The geopolitical situation is in bad shape and getting worse fast. Russia, China and the USA all have military assets playing in the Syrian sandbox. Fights start that way. Worse, world wars start that way.

Russia is flexing its muscle and China is taking notes because of the absence of foreign diplomacy strength from Imam Hussein. Unlike the United States, other countries act in their best interest. Obama’s capitulation of responsibility has emboldened our enemies and this will continue until Americans elect a president that doesn’t openly despise his country. The only question is how far is Putin and his America-hating friends willing to press their advantage and at what pace?

All it takes is for Russia to smoke an F-18 from the sky and it’s on like Donkey Kong. Or it used to be that way before Obama. But when American and Russian jets are within knife-fighting distance of each other in Syria, things can happen. The question is whether Obama would look the other way while Russia makes war on US military assets and whether the corruptocrats in Washington would let him?

Vladimir Putin has designs on the entire Middle East. With a nuclear armed Iran in his pocket, Russia may not have to be the one to screw with America and NATO. All the while, China continues to build it’s arsenal and watch what happens.

China would certainly join with Russia against America and what’s left of NATO. Maybe many of NATO countries would decide it’s in their best interest to sit the next war out and side up with the winner. Maybe this is Obama’s plan.

Obama, if not a Muslim certainly has the Muslim Brotherhood’s interests in his cold, black heart. The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is the total destruction of America. Obama has armed the “Syrian rebels” who immediately surrendered their state of the art weapons to ISIS. Obama declares that Syria’s President Assad must go. But who fills the void? The same Muslim savages Obama supported that filled the void in Egypt during the so-called “Arab Spring” and in Libya? And the Republicans like John McCain are complicit in his plan.

Russia has a naval port in Syria and sells a lot of military hardware to Syria, a puppet state of Iran. They will not stand by and let Assad fall and lose their port and revenue. That is why Russia has made a move on Syria. And China is getting more involved.

Madness has swept Europe and the Muslim invasion there will cause huge problems for our NATO allies. The invasion of millions of savage Muslims into those countries will keep their governments busy for years dealing with the nightmare they have willingly allowed across their borders. Germany and Great Britain may not be in a position to help America should Russia, China, and Iran decide to crank things up a few notches.

The American military has been continuously downsized, seasoned officers have been fired, and the Pentagon seems more preoccupied over celebrating gay marriages at West Point than winning future wars.

Certainly, we must realize that China and Russia have penetrated our military communications and weapons systems with spying and endless hacking. They could easily turn off America’s electric grid at a moments notice, destroy our financial systems, and paralyze the country. I would assume that America could do the same to Russia and China but all bets are off with Commander in Chief Obama.

America itself could also easily find itself on the receiving end of huge terrorist attacks as a result of years of open borders and the importation of millions of Muslims. Don’t think it can’t all happen very quickly.

AWD fears that America will soon learn the lesson I taught my children:


Maybe the Russians and Chinese will spend hundreds of billions rebuilding America after they destroy us as America did Europe, Japan, Afghanistan, and Iraq after our wars there. Yeah, right.

Or maybe there are a few patriots in the Pentagon and Congress who realize drastic changes must be made to protect the country and Constitution they swore an oath to protect.

Someone must always be in control. America’s weakness on the global front will bring horrific tragedies that could end the American way of life. How’s Obama’s “fundamental transformation” working out for us?


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