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Civility Suggestions: How to Argue Gracefully


I do say, dear chap...

The rules of engagement on the battlefield are no different than the rules of engagement in the blogosphere (I apologize to those who hate that word as much as I do).  Really, the main difference is, “boom sticks and mortars can break my bones, but words will stick in my craw.”

Ecclesiastes says that there is a time and place for everything under the sun.  A time to heal, and a time to kill; a time to gather stones, and a time to cast stones away.  Consider this piece my ‘time to heal’.

Something amazing has been going on here at AWD.  We have had some much needed conversation and some heated debate.  Where we run into trouble is our free spirit.  We aren’t the mindless water carriers that populate the left.  We are free thinkers, innovators, lovers of liberty and haters of injustice.  This makes each of us unique, and rugged individuals with our own opinions.

It is the possession of this character that makes us PATRIOTS.  We don’t take s**t from anybody.   The spirit of this is personified on the Gadsden Flag.  “Don’t Tread On Me”, with ‘me’ being represented by our fearsome avatar, the Timber Rattler.

‘If you don’t mess with me, then I won’t mess with you.’  That is the unspoken motto of the rattlesnake.  So how can we engage in civil debate?   Basically, we want to make our point without alienating or angering our extremely independent brethren, who also have opinions of their own.

The first, and most important, thing we have to learn how to do is disagree as gentlemen/women.  While we may agree on most issues, there will inevitably be an issue that some will agree with and some will disagree with.

While not every method will work for every person, one thing that will work is to remind yourself that everybody on this website has more in common with each other, than we do with the pinko communist left.  Ergo, who would you rather spend time with?  Just keeping that thought in your head can vastly change your responses; not the content, mind you, but the way the content is delivered and the tone that is conveyed in your argument.

Tone is something that is an issue.  Part of the problem with textual communication is the lack of emotion conveyed when writing.  I can’t read your post and look at your face or hear the tone of your voice; therefore, you could be writing sarcastically and I might not be able to tell.  Consider using emoticons or italics when writing sarcastically.  This could cut down on misunderstandings 🙂

The second (or third, depending on how you are interpreting this article) thing we need to learn to do is take criticism.  Every time someone criticizes me, I personally try to take a step back and look at the merits of the comment (I don’t always succeed or remember, mind you).  If I can’t look at it objectively, I will ask the opinion of a trusted friend.  Very often, I change my opinion slightly, or at least come back with a civil and well thought out response.   Every time our opinion is challenged, our proverbial sword is sharpened and hardened.  This is a gift.  Let’s not waste it!

Don’t think that I am trying to squelch healthy debate.  I am just trying to streamline the debate process so we can get more out of it.  Basically, we get very little accomplished when we quarrel constantly.  All we do, is more deeply divide our already partitioned party.

I hope this article doesn’t come off as highfalutin or pretentious.  I just saw a problem, had an opinion, and wrote a response.  Feel free to debate me!







  1. David in SC

    Well put RSR. The left is already rabid, let us not fall to their level.

  2. Excellent RSR. 🙂 Love the debate hate the attacks. I’ve been guilty.

  3. You’re right it is a lot harder to communicate what you want to get across via computer. Sometimes after I publish a comment I think man I could have said that a lot better, hope nobody takes it the wrong way. Ex: On Awd’s Syria post I ended by talking about Muslim in-breeding, then slapped on “might make a good post someday Awd” I probably should have said, “Maybe you could write about Muslim in-breeding sometime”

    I think my head just exploded.

    • RedSeeingRed

      I do it all the time as well. I try to block those unpleasant memories from my mind so I have none to share, but I am sure I will re-read this post and scramble for the ‘edit’ button as usual!

  4. Whaaaaaat? I would never speak harshly to anyone no matter how badly they need it, and I am the most amicable regular on AWD.. just ask the trolls.. they love me 😉


    Liberals always like to get conservative to get ina incedent becuase it pushes their radical and rediclous ideas even though liberals are not much in the brains department

  6. Arguing with the Liberals is like arguing with Hitler, in case anyone has forgotten they are Socialists, i.e. NSP. Civility my ass. Kick them in the balls, smash their faces, stomp on them. We have been arguing with civility for a long time, over 50 years. Look where we are, playing their game. Enough!!!

    • RedSeeingRed

      While I haven’t quite given up being civil with the left, much like an adult treats a temperamental child that isn’t their own, this article is about conservatives getting along with conservatives.

