One Big Angry Family

The state of the AWD family is…angry!


The poison of political correctness has seeped deep into the fabric of liberal America. Gone are the days when common sense ruled. When good was good and bad was bad. The days when America was seen as a ...

Raise Hell, Drink Beer

As this nation becomes a powder keg as volatile as anything save for the conditions immediately preceding our two wars for independence (aka the "Revolutionary War" and the "Civil War"), I've been hearing talk of secession more and more. Jared Taylor had penned a piece on this topic awhile back (it's recommended reading, btw, as is usual for anything from Taylor's pen). It was even a near-consensus from my little meeting with other night with fellow NYCers.
Why they call it Redneck Heaven

Greetings, from AWD’s Secret, Undisclosed Global HQ

So I’m here in Dallas, or some suburb nearby. (I don’t really know—this place is so huge I’m just generally confused. I mean, more generally than generally, even. I mean, DFW’s bigger than Manhattan, and AWD’s standup shower in the guest bedroom is bigger than my apartment, if you dig.) But anyway, the point is I’m in the promise land, baby.