AWD never really cared for Buffalo Wild Wings food. Now I won’t ever go back. Not because their wings are tiny and the service is typically bad…which it is. Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t want law-abiding citizens with concealed carry giving their hard-earned dollars in their restaurants. Well, OK then.

AWD finds himself voting more and more with my money these days. While watching (endless) previews before seeing the movie Zero Dark Thirty last week, AWD saw several movies that looked interesting but I won’t see. One is a mafia movie (the Big Sexy loves mafia movies) with Sean Penn. Nope, never ever will I pay anything that goes to Sean Penn. Another was with the Rock that looked quasi-interesting. But it also has Susan Sarandon. Uh, no more calls please…..we have a loser! I would rather mud-wrassle with Rosie O’Donnell than see anything with that comm-a-nist hag Susan Sarandon. Capitol One credit cards can kiss my big white ass before I get one of their credit cards after hiring the douche Alec Baldwin as their spokesturd. What in the hell are these people thinking?

So now AWD learns that Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t allow guns (legal, that is) in their restaurants. Well, Buffalo Wild Wings can also kissear my grande culo because I’ll never eat there again. I don’t care if they one day change their libtarded policy…never, ever will a Buffalo Wild Wings morsel of food pass the AWD’s big sexy lips!

Peter Helfrich of Buffalo Wild Wings said:

”We want everyone to have fun but we want to keep everyone safe.”

It’s lots of fun begging for your life when you have no way to defend yourself when a criminal or psycho enters the Buffalo Wild Wings with the goal of killing everyone inside! Fun for the whole family!

Peter Helfrich is a moron! He assumes guns cause violence. Wonder who he voted for? So he and his stupid restaurant penalize legal concealed gun owners because they “want everyone to have fun and be safe.” Hey Pete, look how well those gun-free zones are doing across the country! Look further to Barakistan (aka Chicago) here it is illegal to own a gun. They lead the universe in gun murders! If you want to keep your diners safe, Petey, you’d welcome honest, law-abiding citizens with guns on your premises. He probably moisturizes.

True story. The last time (and I mean the last time) AWD ate at a Buffalo Wild Wings was about a month ago. It was dirty, the food was bad and I felt I needed a gun to protect myself from the waiter who appeared as if he was out on work release! I had pretty much decided I would never go back to a Buffalo Wild Wings then. Then AWD read about the no gun rule. That sealed the deal!

Vote with your money! Don’t go to restaurants or stores that won’t allow you to legally protect yourself should the next madman or murderer come your way. Don’t see movies with actors that speak out against your beliefs. Don’t watch network shows that go against your ideology. Let libtards support these tools. When’s the last time you heard anything about the Dixie Chicks? Exactly!

Don’t buy products or services from companies that support leftists, either. Alec Baldwin is despised by conservatives in America. And conservatives generally have jobs and pay their bills. Yet Capital One selected Baldwin to try and sell credit cards to a segment of America who can afford credit cards but hates Baldwin’s guts! Great thinking!

I have a secret to confess. AWD carried Gunther the Glock into the Buffalo Wild Wings the last time I ate there. No one was shot or harmed. In fact, no one but AWD knew Gunther was there. But had a killer or psycho (or my waiter) tried to shoot everyone in the restaurant, Gunther would have sprung to action to put the murderer down.

Buffalo Wild Wings has chosen to penalize lawful gun owners so AWD calls on lawful owners to penalize Buffalo Wild Wings. Besides Hooters has better wings and..well..hooters.


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