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Wendy Davis, the hero to thousands of homosexual women across America for her stance on aborting children up until their 2nd birthday party, is now officially gone. She is no more. An ex-Abortion Barbie. She is pining for the Code Pink fjords.

Davis, who allowed insane ugly lebanese women-folk from the Blue Socialist States of America to run her pathetic campaign for Texas governor, can now look forward to her very own program on MSNBC. MSNBC is the graveyard for failed politicians, race baiters, ugly lebanese women-folk, and beta (or Charlie) males.

Michael Moore has a better chance to win the Gold in the high hurdles than Davis had to win the Governor’s seat in Texas with the campaign she ran. Most women in Texas are against Davis and her ilk’s radical abortion stance. While Davis might have fared better in a state like Vermont, where women-folk and razors remain strangers, Davis had zero chance of beating Greg Abbott. Especially when she continually ridiculed the fact that Abbott is paralyzed and in a wheel chair. Even last week, Davis admitted to her last-minute, pro-gun stance change in policy was only designed to win votes. No sh*t? That will help her win over the big wigs at MSNBC. Normally, one doesn’t witness such a disastrous, ill-thought out campaign plan outside of Republican presidential candidates.

Good news for Texas! Conservative babe and warrior Konni Burton takes office today after winning Davis’ Texas Senate seat. Konni is well-known to grass roots conservatives in North Texas as the co-founder of the Tarrant County 9/12 group and has been at the tip of the spear for many years for conservatives. Konni also has about the finest collection of cool cowboy boots to be found on a filly’s hoof in Fort Worth.

And to show which way she leans, lest any Blue State women-folk believe they can sway Konni on Right To Life, Konni wore these new boots today to replace the stupid pink sneakers of Abortion Barbie:

konni burton

The Texas legislature is taking a huge move to the right with numerous Tea Party conservatives replacing numerous RINO’s that needed to be gone a long time ago. Konni heads the list of those new conservatives. She will be great.

Congratulations, Konni and Texas! Oh, and Wendy? See ya!



  1. makes my day when a libtardy loving homo like Wendy Davis is soundly beaten and defeated……even when the sun doesn’t shine it’s still a good day when homo loving liberals are kicked to the curb and run out of office……….

    Wendy Davis was beaten like an unwanted step child…….and no amount of trying to trick the people of Texas into voting for her was going to work….she could lie down in the middle of Dallas and say take me, I’m yours to do with what you wan,t and nobody would have given her a second look……just too damn liberal….and liberal hags are not babes……they’re skanks…..

    so the new tune that Wendy Davis is playing on her “Walkman” is……


  2. many things I like about Texas..
    it is place of extremes… good in many things ,yet here is something I will never understand about Texas….×150.jpeg


  3. Txsecededave

    Come on in Konni, and uh, Wendy, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    The gay Rainbow freaks better rememeber whet Muslims do to gays

  5. Good to see my neighbor Texans know how to throw out the garbage before it starts to smell…. 😉

  6. I love them boots…great taste, beautiful message!

  7. Wendy Davis is The Bum Steer Of The Year! Texas Monthly


  9. First time I’ve commented here, AWD. Always a good read here.

    I’m just happy about the trend towards conservatives here in TX. I’m surrounded by libs in Big D – Casa View area.

    It doesn’t seem that long ago that Ann Richards was Gov and Texas seemed more Democrat filled than lately.

    And here I am being teased with more Open Carry possibilities these days.

    And they say there’s no God. Pfft!

    Maybe some day I can take you sailing on White Rock and introduce you to one of the two guys that have Obama license plates in Texas. I would love to see that. He’s a long time friend and not quite right in the head. But, you probably already knew that after the word ‘plates’ was read.

    • Dadof4, would love to join you sailing some day. I’m excited about open carry, also. Thanks for the comment and I hope you’ll share more of your opinions publicly here.


      • Will do. Some warmish Sunday in Spring at the earliest. It’s really great went the temps don’t freeze you out. I prefer my fingers working when I handle the lines.

        I think you’ll enjoy the people, too.

  10. Damn, Texas is one fine state for sure and congratulations Texans for one fine win in the Senate,
    my state (Maryland) elected Larry Hogan for Governor which is amazing in itself but its still like living in New York lite, we hope that Mr. Hogan can slow down the gun grabbers in Annapolis, so much to be done and so little time.
    Concerning Wendy Davis the phrase “broke dick dog” comes to mind but then i like dogs so it’s not a true fit.

  11. Wasn’t that the campaign was badly done. Texans showed what pro-lifers have said for a long time to the blasted RINO’s. Most Americans hate abortion.

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