As Fox libtard Juan Williams learned with Muslims, CNN libtard Roland Martin learned with gays…live by the PC sword, die by the PC sword! Personally, I think they’re both gay! Juan Williams (why does a brother have a Mezcan name?) was fired from PC NPR for saying he gets nervous (like every other living organism) when he sees Muslims on his plane. Well now! PC NPR can’t imagine WHY Williams wouldn’t want members of the religion of peace on his plane! Even if followers of the religion of peace flew planes into the World Trade Center on 9/11. But hey, Timothy McVeigh!! But since Williams is a libtarded moron, I’m glad he got fired at NPR and look forward to the day Fox stops pretending anything he says is worth listening to. Or maybe he’s just cannon fodder for Brit Hume and Krauthammer. Screw Juan Williams and the Al Sharpton he rode in on!

Now CNN professional racialist Roland Martin has forgotten the hierarchy of the ever oppressed and offended. He went and offended homosexuals. And now CNN…which is gay…suspended Martin for what he said about dudes watching the David Beckham in his underwear commercial during the superbowl liking it a little too much. Whew! Good thing he didn’t mention Muslims! Martin, a man of little intellectual skill, made the grave error when he tweeted:

Smack the “ish” out of him, Roland? Sounds pretty gay to me! You sound a lot like a half-a-sissy! What about smacking the “sh*t” or “dog snot” out of some poofter who wants to watch another guy prance around in his undies? Those are two perfectly good things to smack out of a dude enjoying a David Beckham in his underwear commercial. Of course, Roland’s tweet offended the perpetually offended GLAAD. I’m not sure what GLAAD stands for but I’m pretty sure it’s something gay. GLAAD kind of sounds like nad. And we all know how glad gays are to be around nads.

Here’s what GLAAD tweeted to Roland and what gay Roland tweeted to Nad…ummm…GLAAD:

AWD must say that I agree with Roland Martin on this one. Take a picture of that last sentence because you can one day tell your grandchildren you once saw AWD agree with the PC, racist, gay, idjit Roland Martin. When the David Beckham ad came on, I kind of threw up in my mouth. First of all, David Beckham is an Englishter and Englishters don’t have any bidness interrupting AWD’s viewing of the Super Bowl! The only thing worse than an Englishter interrupting my Super Bowl is an Englishter in his @#*& underwear interrupting my Super Bowl! Hell, I’d rather see Rosie O’Donnell in her underwear! Almost. Do not take that last statement as being gay.

Roland Martin is, by all objective measures, a turd. I would really hate that guy if I actually watched him. He’s Al Sharpton with a few more words and a few less jogging suits. But the stupidity is the same. The fact that CNN…which is gay…gives Martin any airtime puts them in the same lowly league as MSNBC…which is more gay. The fact that MSNBC (more gay) gives its entire lineup airtime shows why it can name each of its viewers on one hand. Roland Martin wouldn’t have a gig if he wasn’t a brother. But CNN needed a Sharpton and Martin was rollin’ down the skreet at the time.

Like I said, Roland has not yet realized that blacks are no longer on the top of PC hierarchy. Blacks have been replaced by Muslims and homosexuals. If there is a gay Muslim, that cat is untouchable! Unless he is in a Muslim country. Then his ass is pretty much toast. Muhammad don’t surf!

Roland Martin must pay for his blaspheming of homosexuals. After all, he is wrong about homosexuals and David Beckham. Homosexuals don’t want to see David Beckam in his underwear. Homosexuals want to see David Beckham without his underwear! So to atone for his sins against the gods of political correctness, Martin must enroll in diversity classes that brainwash educate him to appreciate the goodness of homosexuals and the contributions they make to society. Roland will have to get a cat and name him Mr. Mittens. He’ll have to learn to whip up a marvelous souffle (that’s to die for!) after Zumba class. He’ll have to listen to the Indigo Girls and Melissa Ethridge CD’s until his wiener falls off. And he’ll have to indulge in a long lavender-scented bubble bath with jojoba beads by candlelight to replenish his chakra. And finally, Martin will have to watch the David Beckham underwear commercial 1,000 times while repeating “gays are fabulous” over and over.

Yes, AWD is shocked and saddened to know in 2012 a homophobe such as Roland Martin can be employed by CNN…which is gay! Hate like that of Martin and his fellow racist homophobes is harmful to us all. Martin must embrace diversity and accept gays…in and out of their underwear…into his circles. Anything less would just be gay!

Here’s the commercial in question. Disclaimer: AWD’s posting of said gay commercial in no way is gay. the posting of said commercial is only for informational purposes and not to excite gays by looking at David Beckham’s nads. Although, I think that Englishter sumbitch needs a few more tattoos! If you ask me, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance David Beckham has seen one up close before.

And if, by chance, any of you fillies notice your husband rewinding the Betamax time and time again to watch the David Beckham commercial, here’s a song just for you from The King of Country Western Troubadours. It’s called “Your Man is Gay.”


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