AWD watched very carefully as the Bundy Ranch scenario played out this week. What began as one brave man and his family standing up against the overreach and abuse of power of the US federal government ended with the BLM thugs tucking tail and calling the whole thing off. After killing some of Bundy’s seized cattle, the BLM now says they will reimburse him.

Word of the Bundy Ranch debacle started making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and blogs and quickly rose to a crescendo of calls for armed militias and patriots to join Bundy in his defiant stance against tyranny. Hundreds of armed Americans stood nose to nose with federal thugs, attack dogs and marksmen as they sought to strip Bundy of rights that had been in his family for over 100 years. I call them marksmen instead of snipers because true snipers would have never been seen. My guess is some of the militia members were actual snipers and had the marksmen in their sights.

AWD seriously wondered if the federal government would open fire on American civilians. After sending in attack dogs, tasing Bundy’s son and throwing his pregnant aunt to the ground, it appeared that the feds were all in and blood would be shed like in Ruby Ridge and Waco. But patriots stood firm, looked the government thugs straight in the eye, and the bullies blinked.

This is a terrific lesson for us all! One man, one family was joined by complete strangers prepared to kill and die in fighting for his rights against a tyrannous government. Not surprisingly, the head of the BLM is a Harry Reid crony and reports arose saying Reid and his son were financially involved in a plot to take Bundy’s land in a Chinese solar power plant deal worth billions. Why am I not surprised?

Where were our elected officials in all of this? Were there any rousing speeches from the floor of Congress asking what the hell was going on in Nevada and demanding the BLM immediately stand down? Crickets. Did any of our “leaders” drop what they were doing to fly to Nevada and stand shoulder to shoulder with law-abiding American citizens? They were too busy dining with lobbyists or fund raising. American citizens were once again left on our own by those who were elected to protect our rights.

This is America 2014. It’s us against them. And the “them” is a few hundred corruptocrats living as kings and queens enriching themselves in Washington while accomplishing nothing for American taxpayers! There are only three things that concern politicians in Washington: 1. Power 2: Money 3: Reelection. Nothing else matters to them. Nothing.

Washington politicians, who long ago quit pretending to follow the Constitution, won’t even enforce the laws they created! The IRS has been used as a political hitman against fiscally conservative groups. Corrupt Congressmen like the gerrymandered Elijah Cummings is butt-deep in the tyranny thrust on Katherine Engelbrecht and True The Vote. Lois Lerner has been found in contempt of Congress but everyone already knows Eric Holder will do nothing. And Congress doesn’t have the cojones to impeach Holder or even hold him in contempt. The whole IRS scandal undoubtedly goes all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania.

Democrats are actively involved in the tyranny of Obama and his ilk as they destroy America. And Harry Reid can only blame every problem in America on the Koch brothers who have done nothing except become successful law-abiding businessmen who legally voice their political opinions. The Koch brothers are scandalous to Democrats while the IRS tyranny is their right to punish the opposition.

Conservative Americans long ago realized we are on our own. We have nobody in DC, with the exception of Ted Cruz and a few others, who have our backs. Washington has become the worst nightmare of our Founding Fathers. For this reason, they gave us the Second Amendment. Is there any wonder why statist liberals take every opportunity to seize our right to own firearms? Look to China, Venezuela, North Korea and other communist states to see how the rights of the individual are valued! Think it would be any different here without the Second Amendment?

The federal government is ours! It belongs to we, the people and not they, the corruptocrats! Before the inception of the Tea Party movement on February 27, 2009, American producers had become complacent. We see the tremendous mistake that complacency was. America now has a bloated and bankrupt federal government populated with lifelong corrupt politicians who have enriched themselves while destroying what was once a country that protected the rights of the individual.

From a tiny flame of righteous patriotism in Nevada will rise a wildfire fighting for our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. AWD spent a few hours last night with a few former Marine friends. They spoke of their oath to protect the Constitution. While Obama may have fired many patriotic General Officers and replaced them with politically reliable bureaucrats, there are tens of millions of enlisted and officers, active duty and retired, fully trained to bring great violence against those who would further enslave us and destroy the Constitution. Certainly, many would die. But those patriots have long ago decided it’s better to die as free men than live as slaves to a handful of ruling class criminals.

It’s time American patriots get their backs up and pay attention. The feds wisely called off the BLM thugs in Nevada. Had they killed protesters at Bundy Ranch, they would have loosed a whirlwind of righteous anger from those of us who are sick of this shit!

AWD prays America can be returned to Constitutional values through peaceful means. I would like to one day see my grandchildren prosper in a free society where their earnings are not seized by crooked politicians to further their own nefarious practices. But each of us must consider to what we are prepared to do when the tyrannists return. And they will return.

AWD hopes that should the worst occur that one day I will be welcomed into the warm embrace of our Founding Fathers in the next life where they will tell me, “well done, my friend.” Are we prepared to risk our lives, fortunes and sacred honor as did those brave and wise men?

Cliven Bundy made that decision and didn’t expect to leave his ranch alive. God bless that man! And bless those who stood shoulder to shoulder with him against the tyranny of the federal government.

It’s time to choose how you are prepared to live. Or die. I have made my decision.

God bless these brave patriots standing up against armed thugs from the Bureau of Land Management:

And all of this to enrich Harry Reid and his son!


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