Illegal Immigration

Electing a new people.


A Brief Treatise for the Fence-Sitters

Those who promote the dilution of the racial homogeneity of a society are therefore brilliantly executing Sun Tzu's maxim in their war against that society by weakening it to a point that it can't mount an effective resistance to being eliminated.
Don't Eff with the Zuck

Facebook’s “Community Centers”

“Diversity” destroyed our communities. And now Zuckerberg wants to replace those destroyed communities with his “virtual communities”…built on his software…that will suppress the free exchange of ideas…if those ideas are critical of the very thing that destroyed the communities he’s replacing.


FRIENDS OF PAUL RYAN AND JOHN MCCAIN Every day brings another story of another criminal illegal alien who had been deported committing yet more violent crime in America. I'm sure it's occurred to readers th...