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Coo Coo Kachoo


Coochie-Coup, Mofos!

The blogosphere is alight with midterm polls and such. Will the Republicans take the Senate? Will this be a “wave” election? Etc.

My response? Who cares. Team Red, Team Blue–makes no difference. Both will steadily destroy this nation via crushing debt, unending wars, and third-world immigration.

Don’t believe me? Have you seen Romney’s statement about “comprehensive immigration reform”? Dems, Repubs–six of one, half dozen of the other–one a pack of retards led by evil geniuses, the other just a pack of retards.

So what’s the answer? Libertarians? Ha! Libtards in everything but name. They’d sooner dissolve our borders and destroy religion–two prominent leftist agenda items, mind you–than they’d even begin to think about dismantling our out-of-control warmongering welfare state.

Their priorities belie their hifalutin rhetoric.

So my point is: I’m kind of beyond the bullshit at this point. Secession and expulsion is the only peaceful answer I see. Failing that? Well, I look to our warrior poets.

Coup, coup kachoo, leathernecks.



  1. If our saviors, the Republicans really want to help the American people, their first act will be to arrest Dear Leader and bring treason charges against him. I believe what we are going to get is screwed no matter who wins..

  2. Wait…what?…you conflate liberals with libertarians? You are just trying to PO people not start a dialogue. A peaceful secession…really?…on what Planet? Libertarianism to me means live and let live, leave me alone, do your thing and don’t hurt anyone else. If doing your thing means hurting my thing then we have an issue. Here is my poem – oft times Red Stater writes with charm and wit, today he wrote with snark and sh!t. Still love you brother but you’re way off on this memo, in my view.

    • Hate to rain on your parade but Libertarians have never done anything good to the political system except gum up a few races. Live and let live sounds nice but is not an answer to anything, never has, never will be. I don’t see a peaceful secession in any way shape or form. We have come too far from our original founding, a Constitutional Republic based on a Judeo Christian ethic. Its going to be somewhat of a struggle to get back there, brutal in fact. Those that don’t like the Founders Republic just get on the next boat out, form your own country away from here or join one of the hundreds of other failed countries.

      • Chump Change

        I’m sure there’s a rational explanation why a “Constitutional Republic based on a Judeo Christian ethic” do over, doesn’t include a border reboot, back to “the Founders Republic”, as well.

      • So live and let live doesn’t work? Never has in fact. Interesting. Maybe you’re right, but I’m going to keep trying. Leave me out of the secession but if you decide to come for me or my family, you’re in for a long day or night. God bless.

    • Drunken tirade is drunken tirade. I wasn’t out to pick fights so much as just blowing off steam (in inebriated fashion). Ah, to write over a martini or three…

      Anyway, per my libertarian comment, I was speaking more of “big-L” Libertarians (meaning the political operatives, I suppose that means) than of those who merely consider themselves libertarians. I actually consider myself to be more libertarian than anything (of the paleo variety) (though truth be told, these days I’m feeling more and more pull towards anarchocapitalism).

      Why the bad-mouthing of Libertarians, then? As a [small-l] libertarian, I’ve worked in various official capacities in various libertarian party chapters throughout New York State and even PA (I even semi-presided over the NYC Libertarian mayoral nominating debacle of 2013–that was…an experience). After a few years of working in those outfits, I walked away disgusted with the entire apparatus. The head honchos were every bit as psychopathic as anything one would expect from the GOP or Dems. The only difference I saw was that the Libertarian chieftains were just less competent at the political game than Dems or Repubs, but otherwise were as equally slimy and disingenuous. And as far as political aspirations went, they were wholly leftists. They never seemed to want to seriously talk about, say, taking a chainsaw to the sprawling NYC government, or reducing city taxes, or eliminating tax-payer hand-outs to illegal immigrants, etc. Their sole focus seemed to be always concentrated on lefty agenda items, such as ending “stop & frisk”, legalizing drugs, gay marriage, legalizing prostitution, legalizing bestiality, etc.

