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Coloring Books for Adults


Paint a happy little tree!

CNN: Adult coloring books topping bestseller lists

Initially I was going to write a post mocking this trend. It was a layup: As our culture becomes more liberal, and liberalism is nothing but the rationalization of perpetual immaturity, it therefore means our culture becomes more childish. Ergo coloring books for adults was but just the latest demonstration of this syllogism.

But I couldn’t do it. Not that the intellectual scourge of liberalism isn’t infecting more and more of the populace; and not that our adults aren’t becoming more and more infantilized—for certainly both statements are true—but the fact is that I actually believe there’s something to this art therapy stuff.

My wife and I took an introductory art class a few years back. The professor (it was at a college) was fantastic: day one, we walk into the room and there stood a naked chick. Instructions? No instructions; we just looked around and saw everyone drawing away in perfect silence. So we started to draw as well. The prof would circle around while we worked and give us some vague pointers (“get closer to the model”), but basically we figured it out for ourselves.

After an hour of this, I was exhausted. The concentration required to try to adequately represent via your hands what your eyes see is really quite demanding. And that intense period of concentration becomes almost like a meditation—you eliminate all the distractions and just hone in on our koan—i.e., the model and its representation.

(BTW, key learning: hot models are much more difficult to draw than those you’re not attracted to. Remember, it takes concentration to draw well. A hot naked chick standing 10 feet away from you is not a situation that lends itself to concentration…at least not on one’s drawing.)

Anyway, I was not only mentally fatigued after these art sessions, but simultaneously spiritually revived. Not only did you spend an hour not thinking about all the stresses in your life, but you actually have a piece of work at the end of it that you can take some pride in, even if it sucks.

Subsequently, my wife has done a few “paint and wine” events with friends and had a great time while bringing home not terrible paintings of cityscapes or still lifes or whatever. (I’ve never kept up with it, even though the prof advised that I should or otherwise I’d go crazy. I think he was onto something.) Once we move out of the city, I intend on dedicating a room to a studio so we can continue to paint on a regular basis. It really is a great thing.

So for those feeling a bit stressed out and looking for a productive, non-substance way to find some relief, you may want to consider fiddling with some [visual] art. As my professor demonstrated to us, there’s really nothing to it outside of having a big pad of paper, some oil pastels, and the willingness to take at least an hour to focus on nothing but your subject. (And as for subjects, for the couple “homework” assignments we had, I would just browse pictures on the internet until I found something I liked, then “paint” it [with oil pastels] with it up on the screen.)

Happy painting!



  1. A great idea. A friend of mine back in Florida took up painting a few years ago, and is actually quite good. He has even sold a few and shows in galleries. Check out Sandbar Studio on Facebook. I thought of painting, but it would probably come out like a bad imitation of a Jackson Pollack…lol…

  2. Holy Mother of God! Not you too Redstater!

    First AWD admits to drinking Starbucks and moisturizing. Now you are coloring in a adult color-book and saying you like it? You ain’t spose to relax and meditate you’re a danged man.

    Hells bells, Bigtimer don’t relax, meditate, or moisturize, what’s gotten into ya’ll.

    By the way, what in the deuce am I suppose to think about this comment?

    “(BTW, key learning: hot models are much more difficult to draw than those you’re not attracted to. Remember, it takes concentration to draw well. A hot naked chick standing 10 feet away from you is not a situation that lends itself to concentration…at least not on one’s drawing.)” -Redstater

    I certainly don’t have any problems concentrating when I’m painting a hawt nekkid woman from 10 feet away. Just do what I do, hold the damn paint brush with your penis like an elephant holds a tree trunk and then just flick it back and forth like Jackson Pollack having a fit of Delirium tremens.

    JMV, Magnum, Jigg, Bluto, get in here we need to put Boot to Ass before these boys go full on queer.

    Look they even got MikeT in here agreeing with them… When the hell does MikeT ever agree with anything???

    Christ riding a raptor and sucking on a Popsicle stick, I’m gonna rip my walls out and smash my computer.

    I was gonna kick the cat, but the f@cker pull a gun on me, and suggested I get my priorities straight.

