another black on white crime”? It is a CRIME…period, not black, not white – end of story. It had nothing to do with the victim being white.

        • David…

          I know tempers flare here now and then, but please do not use the F word as you did above again, AWD doesn’t allow the F or N word here.

          Thanks ~

          • Lol…

            Fudge, friggin’ freakin’…whatever…I use some of them myself.

            Just wanted to let you know that’s why your comment wasn’t posted and caught in the spam filter. 😉

          • I have no problem with language. I use (or abuse) some language myself – a lot of time right in front of my daughter. There’s a lot of hate on these boards, though – surprising and disturbing. To me, those words are far more inflammatory than any cussin’-blue-lude-crude-suggestive stuff.

  12. At Juan, the point is. Americans, especially white Americans are fed up with the rampant crime that is being committed by by against us. Whether it is a car jack, home invasion, flash mob, random murder, this one case in particular now the icing on the cake. Our country and it’s taxpayers have given decades of financial assistance to minorities here than any other country. Yet, what minorities in return have given nothing more than an abundance of crime and more debt. Peace is a two way street. Now, most recently a mother gunned down in broad daylight and her child abducted. I ask you, honestly, do you think Americans feel safe today in their own country, their own neighborhood? I remember growing up as a child being able to walk to a from school by myself, or to walk to store with my mother, safely. Do you think Americans can honestly do this today. Is it right, is it fair? The white Americans being punished today as a result of black crime are guilty of nothing more than providing every pay check financial assistance, opening college, sports, and entertainment positions, opening ballot votes for Black President. Only now tone told we have to still not notice or make protests or notice of crime? That’s my point, and this story was another one the media would not have mentioned race until blogs became involved. I have sacrificed so much for this country so far, but coming home from war zones is nothing compared to the war zone here and it’s innocent victims.

    • sir. I understand your annoyance but let me tell you something, not all blacks in America are assisted by affirmative actions to achieve important roles in academic and work areas, black americans pay taxes too and last but not least AMERICANS are not only whites as you infer in questions like: “do you think AMERICANS (you mean white) feel safe today in their own country, their own neighborhood?” or “Do you think Americans (you mean white, right?) can honestly do this today. Is it right, is it fair?”……….To respond your questions I can tell you that neighborhoods, especially the poor ones, are dangerous for everybody, even for blacks, there are people who have not successfully used the “helps” given by the government to achieve a decent quality of life, more acceseible and more just, and there are also people who have taken advantage of such initiatives and have contributed positively to society, so not all is black and white man, there are greyscales that people like you are unable to see, in my personal opinion I’m not agree with affirmative actions or any other assistentialist policy, not by selfishness but by the paternalistic mentality generated by such initiatives, I think politicians were wrong about this 40 or 50 years ago in the U.S., they thought to implement assistencialist policies and not self-determination to the people, why have quotas for college entrance if the educational level of my school sucks?, why study if I can be millionaire playing only basketball or football?, the problem is not if the state provides ‘benefits’ to its citizens, but the mental structure that is inherited, the state must ensure the welfare of its citizens, especially those in need, do not, it would be like having a pastor who doesn’t care for his flock, I understand you have to pay taxes paid to see some benefits, but unfortunately we can’t back in time to warn politicians of the past, you need to reformulate your benefactor policies

      • Juan, I agree with you about the damaging effects of social programs over the past 50 years. Please try to understand why many white people today are so frustrated. Most of us never lived under Jim Crow. Certainly none lived under slavery. Most whites tend to judge people by their actions and not skin color in 2012. I do. So it’s frustrating to hear from many black people today that they are “owed” free stuff because their people were brought over from Africa 400 years ago. Sorry, but it wasn’t my decision and there haven’t been slaves for a long, long time. But there have been several generations of welfare mooching criminals who damage every area they infest. Honest, hard-working black people don’t like these hoodlums either. 50+ years of set asides, affirmative action, welfare, food stamps, etc have made white people very angry and impatient with those programs and those who benefit from them.

        You pose the excellent question “why study when I can be a millionaire playing basketball or football?” The problem is that there are only a few thousand or less who can make a living playing sports. Yet, your question seems to be the mindset of so many young black kids. Did white people teach black kids to worship pimps and gangstas? I have said many times on this site that white people cannot help black people. Only black people can rise up against the destructive behavior so many young black kids utilize.

