War on America


How! How stupid can a university with the reputation of Harvard be to fall for the racial BS of the most white-bread looking squaw in the tribe of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren? DemonRat Senate candidate...

Putting the Toothpaste Back in the Tube, Chapter 5: Where My Peeps At?

Dennis Mangan: One commenter over at One's stated that Solzhenitsyn loved Russia but hated the USSR. That type of distinction is one that many of us are starting to make. A nation is the political expression of a people, and while some of us are still a people, the nation is no longer our expression, but that of the alien ideology and death cult of multicult, globalist, crony-capitalist socialism.
Devolution of Family Guy

All in the Family Guy

As the saying goes, "if you're taking flak, you know you're over the target." Well, the flak has been coming fast and furiously at the Tea Party ever since it dawned upon the political scene following Rick Santelli's on-air rant. The fact that anti-American propagandists like the writers of Family Guy still feel compelled to hurl their bottomless invective at American Patriots is all the evidence I need that we're still on target. (Dick Lugar's recent forced retirement is just a cherry on top.)


So, anyone out there complete this book? Any chance it will break through the, ahem, "firewall" of leftist indoctrination that shields the stultified minds of the Liberal Establishment's brownshirts from the obvious—if inconvenient—truth?