This week, AWD met with a Texas sheriff. I asked him if he would ever enforce any federal gun bans. His response, “never.” I told him AWD would never, ever register any of my firearms. His response, “nor should you.” Nor will I. Ever. Love me some Texas.

Things aren’t so clear in blue states. Colorado has slipped further into tyranny as the Dims who control the state are now seeking to ban pump and auto shotguns! I crap you negative. Shotguns! Several other blue state hellholes have passed or are seeking legislation to ban certain firearms from honest, law-abiding taxpayers. It’s come to this. Is it not completely obvious that Democrats are now openly seeking to disarm the American people?

Colorado Dims are seeking to ban shotguns that can hold up to 8 rounds. People, this is just the beginning of the tyrannists plans to chip away at the Second Amendment until Hussein can stack the Supreme Court with leftist statists who will overthrow the right for Americans to own firearms.

Gun registration and gun control laws are not intended to protect the public. They are intended to enslave the American people. We have a growing federal government controlled by anti-American thugs that purchase billions of rounds for governmental agencies. They cannot be trusted. Nor should they.

We’ve seen this all before throughout history. Gun registration leads to gun confiscation which leads to mass extermination of those in opposition to government. What we are seeing in blue states is nothing more than the opening salvo of efforts to disarm law-abiding Americans in an effort to totally control us. This will not go away as long as tyrannists are in control in Washington. And there are tyrannists in both political parties!

AWD has danced around this topic in the past but I’m going to lay it on the line today. I was a Dagny Taggart a few years ago when the Tea Party movement began. I believed the common-sense taxpayers in America could replace the socialist Democrats and worthless RINO Republicans in Washington and save the country. I have fought hard in a lot of ways outside of this blog. I tried. I really did. All that changed the day of the ObamaCare ruling when John Roberts sided with the statists to legalizes the unConstitutional ObamaCare. That was the day I went full John Galt. From that day on, I realized America in its present form was dead. It’s only a matter of time.

I truly believe America in its present form cannot be saved. Too much debt and nothing changing to save the Republic. Moreover, I no longer care to be countrymen with communists in New York, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, California, Colorado, etc. I certainly don’t want their communist elected officials to have control over my money and life. Screw them all! I realize there are patriots in those states and I hope they can escape what is coming.

I believe the United States will self-destruct within 8 years. ObamaCare will destroy what’s left of the economy. Unemployment will skyrocket to third world numbers. Our decimated military will not be able to protect our allies, perhaps not even our homeland. I believe there will be an massive uprising in red states to secede from the United States and form the Constitutional States of America. A country that will live by Constitutional principles and limitations. This is not easy for me to write. But can anyone really see anything else happening to keep the USA together? And should a country as stupid and corrupt as the United States continue as a republic?

Better to die on my feet than live as a slave on my knees. I made that decision a long time ago. Maybe I’m wrong that all this will come to fruition. I don’t think I am. America has too many moochers foreign and domestic to survive. Too many takers and not enough makers. And NO ONE in Washington appears prepared to do what is necessary to preserve the economy, the dollar, or the limited-government principles set forth in the Constitution. Plus, America has too many enemies plotting our demise. And they are not governed by idiots.

The gun control laws taking place in blue states is just the beginning. Statists know they can never fully control the American people until we have no means of fighting back. I will fight the every step of the way.

The question is what will patriots in blue states do to fight the onslaught of tyranny taking place? Will they fight back or will they simply allow themselves to be disarmed by tyrannists? That is the question!

Patriots of Colorado? We will be watching to see how you respond (or not) to the statists who seek to destroy your liberties.

Molon labe!

Angry White Dude


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