Original Angry White Art

Some of the more eclectic selections from AWD contributors…

Rip Van Whitey

In a word Rip was ready to come to anyone's defense but his own—and to any race's defense but his own.

NYC Flies the French Flag

But, to put it simply, the message, as I imagine it to be, is that the flag of surrender more aptly describes the United States of America in 2014 than does the stars and stripes.
Opiate of the Masses

The End of Stuff

Of course, all of this comes at a price (beyond the price of online subscriptions, monthly phone bills, etc.): perpetual reliance upon a fast internet connection, a functioning market place…and electricity.

Political Cartooning

If you have any ideas, I'd suggest contributing. They have a very talented caricaturist over there who will hook up your idea with a great illustration

Mensa Puzzles

It's not a trick question: There actually are differences between the two, you just have to look really really really hard and think even harder.

Friday Funnies, Volume 1 Issue 2

Below you'll find the artwork of yet another Dude out there with some great talent—and just the kind of warped and politically incorrect sense of humor we all hold dear.