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Health Insurance- Background and Thoughts

  Since the whole contraception thing has been in the news so much of late, and I think that this is generally a misunderstood subject, I wanted to throw some things out.  No real conclusion or anyt...

I SMELL A RAT! Generals or the Government?

Hitler and Emperor Hirohito would have eaten our lunch, taken our milk money, and stolen our Halloween candy! They almost did. But back then we allowed our troops to fight and kill the enemy. America's strategy actually included propaganda from our media. Hell, nowadays the weak Europeans aren't allowed to draw a cartoon about Islam, let alone create a SOUTH PARK episode including the Prophet Muhammad!

Another Case For Ron Paul

WRITTEN BY INAGADADAVIDA Folks, I do not intend to whoop a dead horse here. I know there are some of us here who will not vote for Paul. I have been flirting with the ranks of those who will not vote f...