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The geopolitical situation is in bad shape and getting worse fast. Russia, China and the USA all have military assets playing in the Syrian sandbox. Fights start that way. Worse, world wars start that way.

Russia is flexing its muscle and China is taking notes because of the absence of foreign diplomacy strength from Imam Hussein. Unlike the United States, other countries act in their best interest. Obama’s capitulation of responsibility has emboldened our enemies and this will continue until Americans elect a president that doesn’t openly despise his country. The only question is how far is Putin and his America-hating friends willing to press their advantage and at what pace?

All it takes is for Russia to smoke an F-18 from the sky and it’s on like Donkey Kong. Or it used to be that way before Obama. But when American and Russian jets are within knife-fighting distance of each other in Syria, things can happen. The question is whether Obama would look the other way while Russia makes war on US military assets and whether the corruptocrats in Washington would let him?

Vladimir Putin has designs on the entire Middle East. With a nuclear armed Iran in his pocket, Russia may not have to be the one to screw with America and NATO. All the while, China continues to build it’s arsenal and watch what happens.

China would certainly join with Russia against America and what’s left of NATO. Maybe many of NATO countries would decide it’s in their best interest to sit the next war out and side up with the winner. Maybe this is Obama’s plan.

Obama, if not a Muslim certainly has the Muslim Brotherhood’s interests in his cold, black heart. The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is the total destruction of America. Obama has armed the “Syrian rebels” who immediately surrendered their state of the art weapons to ISIS. Obama declares that Syria’s President Assad must go. But who fills the void? The same Muslim savages Obama supported that filled the void in Egypt during the so-called “Arab Spring” and in Libya? And the Republicans like John McCain are complicit in his plan.

Russia has a naval port in Syria and sells a lot of military hardware to Syria, a puppet state of Iran. They will not stand by and let Assad fall and lose their port and revenue. That is why Russia has made a move on Syria. And China is getting more involved.

Madness has swept Europe and the Muslim invasion there will cause huge problems for our NATO allies. The invasion of millions of savage Muslims into those countries will keep their governments busy for years dealing with the nightmare they have willingly allowed across their borders. Germany and Great Britain may not be in a position to help America should Russia, China, and Iran decide to crank things up a few notches.

The American military has been continuously downsized, seasoned officers have been fired, and the Pentagon seems more preoccupied over celebrating gay marriages at West Point than winning future wars.

Certainly, we must realize that China and Russia have penetrated our military communications and weapons systems with spying and endless hacking. They could easily turn off America’s electric grid at a moments notice, destroy our financial systems, and paralyze the country. I would assume that America could do the same to Russia and China but all bets are off with Commander in Chief Obama.

America itself could also easily find itself on the receiving end of huge terrorist attacks as a result of years of open borders and the importation of millions of Muslims. Don’t think it can’t all happen very quickly.

AWD fears that America will soon learn the lesson I taught my children:


Maybe the Russians and Chinese will spend hundreds of billions rebuilding America after they destroy us as America did Europe, Japan, Afghanistan, and Iraq after our wars there. Yeah, right.

Or maybe there are a few patriots in the Pentagon and Congress who realize drastic changes must be made to protect the country and Constitution they swore an oath to protect.

Someone must always be in control. America’s weakness on the global front will bring horrific tragedies that could end the American way of life. How’s Obama’s “fundamental transformation” working out for us?



  1. Spurwing Plover

    And obama received the Nobel Peace Prize and brain-dead liberals go crazy The peace prze commity should be sent to rikers island for life

  2. There is no doubt that Obongo is responsible for the vacuum of both policy and presence in the Middle East. But, really… what could be expected from such a vapid, no-substance community organizer from the Chicago ghettoes?

  3. Rebelpatriot

    I can see WWIII coming on some level. We have the worst president. He is an ignorant SOB who is excelling on destroying the USA. Putin and the Chinese leadership recognize a buffoon. Even Iran can see what idiots we have and they will take full advantage of this great opportunity to destroy America. I feel what is happening is what we deserve. I do feel badly for those of us who do love this country and seeing it go down the tubes. Don’ t get me wrong here. I love my country. God help us.

