Bread and Circuses

Entertainment media, sports, and all other forms of shiny objects mean to distract us from our impending eradication.

Devolution of Family Guy

All in the Family Guy

As the saying goes, "if you're taking flak, you know you're over the target." Well, the flak has been coming fast and furiously at the Tea Party ever since it dawned upon the political scene following Rick Santelli's on-air rant. The fact that anti-American propagandists like the writers of Family Guy still feel compelled to hurl their bottomless invective at American Patriots is all the evidence I need that we're still on target. (Dick Lugar's recent forced retirement is just a cherry on top.)


Talk about Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest...this story has it be it! Thought I'd give you all something to chuckle about for the day...after-all, we have so much destruction going on 24/7 foisted upon us via t...


Greetings from Big Sky Country on a blustery, rainy afternoon friends. Don't know if many of you have followed this thought I'd put it out here for you all to hash out with your thoughts regardin...

Opium Wars

American "opium" addicts aren't going to quit the junk on their own; and those who gain power by feeding their addiction certainly won't let anyone freely meddle with said addicts' addictions. And so we can expect history to rhyme with itself a bit here in that this sh*t ain't going to end without a brawl.

The Super Bowl Is Gay

The NFL is officially GAY. Now, there maybe a few who take offense to me using this term. I am sorry. But watch the halftime show, if able to stomach it, and tell me different after Madonna struts around with her "guys" and "music". And why is Metallica not playing the halftime show? Oh, because they think the Super Bowl is GAY too.