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It’s about damn time law enforcement quit blaming guns for crime like they do in Chicago and started calling out the punks in the streets!

Lousiana is laying down the law on gang thugs through the voice of Captain Clay Higgins. He is joined by law enforcement and community leaders because PEOPLE ARE SICK OF THIS SH*T! Watch this!

Law abiding Americans have been gunning up over the past several years because of crime and the tyranny of government. Hell, we Texans have been gunned up since forever. But, even so, more and more non-traditional gun owners are buying guns. All three women in AWD’s life have their Concealed Carry licenses and carry. My beautiful Mother, my incredible daughter, and my gorgeous Filly all carry and are quite capable of defending themselves. None of us intend on being victims. At least we don’t intend to go out with unspent rounds.

And it is way past time that these street terrorists are put down should they try to attack law enforcement or innocents!

Captain Higgins is right. It’s time for us to take back our streets, communities and country. I thought AWD readers would enjoy this video. Lock and load!

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  1. Spurwing Plover

    We have a president who has gang thugs,black panthers and 70’s radicals released wants to disarm all law abiding americans rubs elbows with crinimals and arms middle east terrorists Whats needed is a nuremburg type trial for Obama and his war crimes and acts of treason

  2. That is one badass officer right there. That’s the kind of cop I want patrolling my town.

  3. The United States has a drug and crime problem because the upper echelons of the very government are completely corrupt. Criminal politicians cut deals that weaken borders and weaken laws that were put on the books to prevent a lot of what is going on today. They make unconstitutional laws favoring certain groups because of color and call it fair. We have a ‘president’ (so called) that everyone knows is illegal and a communist. He is in line with Farrakhan and the NOI and also the black panthers. He is a racist and has every 1960’s radical on his payroll for one thing or another. He has destroyed the nation and the rank and file know his ways. People recognize there government is beyond corrupt.They see that government officials commit high crimes and never go to jail. They recognize that the Supreme Court is bought. They know money talks in Washington D.C. and this attitude of crime and corruption percolates down to the masses. Judges are bought and paid for and all of their decisions are political. There is ‘right’ and there is political correctness. The minority gangs have the go ahead to attack and kill each other and especially whites from those same corrupt politicians. Their directive comes straight from the top in the form of attacks on the middle class and the weakening of the police and the incessant race baiting from the media. Until people decide they want quiet safe neighborhoods they will continue to suffer. Until people realize that crime is part of the democrat machine’s way of making people constantly unhappy so the democrats can always blame capitalism, there will be crime. People must abandon the cursed democrat party which has become the biggest danger Americans face.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    We here in Siskiyou Conty California have a good sheriff who also stands up for our gun rights and some whining little idiot who dont even live in our area said he was shocked at our sheriff standing up for our 2nd Amentment rights Here’s a message for that little sissie boy munching his granola bar GO SOAK YOUR HEAD YOU WHINING LITTLE TWERP

  5. I think captain Higgins should run for POTUS.

  6. In Chicago, it’s ALWAYS “More Gun Control” in order to save the lives of Black criminals in the street. The businesses all have “No Beretta 92” signs do nullify any Concealed Carry license. The Chicago Transit Authority is covered with these signs so that you are INTENTIONALLY made helpless in the face of Black thugs on trains and buses.

    Gun Control is designed in Chicago to enable criminals to roam freely, courtesy of the Democrat Party.

  7. He is really popular in his area. To bad I’m just outside his parish.

  8. He should go bowling with my Sheriff, Richard Jones!

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Chicago is derived from a indian word meaning BAD SMELL it certialy fits don’t it?

  10. Spurwing Plover

    Gang control not gun control Obama is a Traitor and so is Kerry,Biden in fact Washington D.C.(District of Crinimal’s)is full of traitors

  11. I’ll move to Louisiana and come out of retirement for this guy!

  12. we need to take on “Occupy Wall Street”….”Black Lives Matter”…..and the rest of these gangs like the Bloods….the Crips……MS13…..and any other miscreants that think they own the streets…….

    it’s time for attack dogs…..water cannons…..billy clubs…..snipers on the roof tops……helmeted riot police ……and then take back the streets…….we need to teach these miscreants what strict “law and order” is…….

    when these leftards start rioting in the streets or when these college jag-offs start complaining they don’t have a “safe place” and take over a college or threaten the college president then we need to move in with the riot police and teach these miscreants a lesson in civility…..and whose boss….

    start crack’n heads……it’s time to crack some heads… know when it’s “Miller Time”….now it’s “head crack’n time”……….and as far as the street gangs go……shoot them….with police drive-bys……lets take them out…….when they’re congregating on street corners arrest them for loitering…for spitting on the sidewalk….or for having their pants down around their ankles…….

    we know how to restore law and order……we could take back these streets literally in days……we know who the miscreants are…..all we have to do is go get them……..we should take out the miscreant in the white hose too………

  13. Amen, Captain Higgins. He certainly is our Cajun John Wayne.

  14. Quartierleblanc

    I just wonder when the MSM will begin the attacks on Captain Higgins? They attack all the icons. Just think about it. They had to reach back 20 years to go after Peyton Manning. But don’t say a bad word about Kanye West or any untalented wannabe who does a sex tape.

  15. Spurwing Plover

    In roseberg Oregon last year the citizens lead by the chief editor of a conservative news paper the ROSEBERG BEACON had three words for Obama YOUR NOT WELCOME

  16. Spurwing Plover


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