  4. All of our military stuff is just ANCIENT. Look at our military aircraft like the F-16, F-18, F-15; their basic design goes back around 3-4 DECADES ago. Heck, our much vaunted F-22 Raptor is so old the PRODUCTION LINE IS GONE. Our M-1 tanks are even portrayed in the 1984 movie “Red Dawn!” Our M-4 rifle is just a version of the M16A1 rifle, which dates back to over a HALF-CENTURY ago with the USAF AR-15. Our F-35 doesn’t even perform well against older aircraft in mock combat. The talking heads in the USA talk about a “no fly zone” in Syria. Are they kidding? All the Russians have to do is set up a bunch of S-300 missile systems and hand them off to Syrian air defense personnel. It will be the USA that will be denied access to the battle space. Among the weapons PRC paraded around in their WW2 commemorative parade recently was their version of a FOG-M missile. DARPA came up with the idea of a fiber-optic guided missile (TOW) with a TV camera in the nose. Rejected by DOD.
    Imagine the Syrians buying a couple of thousand of those; any kind of armor the US could bring up would be DEAD MEAT by the rudimentary trained soldiers. Stealth? The PRC has all sorts of NEW stealth aircraft flying. Even the Japs have a stealth fighter being designed up. The Russians now have low-band VHF anti-stealth radars for directing SAM missiles.

    If the Russians and PRC want it, they can deny the USA ANYTHING they want in Syria.

    On the other hand, I can’t see the German people being transfected with MUSLIMS from Syria and not reacting with great violence. As Patrick Swazye said in “Red Dawn”: “Because we live here.”

  5. American politicians and leaders know nothing about the real world. They remind me of the movies about Hitler in the last days in his bunker. He had been isolated so long he was bent over maps commanding the movements of armies that had not existed in a year. They are like that. Our politicians rarely go home to their home states. They do not know how the real Americans feel or are affected by their policies. If they go on a foreign “junket” or “fact-finding” trip abroad; they go in style and stay at all the best hotels. They are wined and dined by the leadership of said country and go home knowing just what their lobbyists let them know. They, in a word, are idiots. They still live in the 80’s and 90’s when we did have an edge on the Russians and did as we pleased. They talk idly about “war” and talk about a no-fly zone over Syria which we will enforce with old equipment. I am sure the Russians will listen to us….don’t you? Since the Chinese Navy has been dominant in the South China sea, not one US military ship has entered the area. Obama talks a big game but he is a coward and has made us cowards by proxy. The US is being tested and is failing because Obama is not an American. There are many reasons why the Russians have filled the void we have left in the Middle east. They, at least, give the excuse that they are there to protect the Orthodox Christians from complete annihilation. Obama did not give one iota about the dead and tortured Christian martyrs. That is not their only reason. We know that; however the idea is that they feel they can interfere everywhere and not be bothered by us. They are right.

  6. Obama is a homosexual non-American.
    A puppet put in place by powerful string pullers, marionette style.
    Ho-Hum these last 8 years.
    Once Obama’s tenure is up, and we the people elect Trump, and get Conservative Republicans back into the White House, hings will change almost immediately for the good of this Republic.
    So, keep your powder dry, have our arms ready, follow the political outcomes, and we will return to a stable USA.
    And then,,,,,never let this happen again to our USA!

  7. Spurwing Plover

    The doves have left the whitehouse and United nations becuase there’s already too many vultures living there

  8. There’s not a lot to add to what you’ve said AWD. I knew we were in trouble when the “Lightbringer” was elected the first time, never mind again in 2012. Thanks to the cancer of leftwing infiltration of our education sysem and the indoctrination of at least one generation of students, we have far too many young adults who still can’t see what’s in front of them. There’s a rude wakeup calling pending. Unfortunately Comrade Zero has at least a year to go in office. That should give he and the rest of the Dhimmicrats time to totally screw us over unless something like a second revolution starts but then it won’t be like the first revolution. Russia and China will be happy to intervene on behalf of Dear Leader. At least until the rebellion is put down, then they can stab him and the rest of the DC schmucks in the back and divvy up the spoils.

