Oh, they’s gonna be a beatdown! If there’s one damn thang AWD hates more than Journey’s Greatest Hits, it’s a RINO Neo-Con Establishment puke dissin’ my middle-class hard-working compadres!

The wussified, latte-swilling half-a-sissy named William Kristol just got on the fighting side of ye olde AWD! I see him walking down the avenue and he’s spitting chiclets!

Here’s what this round-shouldered beta said about white, middle class workers:

“Whatever tiny, pathetic future I have is going to totally collapse.” Your tiny, pathetic future just got as narrow as your worthless, pencil-neck! You’re now on the official fighting side of AWD! And, unlike you, Miss Wussypants RINO POS, I HAVE been in a fight.

I don’t know about all of y’all but am pretty sure most of us have worked our asses off our entire lives to have the little we have! We’ve paid too many taxes to support too many worthless moochers, paid for worthless, unending wars supported by the Neo-con trash like Kristol, and all the while have been self-reliant and responsible. I’ve never taken one penny of government money. Never! Never will! Spoiled and lazy? Be glad my big ass wasn’t in that audience!

Smarmy little rich kids like Kristol who not-so-secretly hate the white middle class have no idea about those they regularly fly over. Well, meet Mr Miles Long, Kristol! I own my own house, have enough guns to start a war with Bolivia and win, ride a bad-ass Harley with my young lovely, and have a job that allows me to afford all this. I work my ass off. I worked my way through a public state university and worked 40 hours per week while taking at least 18 hours and graduating in two and a half years. My kids are all successful and decent, dependable people. WE ARE NOTHING LIKE YOU! AND YOU ARE NOTHING LIKE US.

Get in touch with me. I’m not that hard to find in Dallas. I double dog dare you to call me lazy and spoiled to my face. You’ll be wearing your ass for a hat. Guaran-damn-teed!

Forgive my rant, Dudes and Dudettes. I just hate those f***s!


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