      Now maybe that’s just classic NYC-style dysfunctional politics and not demonstrative of Libertarians writ large, but, anyway, that’s the source of my antipathy toward them.

      • I’m politically agnostic. Maybe you’re frustration is with the wolves in sheeps clothing. Thanks for the explanation RS. Get to the gym and the range- punch and shoot–works wonders. Be well brother.

    • I’m starting to feel like Michael T.

  3. I don’t know Red, this administration seems fairly adept at waging war, I’m not sure going up against it is the wise thing to do. I’m not a soldier…who was it that said; “…the dead only know one thing, it is better to be alive…” but something has to change, and soon, or we will be in some serious hurt. Voting will not work, petitioning the government does not work. Our pleas fall on deaf ears, and they laugh at us. We are the undesirables in society now…

  4. RedState.
    I got your 6

  5. iron_mike_houston

    I agree that succession is the only option. There is no way that we can handle the debt and still grow a underclass that sucks on the tits of government!

  6. David in SC

    Amen brother!

    I think all this media blitz is bs, tptb will work up everyone into a frenzy and then it’ll be, the dems held in by a hair,,,

    Or obama will declare marshall law, which is what he wants anyway. We have to remember that the media lies all the time, even when it seems things are in our favor.

    I would bet somewhere somebody already knows the outcome and voting is just To make us feel better. Regardless, I will wield my single vote like a blade at the ones that have lied and cheated us and the destroyers of this country!

    Food, water, guns and bullets….

  7. Spurwing Plover

    One of the first orders is to have Obama Impeached and indited for abuse of power and treason have Eric the Dread(Holder)also indited and kicked off the bench then have all Furgusin blacks making those threats of violence arrested for Extortion then have all illegal aliens rounded up and deported and pull america out of the wretched United Nations

  8. First institutionalize the Nut Case running the country , I say that lightly.
    He is getting crazier as time goes on.

  9. Snake Oiler

    …one a pack of retards led by evil geniuses, the other just a pack of retards…


    A charismatic leader, one with nothing to lose, needs (has) to emerge. One with many of the same qualities of a Robespierre or a Lenin….

    • Chump Change

      That’s the bright, shining hope, of the economy – the more people who have nothing left to lose, the more freemen you have to recruit from.

  10. I love posting songs and David in SC’s last line brought this one on.

    Warren Zevon…Lawyers, Guns and Money

  11. If you ask me, Hollywood badly needs to remake Theodore Flicker’s 1967 “The President’s Analyst” ( but use the current El Presidente’ as the subject. They could redo lines like: “You can actually legally kill someone?” to reflect reality: “We can kill American citizens because I AM THE PRESIDENT.”

    My favorite line:

    “V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: Look, you want to save the world? You’re the great humanitarian? Take the gun! “

  12. Too far left, too far right and no middle ground to establish balance of power.

    Conservatism with Liberalism is stagnation and Liberalism without Conservatism is chaos! A middle ground is needed and needed most desperately right now!

    My views anyway.

    However in this current war between the two powers, I have chosen Conservatism…for Liberalism has gotten out of control and there’s nothing but chaos! Restoring order I think, should be our first goal and from there…pray whomever installs the support beams, didn’t use cheap wood!

  13. “So my point is: I’m kind of beyond the bullshit at this point. Secession and expulsion is the only peaceful answer I see.”

    And that, my friends is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  14. I have always been for secession. This nation is run by the Northeast and California because of the overwhelming amount of liberals there and also because the liberal media is there. Those idiots voted for Obama in droves. They have ruined the country in many ways. I want the south to have a lot of autonomy. We are a different nation. We are believers in the constitution as written by the forefathers. If other states follow our lead they are welcome. Washington D.C. is a tyranny and they rule with an iron hand. Time to break that hand.

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