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Uncle Sam and the Lilliputians
Uncle Sam and the Lilliputians


I’ve been a bit overextended lately and finding little time to keep up with the AWD crew and contribute where possible. So I thought I’d do a bit of copying-and-pasting from some of my brothers-in-arms over at the Oath Keepers NY page. (I’ll only post some excerpts; you can read the full posts over at the site and send a little traffic their way.)

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The Fight for Liberty: It’s Time to Resist America’s Death by a Thousand Threads

The sheer numbers of these individual globalist “threads of change” that threaten America’s freedoms, liberty and sovereignty have been increasing dramatically in the last few decades. As these “threads of change” are very carefully woven deeper and deeper into the fabric of American society by the enemy within and are combined with other “threads of change,” they are steadily becoming stronger and shortly will be almost impossible to break.

If America fails to awaken soon to the danger that these traitorous American Lilliputians pose to this country, we too, like Lemuel Gulliver, will find ourselves totally incapacitated, without individual freedoms and liberty and unable to do anything about it. The grip of these international criminals and traitors must be broken and the threats against our liberties, freedoms and our nation’s sovereignty must be eliminated before it is too late.

If the weaving of the “threads of change” by the enemy within is ultimately successful, the US constitution will gradually be superseded by international laws, rules, regulations and the legal decisions of an International World Court.

If we do nothing and the traitorous Lilliputian neo-communists are successful in fully implementing their globalist agenda for America, we will all be destined to be poor, overtaxed, unarmed, bound by the chains and shackles of servitude and at the mercy of our new masters, the global elite.

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Rational Paranoia

If smart men knowledgeable of the Constitution make such absurdly nonsensical statements about it, what could explain this outside of an intentional desire to deceive a too-often distracted, gullible, and, sadly, ignorant public?

And if they are intent on deceiving the public, then to what end? Clearly it’s in service to further “gun control” measures.

And we should be clear that the goal of those who seek to deceive in the name of “public safety” have as their ultimate aim the complete disarmament of the population. One need only look to, say, England; or listen to a younger Eric Holder; or read the words of Senator Dianne Feinstein, to see the end result of this agenda. Framing the argument in terms of “hunting” allows for each incremental, slow turn of the screw until we find that the second amendment has been rendered moot.

The purpose of the second amendment is, of course, to enable the population at large to arm itself against the encroachment of tyranny from within. If disarmed, all citizens are prey to the whims of their government.

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  1. <golf clap>

  2. We are the fabric that every thing rests on, live free or die!

  3. Spurwing Plover

    Joining the United Nations was a big mistake since the UN are the biggist supporof terrorists after all we refused to join the League of Nations dispite the pleas of Woodrow Wilson We need to totaly pull out of the UN and evict these Terrorists,Dictators,Tyrants and War Crinimals from america lets totaly demolish the entire UN facility evict the UN and turn the area into a Bird Refuse with goose Hunting allowed

  4. Death_To_Tyrants_And_Traitors

    I always get a big laugh from websites like this who talk about the shame and horror of of having their rights taken away a little at a time only to turn around and censor the hell out of the responses they get to their articles. They are so upset at what people say in them and then will typically run an article about the same thing a week later. Heal Thyself Dr.

  5. Death to tyrants…,

    The only thing I have seen censored on this site is the use of the words N!gger and the word F@ck…..please show me what is being censored…..

  6. Spurwing Plover

    Time to refurbish the UN facility witha wreckingball a few swings and its refurbished intoa pile of junk move in the bulldozers clean away the mess turn area into bird refuge where gooose hunting is allowed and forgein vultures are not, Save for tourists

  7. My Mother told me Richard Dryfuss hit it out of the park while conversing with piers morgan the other night. I have no idea what she was talking about, but told her progressives work incrementally like that under the guise of being rational, and acting as the adult in the room. I pasted the Rational Paranoia link to her because when I try to explain this stuff she says I am angry…Damn right I am. Thanks for the post.

  8. I’ve been ready for some time now. Just waiting for ‘the call’.

    Molon Labe

    Lock and Load.

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