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Off the subject but there’s several thousand patriotic american’s in Roseburg Oregon with a clear Message for Der Fehrur GO HOME

  10. WW3 was fought from 1945-1989. We won. My brothers and I helped. There will be no more world wars. It will end with a whimper as prophesied by TS Eliot. Why would anyone send their children off to fight for this country? So we can continue to kill unborn children? So we can continue to hate God? So we can continue to allow millions of people to flood in who have no intention of assimilating? So we can continue crony capitalism and enhance the professional political class? So we can continue to listen to a media that hates everything we ever believed in as children? So we can continue to promote unqualified people to positions our children worked and prepared for just because of race, ethnicity, deviant sexual preference, or whatever else the MSM and our progressive betters decide is best? So law abiding citizens can be characterized as bitter, and filled with antipathy by someone who never even met them? I would tell my youngest son and daughter to head into the hills before standing at post to defend this corrupt system. But I won’t; that’s their choice. My oldest sons have already served and probably would argue that the old man is going soft. I’m looking into joining the Russian Orthodox Church. Can you even begin to imagine what that means to an old cold warrior? Of course you can’t. I’ll be dead in a decade or so, and I thank God for that. It will be hundreds of years before anything as great as this country develops, if ever. I pray some of my progeny will be involved somehow.

    • Powerful stuff Wes. I agree with you and I’m in my 20’s. When I was a kid we pretended like we were soldiers fighting bad guys everyday. I just knew I’d grow up to be a soldier. Now that I am grown up all I can think of is making enough money to protect my family from this downward-spiral we seem to be in as a nation. I still love my country but not the way I did when I was younger. We’ve turned the corner, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

  11. I can do more than feel it. I can smell it. And I don’t like the way the winds are blowing. We are in for a bad Winter season all around. Everywhere.

    President Obama has allowed President Putin to maneuver the United States into a no-win position. He has made it more likely that a U.S. Air Force pilot or crew will be shot down and killed or captured by Russia – or worse, ISIS forces.

    While all of this was going on, Obama also managed to undermine our two key allies in the region, Libya and Egypt, resulting in the death of the U.S. ambassador in one and, until recently, chaos in the other.

    In short, it appears that President Obama has deliberately degraded the prestige and power of the United States in the international arena, and specifically relative to Putin’s Russia.

    Who can save America now?

  12. It’s worse than you think. Consider these two important game changing facts; 1. Iran has found a large uranium deposit in it’s country, (Does anyone believe it was just recently discovered, or that Putin wasn’t already aware of it’s existence?) 2. Israel has discovered what could possibly be the largest oil reserve ever found in the mid-east. What makes it even more interesting is that the oil has been discovered in the Golan Heights, an area taken by Israel during the 6 day war from, you guessed it, Syria. Syria has never recognized Israel as legitimate owners of that land. Does anyone think Putin missed this little fact?

    You mentioned your concerns over a possible aerial conflict between our planes and Putin’s fighters, Don’t worry, that won’t happen because Obama has removed our carriers from the Persian Gulf. So, you see, there isn’t any US presence in the area to have a conflict with. Obama’s solution to the conflict was to retreat and run. Shocking, right.

    Most likely the Ruskys will shoot down our drones which they have been tailing. Nothing will be done about that either. I personally know of several drones that have been “dropped” from the sky that resulted in zero retaliation during my recent deployments in Iraq & Afghanistan. What? You didn’t hear about any of those? Hmm, shocking. You probably didn’t know that when Obama and Air Force One met with the Chi-Coms in California and discussed Internet Hacking that his aircraft was in Beale AFB for a little over a week long, even though the news covered his conference for one, maybe 2 days. How do I know this? I was there with eyes on the ground. What the hell could have been so important that it took a week to discuss with the Chi-Coms? Wouldn’t a simple STOP HACKING message be sufficient? One would think so. Anyway, I digress.

