Saw this over at Some Maryland cat named Ian Hawes has made over $1 cash American by selling off the chance to have dinner with Donald Trump. Sounds fair enough. However, it’s a scam. This Hawes guy isn’t affiliated with Trump or his campaign! The fine print says you’ll only get two tickets to a Donald Trump event. Something you could do on your own by donating directly to Trump!

So far over 21,000 idjits have donated money to They should have donated to Same results.

And Ian doesn’t sound like a dude from Maryland. Ian sounds like an Englishter. And Englishters can never be trusted. Next thing you know, this Ian will have a website called

Here’s the deal. There are so many scam organizations scamming people out of their money out there it’s hard to keep track of them. Lots of the so-called Tea Party groups are nothing but guys who have had nothing to do with anything Tea Party related except make a ton of money exploiting it. Most of the money contributed to these groups goes to “administrative costs,” meaning salaries of those who own the organization or url. You get email asking for $$ from a whole hell of a lot of these scammers.

AWD recommends giving money directly to the candidate of your choice through their official website or organization and no one else. Otherwise, you’re going to be cheated out of your money. And NEVER, EVER give money directly to the Republican Party.

That being said, AWD is announcing a chance to have dinner with the Big Sexy for anyone contributing $5 to the non-scam Dine With AWD. The winner will meet AWD at a fancy restaurant of AWD’s choosing and you’ll be enthralled with AWD’s unending opinions on guns, flashlights, Yankees, libtards, scumbag politicians, and guns. You won’t be allowed to speak under rules of the event but why would you when you’ll be in the presence of and dining with AWD? Oh, you’ll pick up the tab, of course. It’s only fair.

Should a curvy babe win the Dine With AWD contest (and believe me, she will!), she may will be invited back to AWD’s Casa de Amor for more discussions concerning how AWD will reel in the biscuit with her once the door is closed. Oh, and how said curvy babe will get her ass in the kitchen and bake me a pie after the mind-blowing floppy floppy with the Big Sexy (I give it two, three minutes tops) is completed. And that laundry isn’t going to wash and fold itself, love.

So go to the comm-a-nist Paypal and send in your $5 to [email protected] for a chance to win. You just might end up sitting across the table and learning at the feet of the master, AWD. If you’re a good looking babydoll, you just might get yourself some lovin’, pie, practice at folding laundry and an Uber ride home. You’ll pay for the Uber, of course. Hell, at least you’ll get a real chance to win this one unlike the Eat With Trump scam!

This is not a scam! Well, sort of.

Hell, AWD will even donate a portion of the proceeds to As far as you know.


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