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Breitbart reported a recent Arizona poll shows Republican challenger Kelli Ward with a nine point advantage over Democrat John McCain. This news makes AWD as giddy as a little school girl.

I will confess. I despise John McCain. I don’t care about his Viet Nam captivity. He has spent a lifetime since being the biggest douche bag in the Senate. I don’t like McCain. I don’t like his annoying liberal kid Meghan, the Pork Chop Barbie. I don’t like his numerous homes. I don’t like his dogs. I don’t like the air he breathes. There is NOTHING I like about John McCain. Except for the fact that Dr Kelli Ward may finally stick a fork in his wrinkled, worn out, RINO carcass!

However, AWD is not going to get too hopeful. Yet. Arizona is filled with idiots. After all, they have kept McCain in office since Viet Nam and also have elected and reelected the appropriately named RINO flake Jeff Flake. Stupid people do stupid things. And we know the stupids of Arizona are more than capable of reelecting the RINO relic for another six years of absurdity!

Did I mention I despise McCain? And I also despise his man-servant Lindsey “Fredo” Graham. They are Democrats without the guts to change parties. But this is the year of the Tea Party and the non-Establishment so I hold some hope that McCain will lose his primary election. God knows he deserves to.

Prediction. If McCain loses the Republican primary he will run as an Independent or change parties to run as a Dim as did his good friend and fellow douche bag Arlen Specter.

What a gift it would be to America if Arizona rids us of McCain. His “Maverick” BS act only hid his love of liberal politics. For a short while. John McCain is the ugly picture of what is wrong with Washington.

A few months after he ran this ad during his last primary, he sponsored amnesty for illegals with Ted Kennedy.

And screw that stupid Sheriff who was stupid enough to be used by McCain in this ad.

If McCain and his ilk have left you with a few centavos, consider making a donation to Kelli Ward.

Did I mention how I despise John McCain?



  1. I can say that I did my part to get rid of this RINO prick, and Flake is next on my list to be put in the unemployment line. All of McCain’s dirty dealings, bribes and efforts to buy yet another election are going to fail. Most of the retirees that have kept him in office are dying off (finally), and his days of feeding off the tit of the American public are numbered.

  2. AWD and I are on the exact same page with regards to McInsane and girly-man Lindsay Graham.

    This pair of weasels teamed up with the loathsome liberal P.O.S. Ted Kennedy and the yet-to-be-indicted, lying war criminal, Jorge Wmd Boosch – no less than 5 times, and tried to ram amnesty down the throats of the GOP conservative base when that base opposed amnesty by margins in the high 80s to middle 90 percentages. This would have driven a stake through the heart of the GOP and handed the diabolically evil DemoNRats a permanent, peacefully unbreakable, one party dictatorship – which would have spelled the abolition of the Second Amendment and the evisceration of the First Amendment.

    Which is exactly what the establishment RINO cucks want to happen, because none of them are conservatives – they are all closeted liberal DemoNRATS.

  3. He’ll close the gap by making a big hyped visit to the AZ border with Mexiblow and pretend he really gives a dump about border security and illegal invasion. The once proud people of AZ will cheer and before you can say ‘Gang of Eight’, he’ll be back in his DC office sitting on his merry old arse while sipping on a brand new bottle of Geritol.

    • moshe yahoo

      your angry about mccain? do something about it. VOTE FOR KELLI WARD!!! and take along with you a few friends/family so you WILL make a difference.

  4. hope so he has to go what a POS he is

  5. besides Rino Ryan, and Rino McConnell, McCain has got be to one of the most hated republicans in the country…..him and his buddy Fredo……..can’t think of any others that are so hated as much as they are……..the entire country hates McCain………

    I have convulsions thinking I voted for this rat-fu_k……..Sarah was the one I voted for but still this rat-fu_k was on the ticket and I actually pulled the lever for this piece-of-shit………every time I think about that I am disgusted to my very core………..

    god damn it AZ…..get rid of this god-damn rat-fu_k once and for all………….

    • Southern Cucks, who are supposedly the most conservative people in the US do the same here in Tennessee by choosing Alexander and Corker over challengers taking harder stands against illegal immigration and a host of other policies. Political entrenchment is the goal for these scum bags, and it doesn’t take too many terms in office or a national profile to achieve it. Please do better than we have AZ voters. Remember the bold faced lies Juan Mc told about getting tough on immigration last time around against JD Hayworth.

  6. Ever since Trump broke the ice on criticizing McCain’s hero status, a lot more people are admitting that they just don’t like John McCain. The only thing keeping him going is, he’s a valuable anti Trump tool for the Dims. They can’t afford to lose him.

    He needs to go. It’s past time for him to go be all mavericky somewhere where we all don’t have to see it or be affected by it. And he can take his obnoxious daughter with the mouth with him when he does.

    Let’s face it, he’s as responsible as is a long list of douche’s just like him for Obozo being foisted at us twice as as anyone is. And, there’s no forgiving that. Ever. Not now.

  7. Anyone remember the “KEATING AFFAIR in 1980”?
    Mc Cain was Guilty of taking bribes.
    McCain cried and only seriously admonished, but should of been convicted of a felony and kicked out of Congress.
    The lying old bastard got away with it !!!!!!

  8. IF McCain were to win, I don’t think he would live the full term of six years. He is now 80 years old.

  9. >>

    I guess those polls were wrong, because McCain just destroyed her in a crushing victory:

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