    The important points here are that A. Iran has Uranium, B. Israel has oil, C. Putin is in the house! Coincidence? I doubt it. Like I said, it’s worse than you think, and even our POTUS is running with his tail between his legs.

  13. The real fight is in east ukraine. Putin want to conquer this country again.

    Why do you not understand that obama is payed by Russia?

  14. dumb-ass Obama ordered 5 United States nuclear carriers to dock at Norfolk Va. Feb. 8, 2014…….all in a row……..

    this is the first time that “5” of the country’s precious navy assets have been ordered into port all at the same time lined up just like they were December 7’th 1941……………

    this dumb-ass is going to get us all killed… could anyone be so god damn stupid…………….

    5 nuclear carriers sitting in a row like little ducks…………..

    some commander and chief we have here……………….

  15. Muslims demand Norway become an Islamic state….or else………

    • I recommend the Norwegian people to implement the “or else” part now. And the Germans as well. The EU has got to be the most malevolent organization ever to exist dedicated to the destruction of the European peoples. So-called “free speech” in Europe is just that. Opposing the Marxist “anti-racists” means the State will toss you in jail. So, all believers in freedom need to start pushing back in unison. They need to DEMAND that the people have their voice listened to. PEGIDA needs to have rallies ten times their size. The governments need to feel fear. It needs to be outside the current political parties.

  16. If your not at the table discussing outcomes you are probably on the menu. We f***ed up at the end of WW2. Patton was right in declaring the Soviets as the real enemy of our country. What did we do you say? The president sacked him. Just like they did with Macarthur during the police actions in Korea. Spent my time in 69 doing my best. Didnt change a thing. Waiting for the war? Open your eyes people. Shit is already hitting the fan.

  17. Russia’s Putin is realizing a dream that goes back more than half a century, to make Russia the dominant force in the Middle East, where the world still gets a huge share of its oil. With air and naval bases being established in Syria, and acting in a de facto alliance with Iran and Iraq, Russia will be in a position to act in ways that help it and harm us.

    Before our eyes, the geography of world power is changing and the US is being demoted from its position of preeminence, fought for, paid for, and tenaciously maintained for seven decades. It is a historic turning point, and 99% of the populace is completely unaware of what has just transpired.

    The most important difference between Obama and Mr. Putin, is that Putin loves his country … Obama hates his. I doubt if he even considers it as “his own country”.

  18. I see the Russian presence as a positive step, frankly. I think everyone here would admit that Obongo is a muslim sympathizer, if not an actual muslim, and his policies have not coincidently advanced islam at the expense of everyone white or Christian.

    If Assad had been allowed to take care of business and crush the “arab spring” revolt in Syria, there’d have been no base for ISIS to grow and invade a vulnerable Iraq, there’d been no Christian genocide and there’d been no “refugee” crisis of millions of muslims invading Europe.

    Putin plays for keep and plays to win. When the Russian-Assad forces defeat the opposition and maintain order, all the “refugees” can go home. Hopefully, this can happen before Obongo can bring a million or so over here!

  19. I think with news of Royal air force being told to defend themselves from Russia fighter planes, I believer the wisest move is to stay out of the region altogether. Let Russian, Iran and China get sucked in and consumed by the gun powder fueled bonfire of a cluster fuck known as the middle east.

    When they all destroy themselves and exhaust themselves, is when America should move in for the kill and take over.

  20. now you’ve done it president Asshole………you’ve set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East….. you stupid dumb son-of-a-bitch………………………

    • I dont know bout you but i get this nasty feeling there is going be deep ruin and evil coming soon.

      As for the US. Read about the Late British Empire. The same incopetence and ineptitude demonstrated in history bookin that time period are an eerie echo of whats is being done today.

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