AWD always finds it interesting when people say “what would the media say if it was a Republican in office?” I hate it when people say that. Except when AWD says that. But why do we say that? Why does conservative America expect the mainstream propaganda media to do anything else but carry water for Hussein Hopenchange? Why do we give half a sh*t about what Chris Matthews or George Snuffaluffogus thinks or says?

As John Galt said in Atlas Shrugged, A = A. In the parlance of our times, that means “it is what it is.” Or more direct, libtards are dishonest pieces of propagandist sh*t who long ago ceased to be journalists and are now nothing more than pitiful, sorry propagandists! A = A.

The Big Sexy has not watched a program on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN or MSNBC (other than the occasional sports game) in YEARS. AWD is quite proud to say the last series I followed on the MSM was Miami Vice a thousand years ago. And I watched that until show @#&* extra-terrestrial aliens landed in Miami on a flying saucer! Never saw Cheers, Friends, Seinfield, American Idol or any other product of leftist turds who write that leftist garbage!

Conservative America, which is much larger than libtarded America, must quit watching any network run by leftards! Who gives a rat what the NY Times writes? I’d rather French kiss Whoopi Goldberg than read the NY Times. And I’d rather saw off The Captain than kiss Whoopi!

Vote with your dollars! Don’t attend movies by liberal turds in Hollywood! One cool thing that has risen over the past several years is new conservative filmmakers creating art we actually agree with! If libs want to keep making anti-America crap that tanks at the box office, have at it. Or another @#&* Spiderman movie! I won’t pay my cash American to watch it! Yaaaawwwwwn.

Here’s where AWD stands. I don’t have time for libtards. I don’t argue with them. I don’t try to convince them of the truth. They are the parsley on the plate of my life. An annoyance. A fly that keeps buzzing around my big sexy melon. I don’t care what they think anymore. I ridicule them. I don’t care what they think. I don’t give their opinions any care or concern. I bodyslam their political correct BS with industrial strength, supply-side, alpha-male logic and reason! The same goes for their mothership of information, the mainstream propaganda media and their networks. The sooner it crashes and burns, the better for us all!

Andrew Breitbart’s goal was destroy the mainstream propaganda media. We have the power to do that. All we have to do is turn the @#*&ing television off! Do something cultural. Go to a concert. Read a book. Watch ‘rasslin’. Go to the range and blast away practicing your double taps. But don’t pay the salaries of leftist by watching their stupid, anti-American programs!

I don’t care what Chris Matthews or Al Sharpton says any more than I care what the United Nations says. Screw them all sideways! They are my ideological enemies. Their opinions mean nothing to me!

So the next time you hear Sean Hannity say “what would the media say if it was a Republican who did this?” tell him to shut his damn pie-hole! It’s stupid and weak! Expecting the propaganda media to report the truth and be true journalists is like expecting a rattlesnake not to bite you when you pick it up.

Kill the mainstream propaganda media! Don’t watch their sh*t. Don’t give a rat what they say or write! They are our enemies! Why should I care what MSNBC thinks? Answer: I don’t!

You have the power. You make the money. Use your power wisely! Screw the propaganda media!


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