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Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner has been named Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine. Predictably, ugly liberal feminists (redundancy alert!) are in a little tizzy because…because…well, because that is what they do!

Why do feminists oppress Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner as Woman of the Year? Don’t they support transgender/transexual/transfreakydeaky people? Feminists shouldn’t oppress Bruce Jenner for being a beautiful 6’4″ woman with big, succulent breasts and a big ol’ unit and cojones. God made him that way! And a lot of surgery.

AWD understands the ugly leftist feminists and their frustration that a woman with a weiner is Woman of the Year, I guess. Until Bruce/Caitlyn loses his beans and frank, he could always revert back to being a man. I think. I get so confused.

But there are so many more deserving women who could be honored as Woman of the Year instead of Bruce/Caitlyn. Like this woman:


That is MSNBC’s Chris Hayes moments after giving birth. Something Bruce Jenner will never be able to do.

While only a symbolic pathetic figure of ObamaCare, this woman is a tribute for all who want to mooch off taxpayers and would lose a fight with their kid sister. The classic liberal woman:


This is the liberal wet dream of the Modern Man/Woman. What that means, I have no idea. I get so confused these days with this sh*t.

Isn’t it ironic that liberal woman who shrieked the loudest about everyone accepting Bruce/Caitlyn as a woman are now complaining the loudest now that he is considered to be a woman? Albeit with a man thing. But woman enough to be named Woman of the Year.

AWD suggests Glamour Magazine name a much more deserving woman as Woman of the Year:


Maybe Woman of the Century!




  1. “So much weiner, so little time” Yeah, that’s something I would expect to hear Ovomit utter, not AWD.

    Dude, it’s just further proof that our society is beyond salvation. The America of old will never be seen again until liberalism is beaten back under the rock it slithered out from under.

  2. Disgusted Caucasian

    His name is Bruce….to refer to him by any other name is endorsing this version of culture rot.

  3. Mr. Rational

    What’s good for the Bruce is good for the Man-der!


  4. Leave the poor wom…uh…gu…, whatever alone… it was obviously driven insane by the bevy of Kardashian females he was kept prisoner by.

  5. That last pic is the best Mooch has looked so far, and it’s still not flattering.

  6. What’s truly pathetic about this whole transgender thing, how does a woman/mand know for sure what they are dating anymore? Jenner kills me. He/she/it is nuts. And so are the crazies that think this is all so cool. As a woman, I’m amazed that the world applauds this nut case for putting on a wig and a dress and, wallah! He’s a girl! As someone who has gone through all the hormonal changes that are natural to a real girl, from adolescence to motherhood to becoming a grandmother, trust me, it’s a lot more challenging to actually be a woman than pretending to be one. Yes, I am proud to be a real woman. I don’t need some phony award to convince me.

    The femiNazi’s must be pissed! Not only are men getting paid higher salaries, now men are winning their awards!

  7. I am waiting for the man to come forward and tell us just how great Bruce is in bed.

    • I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind wanting to have sex with this mess of a human being. Male OR Female. I bet he sucks in bed. Too many issues to deal with.

  8. who the hell nominates a fagot to be woman of the year……………what’s next ??????

    nominating Michelle Obongo to be cafeteria lady of the year or Hildabeast Clinton as man of the year ????????

    I know, how about nominating Rosie O’donnell for having the best body of the year……………×400/rosie_odonnel_camel_toel_300x400.jpg

    • Thanks for all of the mental imagery Bluto. Just gave the dog my burger and fries. Couldnt swallow after thinking about it dude. The dog said thanks tho.

    • Mr. Rational

      Actually, Brucey/Kaitlin says (s)he still goes for women, so not a faggot.

      Just queer.

      • You are right. Transgender people don’t consider themselves gay. He’s not a faggot. Jenner wants to be completely a woman, to have a man as a partner. But the partner would have male equipment to deal with. So that person would be seen as gay. When all they wanted was a woman. This is all so messed up.

        Jenner is attracted to men. He’d like to meet a man and have been very careful to be sure people know this. He never goes to lesbian or gay social situations to avoid giving the wrong impression about his sexual orientation.

        I just can’t call him a she. Caitlyn might look the part, but without having been born with a vagina, he’s still a dude, no matter what.

  9. …………………………………you’ve come along way baby…………………..

  10. PolisRangerArtyom

    “Liberal feminist” is redundant. All feminists are liberals.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    What total loser and dipwad and Idiot written all over their face

  12. It must be the season for twisted ugly sombitches, Al Sharpton (born dickless) and this jenner fop.
    it must be stick it to the natural order of things,”lets see , how can i get a reality show, I know,i will cut off my johnson, get botox shots so’s i look like a snake”, their gona love me, Obama will leave the lights on for me!

  13. Liberals/socialists/democrats are sick individuals. They are sick and they are evil. They are destroying the lines between good and evil. They attempt to blur the borders between crime and legalism; between true discrimination and mere life choices; between hate and love; between normalness and freakishness; between filth and cleanliness; between men and women; and even between what is considered a man and a woman. Jenner is an example. He is the “woman of the year” to libs yet he is physically still a man. I do not care how terrible I sound but I say we must round up every hard corps liberal and put them in camps never to be let out again. This is the only way to save ourselves and western civilization.

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