Well-known conservative designer and capitalist pig Big Fur Hat of I Own The World is going into the shoe fashion bidness! His supa-popular MOLON LABE t-shirt was the ‘must have’ article of clothing for IRS interviews with right-wing extremist teabaggers this season across America. The MOLON LABE shirt followed up the ever-popular BREITBART IS HERE design Big Fur created to honor the conservative hero.

This summer, Big Fur Hat continues his fashion magic with individually painted MOLON LABE slip on shoes. Yes, that’s right. Big Fur Hat will actually hand-paint each pair of shoes! You’ll be the envy of your FEMA camp cell block! Here’s a sneak peak what the shoes look like (this is an AWD exclusive!)

What a daring offering from one of America’s leading young conservative designers! But wait!!!

If you order now, you’ll also receive a genuine, 100% authentic I Own The World t shirt in your very own genuine, 100% authentic size! These bad boys will be sure to catch the eye of some curvy babushka at your local bowling alley!

You’ll be sure to reel in the biscuit in this ensem! But wait!!!! There’s more!

Also included in this special offer is a BREITBART IS HERE t-shirt! If you don’t have one of these, isn’t it about damn time you did?

And, if you order right now, Big Fur Hat is even throwing in a 24″ x 30″ BREITBART IS HERE poster!

The entire package of the custom shoes, IOTW t shirt, Breitbart Is Here t shirt, and Breitbart Is Here poster is priced for $125 out the door! Now all that is cheap at any price.

I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking, “That deal makes me so damn happy, I could sh*t! I’m going to order two!”

If you’re interested in setting the fashion standard in your trailer park, this is the deal for you!


AWD’s going to either sell a gun or some of the filly’s jewelry to put my order in! Hell, the filly can remember she’s married….she don’t need that wedding band! A man’s got to be fashionable! Woo hoo!


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