        I appreciate your well thought-out questions and comments. I hope my comments to you can help you with some perspective from white people.


        • Mr. Awd, I can’t blame slavery for the crimes commited by some blacks in U.S, I can’t blame KKK for poverty and hunger in Africa, I can’t blame Jim Crow laws by the facile and careless attitude of some young blacks, but let me tell you something:

          1. “Most whites tend to judge people by their actions and not skin color in 2012. I do.”…..that’s good but I’m skeptical, if whites tend to judge people by their actions and not skin color in 2012, we would not find racial profiling in police or articles such as John Derbyshire’s.

          2.”So it’s frustrating to hear from many black people today that they are “owed” free stuff because their people were brought over from Africa 400 years ago”……….of course things are different, but like it or not, there are still consequences, there is still racism, and there are still people who wants to live segregated, so don’t be naive please, the difference right now is that are no excuses to overcome the problems that may be linked to this.

          3.” The problem is that there are only a few thousand or less who can make a living playing sports.”………..what? in a country of 310,000,000 people, you can not say such thing, in addition, you Americans produce great athletes of different races who excel in different disciplines, so is not just a matter of only a few thousand or less who can make a living playing sports, the problem is that the system (not only the goverment) is made to have the black people stupid, when you say: “Did white people teach black kids to worship pimps and gangstas?”I respond NO, not all white people, but the powerful ones yes, because some industries like the musical one, make millions promoting and exhibiting pimps and gangstas, so I would no be surprised if a black kid worship men like 50 cent or Young Jeezy who make millions acting like that.

          Thanks for your words, and I hope you and your fellow friends can understand this not as a racial issue per-se, the problem is structural

          • excuse me, I think I rushed, I’m confused, when you said: “The problem is that there are only a few thousand or less who can make a living playing sports.”…….are you talking about just blacks or americans in general?

      • American Infidel #1

        Juan, since you speak of not being able to change the past. Tell that to the nindividuals who live in this country now, and make excuses as to why they cannot move forward. More to follow…

        • dude, I can’t be an spokesman for the whole black AMERICAN community, I can’t, so I don’t know all their issues, not everyone who commits a crime is for economic, racial and educational purposes (all them togheter), and not everyone who commits a crime is black, as you infer

          • American Infidel #1

            Juan, If you ever take psychology or even philosophy, this is the first reason communities are involved in crime. You are defeating the first and foremost liberal argument as to why to commit crime. Are you finally seeing the writing on the wall yourself?

          • ok maybe I got confused in some words, but if you recognize that communities are involved in crime for many reasons, why is so necesary to make emphasis on race? why was necesary to start this article with “Another black on white crime”?, Is not that predispose your readers?, Is not that sensationalism?, Is not that racial profiling?, I can assure you that similar criminal cases are present in different races, communities and countries. Violent, ignorant and unstable people whose actions are harmful are not only present in black people

    • Here,Here my fellow Infidel! Welcome Home! My question if I may axzit ,what are the OTWs gonna do when they exterminate US. I mean who’s gonna keep em up? Feel Me?

      • no, no white people, you will not exterminate, races will change, within 500 or 1000 years but doesn’t mean your extermination, that’s why some(white)conservatives are seen as crazy paranoid people, but that is understandable knowing that the enemy can not be painted as a plush teddy bear

        • Well at least your an optimist and a bit naive.

          • No, at least I’m a boy standing in the real, millions of people can’t be exterminated by a minority group, besides, Who are those who have an easier posibility to defend themselves(warlike speaking) of their attackers?, as far I know, you can get weapons and munitions in walmart, large percentage of the personnel in the police and army is white, so in a domestic danger, who would take the advantage?

          • It was hyperbole, with a little sarcasm mixed in Juan. Yes we can get weapons at walmart etc,etc. That doesn’t mean that the govt is going to continue to let us keep them and that is the crux of the problem. “Most” Americans do not like the idea of Totalitarian govts and we do not like our personal liberties trashed. As far as Genocide is concerned. Juan what was yesterday? Have you heard of a place called Bosnia, Iraq, Darfur, Rwanda. Please don’t pressume that genocides can not take place in the enlightened 21st century. Hell I can still smell the rotting bodies in the mass graves that I had to guard in Bosnia during the summer of 2001.

