The Super Bowl is America. Football is OUR game. Americans don’t do futbol or cricket or any other silly games fuzzy little foreigners play. Football is America. As American as ObamaPhones.

Coca-Cola is an American icon that is swirling the toilet of political correctness like too many other corporations, institutions, and Americans. As political correctness further infects America, large corporations, politicians, and too many citizens have thrown in the towel that America is an exceptional country. It’s much easier to perpetuate PC lies that show America is just another piece of land in the global community where everyone and everywhere is equal, just different than to stand up and say America is the best @#&* country in the world! Or was.

Coca Cola used to have an American product so good that people living in other countries could get a taste of the awesomeness of America just by drinking a Coke. Because being an American meant something! We treasured our nation and our citizenship. Our freedom and individual liberties! We allowed foreigners to come here who wanted to be Americans because of the values, decency, morals, and backbone we had. They came to America with dreams to live a better life through hard work and dedication because America offered them something unavailable in their native countries…opportunity! Coke was America. We were large and in charge! And, even if other countries hated us, they respected or feared us because we kicked ass in every measurable area!

Here’s Coca Cola wanting to buy the world a Coke so fuzzy little foreigners could get a tiny taste of what it means to be an American. This was from the 70’s.

Now America is no longer America. American citizenship is sold cheaply for votes by corruptocrats in Washington. Big business prefers to hire uneducated illegal aliens and pay them a pittance of what they would pay a legal American citizen. Illegals are in America because our useless President breaks his oath of office by ignoring immigration laws he swore to enforce. Illegals are allowed to remain in America because they perform menial services once provided by lower class Americans who no longer have to work for their sustenance. The American taxpayer now pays the moocher class to not work with the wealth seized from our paychecks by Big Brother.

America reached the tipping point of disaster with the election and reelection of the Nothing Man. His goal has been to destroy the American economy and redistribute income from producers to moochers. Those are the only two aspects of his job Obama has done well. Millions are without work, millions more depending on food stamps and welfare, and millions are paid to not work for 99 weeks. Seem like lunacy? Bienvenidos to Los Estados Unidos! I’d like to buy the world a Coke…and also pay for their food, healthcare, education, etc.

America speaks, or used to speak English. It was our common language. It was something every immigrant learned to operate successfully in our country. Now it is possible for immigrants to live their entire lives in America and never learn English. With our PC consciousness, Americans kow tow to immigrants, legal and illegal, pressing 1 for Spanish, 2 for English, 3 for Whatever so we can’t be accused of not appreciating the vast cornucopia of diversity that blesses (plagues) our multicultural nation when diversity is one of the key elements of our destruction.

Our motto once was E Pluribus Unum or “From Many, One.” Now it’s From Many, More. English was the glue that brought all Americans together. The diseased fallacy of diversity continues to take its negative toll on America as we become more and more segmented.

Politically, racially, economically, and morally, America is completely divided and segmented. The only Americans interested in perpetuating the great American experience are those who have paid with blood and sweat in doing their part to build this country. When we raise our voices against the poison of diversity and multi-culturism, we are shouted down and called names by the mindless PC police dedicated to America’s destruction. Americans used to produce. Our work ethic made us independent and self-sustaining. Now too many domestic and foreign moochers suck the financial lifeblood from a country run by corrupt politicians interested only in lining their pockets and remaining in the ruling class. In Obama’s demented words, paying someone not to work actually creates jobs! Maybe everyone should quit our jobs and achieve full employment? I’m sure that theory is being taught at some Ivy League university at this moment!

Coca Cola’s commercial throws in the towel that America is better than or different than other countries. It takes one of our sacred national hymns and bastardizes it with other languages. Think Russia would allow it’s national hymn sung in German? Think Japan would allow it’s to be sung in Chinese?

It’s no surprise we’ve come to this when America has elected twice a man who despises his country and doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. The world will suffer the consequences when America is a mere shadow of its former self. Does anyone really believe China is building a world-class military to protect the rights of other countries?

AWD quit drinking Coca Cola products (and all sodas) two years ago. I’m happy that I no longer financially support a company that perpetuates the poison of political correctness and multi-culturism.

Here’s the video:

Hey, maybe Coke can do a commercial for next year’s Super Bowl about the Founding Fathers being a group of homosexual foreigners who got sex changes! Hey Coke, Press 1 for Kiss This Patriotic American’s Ass!


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