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You get Mexicans, you get Mexico
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Civil War Two, Chapter 1

Question 1: What tier of the multiethnic American Empire do you think you’ve been assigned to?
Question 2: Do you personally think your assigned tier is rising or sinking in legal rights and economic opportunity?
Question 3: When being an American no longer means anything at all, what will you then consider your nationality to be?

Two Americas
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Two Americas

We still live in a country where there are two different Americas. One, for all of those people who believe in the American dream and abide by the character traits that made us the greatest nation on earth—strong moral fiber, hard work, and an indefatigable can-do and kindly spirit. And another for far too many Americans—Americans-in-name-only, really—who espouse obnoxiousness, condescension, sanctimoniousness, narcissism, and a holier-than-thou attitude that invariably manifests itself in wicked, intolerant, and hate-filled totalitarianism.

And that'll cost you $9K
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No Pain, No Gain

While some may see the Olympics as but the latest incarnation of the endless circuses meant to distract us from the accelerating totalitarian takeover of our country, I try to find the silver lining and see if I can’t draw some inspiration from kids doing what I never could even imagine doing, even way back when in my halcyon days.

Backwater Insecurity Syndrome
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Backwater Insecurity Syndrome

Let’s say you’re from a nameless town in some flyover state (or, God help you, from some province [they’re all flyover, so the qualifier would be redundant] in America Jr.) in the middle of East Bumblefark. But you feel like you wanna do more; gotsta be more. I mean, you’re this big, super-smart, über-talented fish in a tiny little backwater of a pond, amirite? What’s a hip bro like you to do?