So the world will stop if Congress can’t reach a new budget guaranteed to waste billions of dollars on moochers, benefits for illegal aliens, foreign aid to countries that despise us, and funding of endless, unwinnable wars. Yes, the government will shut down. Oh, the horrors!

According to Zero Hedge:

A federal closure would shutter National Park Service destinations like the Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Government medical research would be suspended. Thousands of federal workers would be furloughed with thousands more working without pay until the shutdown ends, including homeland security personnel. Some veterans benefits could be suspended.

Well, outside of “some veterans benefits being suspended,” boo freaking hoo! I guaran-damn-tee you the bloated salaries and benefits for Congress and their staffs won’t be affected one little bit!

And so the Chinese tourists won’t be able to see the Grand Canyon? My eyes are moist with tears. Tell them to come back next year and tour the Canyon with their billions of dollars gained from stealing middle class jobs over here and their one-sided trade with America. I mean, it’s not like anyone’s going to steal the damn thing! Same with Yellowstone and the Statue of Liberty.

Oh, and Homeland Security won’t get paid? If that includes the perverted gropers at TSA, I’m all for that!

What’s holding up the new bloated, wasteful budget? Trump is insisting that funding for the border ball is included. We know, of course, that Congress wants a border wall like it wants term limits. Two thoughts:

1. I thought Me-hee-co was going to pay for the wall, Mr President. Que pasa con eso??!

2. America has billions to give Iran, rebuild mosques in Egypt, pay for the security of Germany, Japan, Korea, the world. $11 freaking billion to build a border wall is peanuts. Hell, tell them sumbitches like Warren Buffett, Stephen King, etc who continually bitch about not paying enough taxes to stroke a big-ass check worth $11 billion! Or tax the hell out of the billions being sent back to Me-hee-co by all the illegals. Damn, I need to be President.

Here’s why nobody in DC wants a government closure. They’re afraid everyone will find out the ugly truth. Nobody will miss a damn thing because the federal government has nearly affect on the lives of taxpayers! The lights will still be on (except in liberal hellholes like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Nueva Jork heh heh heh), food will be on the shelves, street lights will work, etc. How many of y’all were planning on hitting the Canyon next week, anyway? Exactly.

Government exists to provide immense power and money to those who work in DC. Oh, and to steal from overworked producers to give to lazy moochers at the point of the IRS gun.

Shut that sumbitch down and board it all up! See if anyone who matters cares! It’s not like they’re doing anything we sent them there to do anyway.


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