Troll of the Week

For all those trolls out there–we love you. No, really, we do. (No we don’t.)

Backwater Insecurity Syndrome

Let's say you're from a nameless town in some flyover state in the middle of East Bumblefark. But you feel like you wanna do more; gotsta be more. I mean, you're this big, super-smart, über-talented fish in a tiny little backwater of a pond, amirite? What's a hip bro like you to do?

Troll of the Week: CastAway

Perhaps deep down inside, tucked away safely "in a closet" so that he won't have to examine it in the light of truth, is the understanding that the lifestyle he chose—and the lifestyle he advocates—is an evolutionary dead-end.

Troll of the Week: Biffy the Paleo Slayer

Why do we filter out spam and not allow it to clog up the commentary? Because it only detracts from meaningful, informed debate or simple, friendly conversation. Why don't we allow idiotic, obnoxious, arrogant trolls? For the exact same effing reason.

The Wretched Loneliness of Brìd

Imagine you had no friends. Imagine your family wanted nothing to do with your insanity and appalling personality. Imagine you had 13 cats. It's easy, if you try.
Crazy Cat Lady

Troll of the Century: Brìd

Like herpes, she is never wanted but keeps coming back. She is an Irish original. She is an answer to a question no one would be stupid enough to ask.

Troll of the Week: Ray Tarded [Updated]

Now, most of you have had the [mis]fortune of spending much more time on this here blog as of late with our latest and greatest logorrhea-tastic point-and-sputterer than have I, so I'll leave it to y'all to provide some of the more quotable morsels of delectable idiocy that only the atrophied brain of a Liberal Establishment teat-sucker could possibly produce.