          • I can’t say that genocides can’t take place in 21 century, but I’m not sure if a genocide can take place in USA, when you believe that your country will end up like Iraq, Rwanda or Darfur, it’s because there is no hope and there is no solution……….anyways, I think you’re playing the old Machiavellian move, divide and conquer, the bad guys: BLACKS…the good, inocent, and vulnerable ones: WHITES, that’s it

          • “No, at least I’m a boy standing in the real, millions of people can’t be exterminated by a minority group “ – Juan

            No you have bought into the mendacity of liberalism, and are regurgitating deceit by making such a dangerous statement.

            The Nazi Party began building a mass movement starting with 27,000 members in 1925, the Party grew to 108,000 in 1929.

            September 1930 the Nazi Party won an important victory, capturing 18.3% of the vote to make it the second largest party in theReichstag

            Hitler who was not Aryan won 37% of the vote in Germany by fueling Aryan hatred of Jew.

            Nazi party members were estimated at 7% of the total population of Nazi Germany, Now Juan I don’t have time to go into how many people the Nazi exterminated you can look that up yourself.

            But you are nowhere close to standing in the REAL

          • so according you blacks have their own agenda, is not that a little paranoiac?

          • I said nothing about Blacks, I’m correcting your misconceptions, do you have a problem with that?

          • “I said nothing about Blacks”………, you didn’t “technically” speaking

      • American Infidel #1

        More to follow. Religious article as a result.

  13. I read about this yesterday…the msm isn’t covering this much that I know of. Have seen a story or two from Fox, but that’s about it. Granted, I don’t watch much TV during the day…so I could be wrong.

    Nevertheless…this story sickened me, words cannot describe how I feel about this. I would hope this gal gets the death penalty, I fear she will get off on an insanity plea. – Time will tell.

    AI…this story is well put together, I read this late last night and tweeted as well, just was too pooped to post at the time….saved for now. 😉

  14. David in Corpus

    All I can say is, whatever the reason, that is some major amount of sickness, what she did.
    Ethnicity and gender aside, I am getting to the point where I just despise all people, the most vicious of all animals on the planet.
    I can’t even look at little kids anymore without knowing that someday their innocence and sweetness will be lost and an adult will be in its’ place trying its’ damndest to screw over lord knows how many other adults and children.

    • You’re not alone…I feel the same way.

      Another reason I have more respect for animals than I do the human race at times…if you know what I mean. ~

  15. Would Obama at any time be so daring as to offend his most important voter base?

  16. The BLACK BITCH is NOT a registered nurse,,,but a “vocational nurse.
    There is a whale of a difference!. No 4 yr college degree!!!
    This black woman murderer has said she needed a baby to show to her boyfriend.
    She had told him she was pregnant with HIS child! But she “lost” the baby in March, and needed a baby to show her boyfriend.
    A white baby kidnapped means that the boyfriend must be white! Don’t you think?
    You wouldn’t be showing no black man a white baby and say “here’s your baby”!!!!!
    That makes this a RACE CRIME!!!
    Killing a white woman with malice and aforethought and to a moral certainty!!!,,, on purpose!!!
    We also hear this black bitch has 3 other children born out of wedlock.
    Maybe it is time to start sterilizing these types.
    They breed like animals without any care as to who is going to pay the bills or take care of them, etc.
    Convict, and shoot the juice into her at Huntsville,,,is the only answer!!!

    • Sterilization should be THE LAW for all those “honeychiles” that want to claim welfare benefits based on the number of “chillun” she has produced (or kidnapped). That would put an end to this welfare game REAL quick. How could that murdering negress present a “white child” to her boyfriend? Was she drunk when she pulled the trigger? Another case of a completely deranged crackhead allowed to roam the streets and alleys of America and murder at will. When will we EVER wake up?!

    • Thanks for clarifying that error for us mrchuck. Walk into any hospital today, and you can no longer make any real distinction between a doctor, nurse or orderly. The new order protocol for the once respected profession of medicine has like most industries been “dumbed down” in order to create a lax atmosphere of “fairness’ amongst the employees!

      Just look at this woman. Would any intelligent person mistake this woman as some kind of professional working within the vicinity of medicine? She looks more like a crack head!

    • Not a race crime, mrchuck. Just a crime from a mentally unbalanced idiot. As are the majority of crimes committed in this country and pretty much all over the world.

      • no dude, was a race crime because the attacker was black and the victim was white :P, don’t forget that we blacks hate, attack and kill whites, blacks and only blacks

    • REV Wright

      Would that be an “affirmative action” nurse?

