Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I say it nearly every day when I watch businesses and organizations do tremendously stupid things that alienate their customer base.

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said he’d hire 10,000 Islamic refugees when Trump tried to ban immigrants from Islamic terrorist states. Not too bright. Millions deleted their Starbucks apps. Like I said, former CEO.

Target missed by a mile when it vociferously supported men using women’s bathrooms in their stores. The resulting boycott has tremendously damaged the brand, stock prices, and profits. To support about 10 transsexual freakazoids. I haven’t been back to a Target and don’t ever plan on darkening their door. Bathrooms included.

While running the Boy Scouts of America, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates changed policies that prohibited homosexual Scout Masters and Scouts. He’s good at because he did the same thing with the US military when he served under Imam Obama.

Rather than fighting to uphold over 100 years of tradition, Gates chose the PC route and, in doing so, alienated the single largest sponsor of scouting in America. The Mormon Church.

Mormons view homosexuality as a sin and helped finance the anti-gay marriage initiative in California, which won but was later overturned by a judge. The Church voiced it’s displeasure with the Boy Scouts decision to allow gay Scout Masters when the decision was made and said it would reevaluate its relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.

Now the Mormon Church is pulling out of Boy Scout programs for all young men 14 and above. This certainly cannot be a surprise for the Boy Scouts of America leadership. What do they expect when they piss off their largest customer?

The vast majority of parents would never allow their son to go on overnight camping trips with a homosexual man any more than the Girl Scouts would allow their daughters to camp out with a straight male or lesbian. It seems that Robert Gates and those like him believe everyone in America lives in San Francisco and is liberal beyond redemption.

For the record, I have two sons who are Eagle Scouts. I believe Scouting teaches young men great principles of service, learning, the outdoors, friendship, etc. It’s more difficult to keep young guys interested after they get their drivers licenses but it’s a great program for young boys. Or was.

Now it appears political correctness and concern for the few over the desires of the many have doomed another organization. If gay people want to be Scouts, let them form the Gay Boy Scouts of America. Or join the Girl Scouts.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


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