F*@# Us on the Family

The nuclear family’s long been in the crosshairs of the Liberal Establishment.


WHOLESOME? If you remember, candidate Obama was against homosexual marriage. But since he was elected and caught frolicking around with his "body man" Reggie Love, all we hear and see is gay, gay, and more ...

Living the Feminist Dream

By Fem X I'd like to report I'm trapped in the nightmare of living the "feminist dream". There is a war on women but it wasn't started by any political party (sorry NObama). We heard it first as young ...

Bit ‘O Money

Electronic Currency? With my last post, I indicated that I was setting up to make a related follow-on post.  I am, but this is not that article.  At the request of one of our fellow dudes, and on a differen...
Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball


The exhibitionists do it for the thrill, the consumers do it to…you know…and the web site operators get paid $$$ via posting ads on the page. Left out of this ecosystem is the porn industry itself.