      [BTW: She does look a little like Obama’s Aunt “Z”]

  17. In today’s world, only the innocent victims are quilty of crime. How dare the victim let the attacker see her with a baby! We have no right to reproduce! We all have it coming in Satan’s mind, and isn’t it ever so nice to know.

  18. Just like the Trayvon case, I will withhold comment until more facts are presented. But make no mistake I am angry. This should have made CNN’s Home Page or Top Justice Stories section. It seems I have to get the news here on an opinion site.

    Thanks for your vigilance AI1

  19. Spurwing Plover

    bring back the LIMBURGH LAW on these kidnappers

  20. The problem with our American justice system is we wait too long to execute these savages. A one year appeals system and then you pay the price. We also need to make all executions public, which I find a good deterrent.

  21. John Henry Eden

    I’m tired of all this intellectual argument.A negress murdered a White mother and stole her baby.The sow is typical of every single negro in the world.Every negro in the world needs to be exterminated not coddled by suicidal DWL gubmints.

    • Totally disagree and disavow what you said…I find it completely appalling.

      • American Infidel #1


      • John Henry Eden

        Supposed “Angry” White Dudes that play by the rules set for them by the Libtard Left.OH GOD! Our enemies might think we’re (gasp) racists.Play by their rules and lose.

        As Hyacinth Bucket used to say “Sheridan would be apalled.”

      • Hey bigtimer/fat timer. dont think that you have won some points on disagreeing with John the Gay. I still now that you are a bigot and that secretly you do agree with this dude.

    • I’ll pay you to stop using words like “negress” and “negro”.

      • REV Wright

        OK……How about black Obama “youth” or “baby mama”?

      • misterbill


        You just lowered my opinion of o=you. Another example of the liberal attitude, the effort to control the use of legitimate words.
           [nee-groh] Show IPA noun, plural Ne·groes, adjective
        Anthropology . a member of the peoples traditionally classified as the Negro race, especially those who originate in sub-Saharan Africa: no longer in technical use.

        The reason it is no longer in technical use ids because of political correctness, the earmark of the ignorant. PC is the extreme vice of the liberal. Take perfectly legitimate words and add a racial, ethnic or religious connotation to it , then try to embarrass the smarter folks who use it.

        Negress, on the other hand, does have some offensive overtones since it was purloined from the French and bastardized to English to describe a female Negro.

        By the way, can’t you get the Brazilians to rename the Negro’ river??

      • John Henry Eden

        Not for a million bucks!

        • not for a million of bucks? I know you’re not talking serious, but that’s not good for the pro-capitalist essence of conservatives

    • Your name fits you well John Henry Eden. You sound like some red neck in the movie “Gone With The Wind”. And who is going to exterminate us because it definitly wont be you whte man. First of all your GAY and I would love to see all the GAYS exterminated in which GAYS was my reasoning for leaving the White mans Army.

      • John Henry Eden

        Big talk from a darkie. Say “Mister” when you address me,boy.

        • John the Gay…your telling me, a formerly Non Commissioned Officer of the US Army that has lead men in the Kush Hindu mountains of Afghanistan to address you as Mister. You know what, grab your shotgun and kill yourself.

        • the friendly grizzly

          JHE, I am reaching a point where we may need to return to the days where rules like that return to the American way of life. And you are hearing this from someone who at one time felt quite differently. And you forgot taking his hat off when addressing his betters.

      • Rock of the Marne

        hmmmm You are no longer in the “White Mans Army” and you left because of Gays… yet you call yourself “ArmyDawg” are you bipolar? or just full of shite?

        LOL just admit it.. YOU were discharged for bad conduct and the Big Chicken Dinner the Army gave you as they shoved your anus out the front gate has left a bitter taste in your mouth…

      • John Henry Eden

        Why can’t we call this down low buck what he is,a n***er?

    • and later ask why (white)conservatives are viewed as racist

    • of course you’re tired of intellectual argument cause you lack this

  22. so first of all it is not clear if the white mother was killed or not

    also I just saw this story on FOX and they eluded that the woman had recently suffered a miscarraige, so she stole the baby to replace the one she lost, didnt mention wheter she was black or white

    bring back the edit function

    • Dano…

      You aren’t the only person who has mentioned that in the last two days or so about the edit function.

