If there is one damn thing that’s nearly impossible to do, it’s make a liberal, lebanese womern from the National Organization of Women happy! They are, without a doubt, the most miserable bunch of people in the world! Of course, couple liberals and lebanese in the same sentence and you know you’ve just described a whole bunch of ugly and mean!

What’s got the boxers of the NOW bufforillas in a bunch this time? You’ll never guess! Barack Hussein Obama! I crap you negative. Over a statement he made about a good looking womern Attorney General from Mexifornia. Good looking liberal? Now that’s a change! That’s oxymoronic!

Obama said the comment about Harris last night in Mexifornia:

God, do I hate California! I hate having to listen to those PC tools! I wish Texas would forget building a border wall on the Mexican border and build one on the New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas border to keep all those seaweed-eating tards out of the Lone Star state once their blue-state hellhole collapses into the sewer of Tijuana! Mexifornians have infected Austin and heaven forbid they start bringing their stupidity to Dallas!

As if Obama calling some libtarded Attorney General good looking is the biggest problem he has. The guy couldn’t piss and hit the ground and a bunch of walrus-looking NOW hags are worried his statement is “sexist.” Hell, they should be celebrating the fact that there’s at least one libarded womern that might be considered less than hideous! And, besides, everybody knows Obama would much prefer the company of Reggie Love than Kamala Harris.

Liberals are always angry because they are either 1. ugly or 2. homosexual or 3. both. You rarely see a good looking womern liberal because good looking babes get all the attention and all they want. When a bufforilla womern realizes she can only attract the amorous attentions of another bufforilla womern, misery is always close behind.

Take the California President of NOW in the video above. We can all pretty much agree that she’s a wildebeest. But what if she lost 200 pounds, washed her hair, got glasses that were manufactured in the past 30 years (or contacts), and put on some makeup? What if she wore clothing that didn’t come from Big Mama’s Moo Moo Emporium? What if she ate a salad rather than two racks of ribs every now and then? She might then be less-than-hideous. She then might begin to attract the attention of a man. An ugly man, of course…but a man. He would take her out to graze eat. He’d open doors for her. He’d give her some romance and attention. And, after a while, she would realize she really prefers the company of that ugly dude than some miserable, hairy, flannel-shirt wearing bufforilla lebanese angry hagfish.

AWD guaran-damn-tees you if ugly libtarded womerns weren’t major league ooo-guh-lee they would be conservatives! And they wouldn’t give a damn about Hussein saying Kamala Harris is almost as good looking as Reggie Love. It’s pretty easy to figure out that Hussein Hopenchange would prefer to see one up close than crawl into bed with that thing he’s married to but there’s no reason Helga the California NOW President can’t improve her prospects.

It’s all about the attention and the lovin’. Liberal womerns wouldn’t exist if they weren’t butt ugly. With the modern technologies in makeup and makeovers and a little time in the gym, there’s really no excuse for libtarded bufforillas.

AWD’s buddy Austin Cunningham figured it out. Shouldn’t the NOW hags?


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