Coo Coo Kachoo



Coochie-Coup, Mofos!

The blogosphere is alight with midterm polls and such. Will the Republicans take the Senate? Will this be a “wave” election? Etc.

My response? Who cares. Team Red, Team Blue–makes no difference. Both will steadily destroy this nation via crushing debt, unending wars, and third-world immigration.

Don’t believe me? Have you seen Romney’s statement about “comprehensive immigration reform”? Dems, Repubs–six of one, half dozen of the other–one a pack of retards led by evil geniuses, the other just a pack of retards.

So what’s the answer? Libertarians? Ha! Libtards in everything but name. They’d sooner dissolve our borders and destroy religion–two prominent leftist agenda items, mind you–than they’d even begin to think about dismantling our out-of-control warmongering welfare state.

Their priorities belie their hifalutin rhetoric.

So my point is: I’m kind of beyond the bullshit at this point. Secession and expulsion is the only peaceful answer I see. Failing that? Well, I look to our warrior poets.

Coup, coup kachoo, leathernecks.


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