      You all need to let AWD via email…check under ‘Stay Connected’ drop-down feature on the top right right of this site. ~

      Just letting you know. 😉

    • Yeah Dano I believe the mother is dead, she was SHOT SEVEN TIMES!

  23. Missourian

    I call them “toasted” Americans. Toast can be light or dark or anything in between.

    • Ha Ha funny….Get your lame ass out of here. Missourian….I was in Missouri stationed there at Ft. Lost In The Woods. All I can remember was feeling like i had taking a wrong turn somewhere deep in incest land in West Virginia. The weirdest looking white people I’ve every seen before. They all look like Jeepers Creepers lol. Go Back to your cave Missourian.

  24. You white boys on this site better go in parade rest when talking to me. I am all of you all superior seeing how like I’ve stated before that none of you on this site have served your country in the least bit. So yes bow down to another black man because you all have already done so seeing how we do have a black president.

    • American Infidel #1

      Army Dawg-your outlook and perception of life and reality could never be more off target. Obama at the beginning of his Presidency said America needs to have discussions on racial issues, seems to me that the only group that cannot is your own. Why? If you are here to discuss in an educated manner this issues surrounding race, I love a good debate. I would be more than happy to challenge you on this. But if you are here to simply add ignorant comments, and fit the mold of stereo typing a black man-please leave. I am almost positive that your behavior would be tolerated elsewhere… Maybe World-Star Hip Hop.

      • Hey Am Infidel his remark about Ft Lost in the Woods is very telling. Its a SUPPORT base. Me thinks Mr Dawg was no grunt and the only thing he humped was his bunk. We may also have case of Stolen Valor here. Somebody get his IP address.

        • American Infidel #1

          Motor T to be exact. Ft Leonard Wood also trains a small detachment of MPs as well. Can’t see him being that.

        • Is that a threat white boy because if it is then you know by now that I’m ready anytime. This site says for me to speak in an intelligent manor but obviously you all don’t with all of your crazy insane ideas on everything from exterminating us to calling us weird red neck names like “negress” John I mean BOY you are nothing more then white trash in fact this whole site is made up of red neck white trash that lives out of some mobile home with mullets that your kids grow out of your white boy gene DNA.

          • ArmyDawg,

            Exactly what is an “intelligent manor”?

            [Spelling counts here, AD]

          • the friendly grizzly

            Intelligent Manor is an estate located in up-state New York. Nearby are other estates. One is Rising Gorge, and across the valley is one called Belly Acres. If you choose to visit the region, accommodations can be had at the Hairy Arms Resort Hotel.

    • Only in your own mind Dawg.

    • Rock of the Marne

      LOL I am starting to think that YOU are some white liberal pansey trying to stir the pot and YOU are not even black.. no REAL soldier would embarass himself with the drivel that you are spewing.. especially one who CLAIMS that he was an Army NCO who lead men in combat… judging from your immature prose I am inclined to think that you would lack the leadership skills to lead a drunk to happy hour much less some of Americas finest citizens in combat… my guess is IF you were actually in the Army or actually deployed you never left the FOB…

    • REV Wright


      As you were.

      I’ll let you know when to talk.


  25. Vicio Malo

    actually I live on my military pension. 1969-1971 also army. I’ve been disabled most of my life. We don’t have a black president, we have a 1/2 white president. The 1/2 that’s black makes all the stupid decisisions. As a whole he is just a shill that lives in the white house. As for you, bow down, not likely. You need to take your jive talk to someplace like detroit. I’m sure it would be impressive to your illiterate brothers. Better yet take your hero back to the Congo where you both belong.

  26. Vicio Malo

    Hey Al FMJ out of ducktown, TN make a 5 shot revolver fires a .45/70 called thunder 5 can be ordered in .50 cal. or .45 LC/..410 interchangeable. Also my fave a 4″ barrel .45 cal (LC) .410 double barrel or over/under both can handle .410 magnum

    • Hmmm sounds interesting,gonna check those out. They kinda sound like the Tauris Judge line. Anyway with all the fun this morning, i hate to be a party pooper but this old vampire’s gotta get some zzzzzzzzzzz. Later!

  27. What media spin? Don’t you get it Mr. Infidel, this event never happened. It never happened. It’s anoher tree in the forest. No need to spin things that never happened.

  28. REV Wright

    Only solution:

    End welfare, food stamps, and SEC 8 housing in 90 days.

    Only taxpayers vote.

    [Juan, your thoughts?]

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