  7. Nostradumbass

    RSR, you ignorant slut.

    … — — . – .. — . … / .. / – …. .. -. -.- / .-.. .. ..-. . / .. … / .— ..- … – / .- / .-. — -.. . —

    • RedSeeingRed

      I don’t know Morse Code… I am sure whatever it says is hilarious though.

    • … — — . – .. — . … / .. / – …. .. -. -.- / .-.. .. ..-. . / .. … / .— ..- … – / .- / .-. — -.. . —



      Well it might be spacing problems in the text of the post but this is how I decode it.

      Licensed since 1956. KL7GRF

  8. Jeesh, here we are, got our panties all in a wad going on and on about some googoo-gaga pc kumbaya AWD ROE, whilst Rome burns and Nero fiddles. No wonder the progs have the upper hand. Just saying 🙁

    • RedSeeingRed

      Well, that is why I wrote this piece. I figure a civilized society, such as the one founded by the Anglo Europeans, has to have a civilized way of disagreeing. Unlike the left, which is content to resort to savagery, akin to a monkey throwing feces; we have an obligation as the morally justified, to present our opinion in a dignified manner.

      • Nostradumbass

        Sounds like somebody put on their “church lady” dress, but that’s just my opinion.

        • RedSeeingRed

          No disrespect to Dana Carvey, but I was never really a fan of the Church Lady sketch.

          • Me neither. I always found it unsettling to have someone pretend righteousness.

          • I had to google Dana Carvey and church lady dress, no shit.
            Guess I need to come off the res more often, on second thought, NOPE, reason # 672.
            My idea of a comedian is Red Skelton, and no, I’m not sooooooo.. old that I fart dust balls. 😉

          • navydavy – Great choice of motif.

            Klem Kadiddlehopper – “Great Cow, she not only gives milk”


          • Thanks Bro.

            That was pure “clean” comedy.

            Used to watch Red after studio wrasslin’ with my gramps after dinner on Saturdays. The old coot used to slip me a swig or two of Iron City 🙂

          • It is obvious you take exception to the tone and/or the content of the article. I would love to hear more than curt jabs at me. I trying my best not to be combative here. Help me sharpen my sword!

          • Frankly RSR, this is just me pulling on your chain. “Civil Discourse” seems to be the call of the liberal, and I sure wouldn’t want to hurt a liberal’s feelings or anything.
            I might be missing something though, so maybe you could show me a reference as to why this particular thread has any relevence to those of us that comment here. If ‘what this is’ is a new “rule” that you seek to enforce, then just consider this the pushing at the edges. A man has to know his limitations. If you have a problem with sarcasm, sophomoric humor and complete facetious behaviour, we should probably get that out in the open and not let it fester. I haven’t spent a lot of time here lately, but I don’t remember anyone here being particularly biting at any one else.

            Of course the ban hammer could fall at any time, so be it, some “rules” can only bend so far.

          • Nostradumbass,

            I am glad you responded and I think we can clear up a misunderstanding here. I was not attempting to enforce a new rule. That is why I put ‘suggestion’ in the title. I do not feel, as a new contributor, that I have the authority or am in the place to make such a decision. Nor would I seek to limit your free speech on here at all if I wasn’t new. It was merely a suggestion.

            Secondly, I was referring to some of the arguments we have had on here lately and I am not pointing fingers. I think that misunderstandings have happened between commentators which have snowballed into unnecessary fisticuffs which could have been prevented.

            I obviously am not talking about political correctness. I wouldn’t be on this site if I didn’t enjoy it, and look at some of my previous articles if you don’t believe me! I am more concerned about cohesiveness among our ranks than cohesiveness with the brain-dead left.

            I hope this clears the air, but in case it doesn’t, I welcome a rebuttal!

          • I had not realized you were talking abbout “unit morale”! I had not enlisted in your ranks, so I was unaware that this was just a unit S.O.P. that only applied to your present company. Pardon the interuption.
            /sarc off

            Okay, a little less sarcasim. The thing that grates me about this is a condescending tone that “we” need to stick together against “them”. I enjoy commenting here and like to see humor in everything. I don’t know anything about the future (I am NOT Nostradamus), all I know is what has been and I am pretty sure how I will act/react to most things as they come up.

            If/when the SHTF, we will all pretty much be on our own. My road will lead the same way it always has, individualism buttressed by family ties.

