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Geek “Humor”

In my experience at least, geek "culture" is a bit like liberalism: full of itself, yet retarded.

Friday Funnies, Vol I Issue I

Lo' and behold, we have (thus far) two generous and talented individuals who have stepped forward to provide us with some original political cartoons.
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I Hate Soccer Open Post

The long, greasy, 80's hair. The endless throwing oneself around like a dramatic little faggot in a devious attempt to draw a foul. The negro-like prancing around the field after scoring a goal (which happens only about once every three hours). The fact that it's the only sport (outside of cricket) that the rest of the world seems capable of playing.

Dude-a-Palooza 2014 Cometh

We had ourselves a hell of a time last year and hope those who couldn't make it will find the time to join us this year. So we're starting the planning a bit earlier.
Spurwinged Plover

An Ode to Spurwing

As we battle libtards with valiant do and daring, I'm sure glad Spurwing's in my corner, just because.

The Fog of War

For the sake of Western Civilization, yet another white civil war looms. We are our own worst enemy.