War on Whites

Anti-white discrimination, anti-white “justice”, “social justice”, etc.

Don't Eff with the Zuck

Facebook’s “Community Centers”

“Diversity” destroyed our communities. And now Zuckerberg wants to replace those destroyed communities with his “virtual communities”…built on his software…that will suppress the free exchange of ideas…if those ideas are critical of the very thing that destroyed the communities he’s replacing.

Tommy Curry Wants You Dead!

Yep, that is if you’re white, living in America today. Tommy Curry is a Liberal Arts Professor at of all places Texas A&M University and thinks just that. It appears that Tommy has quite a mouth on him....

Diversity Visits Boston

Left: Richard Field   Middle: Lina Bolanos   Right: Bampumim Teixeira Yep, according to progressives diversity is a cornerstone of liberalism. In fact it’s so much a part of the liberal lexicon that they...


THIS IS HOW YOU SPELL LOSER! It's May and no NFL team has expressed interest in former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick. I know. I too feel your pain. The Mercury News reports on three rea...