          • If you feel that strongly about individualism, I respect that. I am by no means a collectivist. However, does individualism go hand in hand with abrasiveness? I am NOT Rodney “Can’t we all just get along” King. That is not what I am saying. I am not even saying that we need to agree. I am just saying that maybe our methods used for disagreemnt could use a tune up. That is really all I am saying. After all, we are on a site filled with like-minded people, isn’t that in itsef somewhat of a community?

          • Well, fall planting and hunting season is just around the corner, guess I’ll just take a sabbatical for a while.
            Reckon it’s time to leave the party 🙁
            As the old proverb says, all experiences, even pleasant ones, eventually end.

            Ya’ll be safe.

            ISLAM SUCKS

          • Noboy wants you to leve the party navydavy! This was not th intention of the post. I hope you keep coming back. I have appreciated your comments long before I was ever writing articles!

  9. the art of debate…………………………..

  10. They don’t make them like Red Skelton or Benny Hill anymore. Most comedians today are too angry, like Bill Maher, can’t stand to listen to that.

  11. Dave in Texas

    Thank you Red. I quit posting on this site because of the in-fighting. I think everyone here loves our great country. It’s time we came together and fight for what is right.

    • RedSeeingRed

      Thanks for the words of encouragement Dave in Texas! Welcome back!

      • Hi RSR. This may not be my business and it might be a little late and I cannot speak for either you or Nostra nor would I try. Nostra was here way before I was and I know for a fact he is a good guy. He is a true Patriot as you and I are. Nostra likes to use a LOT of humor as do I, as a matter of fact we have both been accused of using sophomoric humor by more than one person. I think one of the only things that scares Awd more than seeing Rosie o’donnell in a thong is when Nostra and I get together on a thread. Any way I’m not trying to play referee just telling you about a friend who would not be alone if SHTF because I would be there as I would for you. I enjoy every post of yours keep up the good work.

        Just my two cents

    • What? LOL say it ain’t so Dave… I thought you boys down in the lone star state had thicker skin than that..

  12. Snake Oiler

    “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.”

  13. I hate emoticons. They’re corny. Girls who snap bubble gum use emoticons. I would have to question the gender-identity of men who end their sentences with smile buttons.

  14. Grandpa, and Red Skelton. He was born in 1917, lived to 102, I miss him. He ordered his first Model T from the Sears catalogue, delivered on flat bed down in Kentucky. Too young for the first World War, to old after they started numbering them in order. Ran Shine, helped to invent hot rods, and NASCAR. Worked in a sweatshop during the great Depression, then started buying bricks and helped build a city. Of course, that was before they started numbering depressions in order.

    Every Easter, the family would hop in his big red Cadillac, and drive across the bridge in Point Pleasant. The bridge fell, we lived, well, Dad did not. Later, we never talked about that stuff, just how everything is starting to feel like the same damned thing, again. He wondered if the Buddhists were on to something, with the repeats. I wondered about the Methodists, and the judgements.

    So, tip a jug, watch TV, maybe repeats and judgements is really War without end, not much rest for the lucky, or the damned. Good night, and God bless.

  15. Al Sharpton wins my vote for America’s most graceful and eloquent orator, in much the same way that smearing freshly-squeezed dog shit under one’s nose would rank as a pleasant smell.

  16. an MSLSD communist gets frustrated with Hew Hewitt and hangs up on the conservative radio show host…..refuses to answer if Alger Hiss was a communist………

    the MSLSD retards will never hold there own when going up against a real conservatives……they lose everytime in the arena of ideas or telling the truth……….

  17. Civility my rear-end. – Some things go far deeper than others here know that haven’t been here for long, or daily. I certainly didn’t leave another site I was with for years to be told how to act civilly on this site. And yes, fingers were pointed.

    Sometimes things have to come to a head after taking so much, let those involved deal with them and move on themselves. As most of us do.

    I’ll leave it at that…for now.

    Oh, I apologize to anyone this post annoyed…which may be many of you.

  18. RedSeeingRed

    I sincerely apologize to anybody I offended. I honestly did not think that expressing an opinion would turn into such a big deal.

    If I am no longer welcome on AWD I will, with a heavy heart, leave you all be. I do not regret a single post I have ever written, not even this one. I have my opinions and they are my own. I do however understand that as a newcomer, and someone who maybe misread much of the dynamic here, it was probably in poor taste.