    Ya hear that AWD, Redstater, get your manly priorities STRAIGHT! Listen to the pussy, then grab it by the fur and show it who’s boss.

    • Waspish,
      I have given it much thought …this pussifcation of the Dude and now Red…
      so knowing how much I care for them both …and have no desire to see them become full blown pickle puffers…yet also knowing they need to means to relax …and if it is to be painting ..then I suggest they paint on one of these…
      I hope they take this advice ..it could well save their manhood….
      or they could at least use a paint ball gun instead of a brush….
      hate to cut this post short but I am running a bubble bath and my herbal tea is getting cold….

    • I can’t do it Waspish, AWD and Red have been posting things that are just too damn easy to target, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. I’m not surprised Red would backslide, he used to be a libtard (by his own admission). Living in close proximity to Nueva Jork City can have negative effects on ones mental capacity, but fear not! I have faith that if there are no signs of recovery, CHUD will fix it by eating Reds face.

      As for AWD, I knew he was in trouble when he started talking about his man purse, accessorizing, manscaping, and moisturizing. I mean, he bought a gee-tar when he had a chance at an AR-10! I’m sure there is a law against that in the Man Manual, somewhere. We will lose him someday, when he gives moisturizing and makeup tips to the wrong feral hog.

      If AWD and Red can be seduced over to the gay side, then there is no hope.

      EDIT: As to the picture at the top, is it wrong that I have an urge to set his hair on fire?

  3. Max & Eric

    WTF, I’ll just stick to my loading bench or I may purchase an old rifle and unlock it’s mysteries

  4. I knew I shouldn’t have posted after drinking wine. Foofoo drink => foofoo post. I should stick to gin to avoid the moisturizing jokes.

    • Red,
      some advice from an old wino for ya…

      have a good one

    • AWD doesn’t know much about art except two things:

      1. If AWD can do it, it ain’t art
      2. Sure do like them purty colors

      However, any time I’m with somebody and we see a painting or sculpture, I always repeat this phrase:

      It’s obviously a brilliant manipulation of negative space. Post-modernist, neo-cubist….fascinating!

      No, it never works.


      • Is that a veiled pejorative description of America’s uranium dealer extrordinare cum El Presidente 2016? Careful big fellow, remember Ron Brown, Vince Foster, Admiral Boorda, Mary Mahoney, Chuck Ruff, Jim McDougal, Bill Colby, JFK Jr. I’m sure what you meant to say is that Ms. Clinton looks surprisingly robust and ready for an intense political campaign in the next 19 months, and that anyone who read your comment differently than the intended self-deprecation is a knuckle dragging, bitter clinging homophobic misogynist, who likely ate paint chips as a child and currently lives under a power line.

    • “An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.” – Hemingway, E.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    Dose anyone remember those Paint by Number kits? My mom and brother had them

    • Hi, I do! Venus Pencil, Paint By Numbers Kits. Spent many a rainy day with them ! they were GREAT! I also watched the man in the pic, Bob Ross with my Son. He was so nice! Died at age 52. Kids today would never do things like that. It was intelligent!

  6. David in SC

    Oh my God Red! You are teetering on the edge of,,,, something, go cut some grass and drink a beer and then stomp the can or sit in your car with the stereo up loud with a six pack,,, wine and paint, art class??? Lawdy, lawdy, boy, we got to get you out of the city!

    • It was a disgusting slap in the face of every American to have a Brig. General order this and threaten the troops who did not want to do it with a bad mark in their record. The BITCH that ordered this should be retired immediately. Whats next week, transgender troops, Fags on display? This is our Military to be? WTF, who’s running the show, ohhh I forgot, its that Fag of a President. Looks like his piss is running down hill all over everyone and no ones calling him out. HEY, John McPain get off your dead ass and actually do something for the country again. Remember when you were in the Military? Would they even think of craziness like this? Hell, Sheriff Joe is older than you and works harder takes more shit from everyone and just keeps going. I doubt you would see this in his institution. He’s a man, not some cross dressing Commie Fag.

  7. That Bob Ross Guy ??
    He’s A Vietnam Vet
    I Don’t Know For A Fact, But By The Way He Talks
    Painting May Have Been His PTSD Therapy

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