    If you will all have me back, I would be grateful for a second chance. If not, I hold no ill will, and will still be an avid reader.

    All the best,


    • Good lord…no one wants you to leave, or even thinking that way that I know of. Some of us are just throwing in our two-cents as well. After-all, we all have opinions and speak them…as it should be.

      We all like your great contributions here…they’ve been most welcome and much needed.

      Keep on…keeping on!

      Btw…we all get push-back now and then. Doesn’t make anyone right or wrong, or any kind of a winner of some type of game. – Know what I mean?

      • RedSeeingRed

        Thank bigtimer! As this is my first time contributing on a website, this is also the first real criticism I have ever had on my work (other than in school). To be honest, I have learned a lot to say the least! I guess the next thing I have to learn is how to take criticism!

        Posting on AWD has been a blessing in my life, and has helped me to grow as a writer. I really appreciate the feedback; good and critical!

        • It’s been a blessing in mine as well. – Post away…we need ya!

          I gotta get to bed soon. Look forward to what you post next. 😉

    • RSR,

      Don’t leave. If we all agreed with with each other and kissed each others ass on a daily basis we would all be commentators on MSNBC.

      I actually enjoy some back and forth. I believe all of us here on AWD share the same beliefs in our Country and it’s founding principles. Any REAL historian would point to the back and forth battles between our founding fathers at the constitutional convention. They still ironed things out and created one of the greatest documents ever written. All of us here on AWD believe in that document.

      There is no need to apologize by anyone on here (except for any liberals that show up), back and forth discussion is a good thing.

  19. Civility my ass.

  20. Lazlo does not use emote-cons, He spurns them as noxious imps of the Devil.
    Neither has Lazlo ever found a button that converts the dots in the i to little hearts.
    Calling out someone on their bullshite is healthy.
    Correcting an ill informed opinion is Uber Healthy
    Everyone knows that being a Dickweed is uncool, (man).
    RSR your post was well intended, and has a good heart behind it.
    However you are playing to a crowd of curmudgeons who will all gladly bite you at the least attempt to corral their wild flights of anger.
    Perhaps you noticed this.
    But when the SHTF they will cheerfully carve their way through a crowd to rescue you.
    I agree with your sentiment, there is a ‘we’ but only by osmosis. And like America, we were booted out of every other decent land.
    Don’t be offended, but I think AWD has its own police force, its us, and then there’s the Ban of Damocles that hovers without sleep.
    Lazlo shudders to think what would happen in the comments section were I given the keys for a day. Only Sodom has seen such a rain of Ire.
    As a musician, cartoonist, and writer, Lazlo eats rejection and ridicule for breakfast. It hurts. But it aids in my devious plots for revenge.
    An OK first post, but you started with about being nice.
    You should have made it about stabbing someone or filing your teeth into points.

    • RedSeeingRed

      Point well taken!

    • LOL I don’t know what amuses/entertains me more… the sarcasm, humor and truth in your prose or the way you refer to yourself in third person.. either way, I always look for your remarks whenever a new topic is posted…

      • Lazlo is the third person. I have no emoticons, but I mean that in a good way.

      • Just gotta throw this in. Remember Babylon 5, a sci-fi TV series from maybe 10 years or more ago. There was a time-traveling creature named Zathros who spoke in the third person. Lazlo reminds me of that character because of the third person theme and the name similarity.

        • LOL yeah, wasn’t there like 10 of them all with the same name?
          Are you saying Laz has multiple personalities?

          ( great the nerd in me just had to come out now )

          • Nerd to Nerd: You’re right that there might have been 10 or more Zathros instances. However, I cannot speak of Laslo. Moreover, BigTimer assures me that he has a good woman, so I am not overly concerned about his well-being and his 10 alter-egos getting out of control.

  21. There is a good reason why Freedom of Speech (and Thought) is the FIRST item in the Bill or Rights. The SECOND is there for protection of the FIRST, FOURTH and TENTH. There cannot be any more valued right than the freedom of thought and its communication to the citizenry. Therefore, speak back to me with any rational or irrational thought you would like; I welcome it. If your thoughts differ from mine, I will tell you why. However, I draw the line at name-calling and insults as in the current liberal responses. I am not a racist because I’m conservative. I’m not a racist because I would like our nation to adhere to the Constitution and the ideas of the Founding Fathers. I’m not a racist, period!! These responses are not logical, but how can I expect logic from liberals?

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