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Change we don’t need!

There’s a pretty good chance the majority of you have already ready read about subject over the past few days. Some of you may not have, either way I’d sure like hear what your opinions are after you read the short story below:

Treasury officials are saying that Alexander Hamilton will be replaced on the $10 bill with a woman or women. Exactly who will apppear on the new $10 bill has not yet been decided.

The move, part of a planned upgrade for all paper currency, represents the first time in more than a century that a bill will have a woman on it. Hamilton’s face will continue to be on some of the new notes, slated to enter circulation in 2020.

“The new 10 will be the first bill in more than a century that features the portrait of a woman,” Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on an call with reporters Wednesday.

The Treasury Department wants the public to weigh in and decide who should be the new female face or faces of the $10 bill. If you’re so inclined, you can tweet your ideas using the hashtag #thenewten. Although Treasury is taking public suggestions, Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury will have the final decision.

“It will be my decision,” Lew said. “Obviously, I share my views on a regular basis on a wide variety of issues with the president but it’s my decision.”

The last woman to appear on U.S. currency was Martha Washington on the silver dollar certificate. Pocahontas was featured on the $20 note in a group photo during the mid-19th century. Other women on U.S. currency include Sacagawea and Susan B. Anthony on dollar coins and Hellen Keller on a quarter.

So, do you thing Jack Lew should keep his paws off the ten dollar bill?

If this were be changed, what choice would you pick…if any?

For the heck of it, and some fun, I’ll start it off with this one:

Rachel Dolezal

Toss in your opinions…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. the truth must be promoted……even on our currency…… this is my suggestion……..this is the woman that needs to be put on the $10 bill………along with the comment under the pic of this woman………..

    the truth must be promoted…….even on our currency

  2. we need a champion…..a real champion……someone who knows what it means to be poor…….

    really poor… destitute……..we need someone who knows our pain…..and has suffered the way we have suffered…………

    we need a woman like this on the $10 bill……………..

  3. Eastwood Ravine

    If the government is going to put a woman on the $10.00 bill let it be Abigail Adams. But for Pete’s sake, Alexander Hamilton deserves to be on the currency.

    The women from the first hundred-years-or-so of the United States who deserve to be on currency should be of near-universal significance: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams as mentioned above, and Betsy Ross. Go a little further in American history and I would throw a bone in support of Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, and Mary Todd Lincoln. Anyone else is either not well known enough, or is symbolically partisan and divisive.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      S.B. Anthony….Mary Todd Lincoln…..both were versions of Hillary in their day. I wouldn’t put them on an access card.

    • Eastwood…

      I agree with you about Hamilton…why change a good thing?

      • Eastwood Ravine

        I think this is really about getting Andrew Jackson off of the $20 bill. People raise a stink about removing Hamilton, but some people, especially Native Americans, do have a problem with Jackson. But Jackson deserves his place for a reason. Our modern, two-party system starts with his presidency, among other things.

        Had Andrew Jackson not become president, we might have had less generals and military veterans serve as presidents as well, George Washington notwithstanding.

  4. I was out for a morning jog and enjoying the clean morning fresh air……. I happened to see the savior of our republic go by on her way to a campaign event and caught this picture… I thought I would share it with everyone………

  5. Disgusted Caucasian

    If it HAD to be a woman, I vote for Molly Pitcher, there are two historical versions of her here;
    THAT kind of woman deserves to be honored on currency. Molly’s heroism cannot, and should not, be compared to Rosa Parks. Ms. Parks simply disobeyed her master and Molly Pitcher, both of them, risked their lives, in battle, for freedom.

  6. no……..a thousand times no……….this is the picture of the woman the liberals want to put on the $10 bill………………..

    I won’t stand for it………I refuse to use any currency with this picture……….the liberals are planning on using this picture for the woman on the “10 spot”……….I just can’t go along with this………I am outraged that the liberals would want to replace Alexander Hamilton with this picture……….

    this is an outrage…………….

    • Not in a million years…that’s the worst of them all!

    • Disqualified. It’s supposed to be a woman. Not the Star Trek salt buffalo, not a man in drag, not a sasquatch dipped in a vat of nair, and not a gorilla, even if it is female.

  7. I used to have this heads or tails coin, and the woman on it is who I’d put on the ten.

  8. Obama is the one that directed Jack Lew to do this. You know why, he opposed slavery…Obama can’t have that!

    Btw…I just learned this from Mark Levin’s radio show.

    Hamilton helped write the federalist papers, was one of our founding father’s…on and on it goes. I wished everyone was listening to him discuss this all.

  9. carnac123

    I think we should have the picture of a 400lb black woman waving an EBT card ..on the $10 bill.

    BTW…what is the difference between an elderly black grandmother and a large gorilla?

    About 20 lbs and a purple dress.

  10. The only legal criterion for who should be on the bill is that the person be dead.

    Read more:
    … I nominate mooch bell!

  11. Hi folks ,
    I do believe you are right …the woman who would be black,,(Rachel) is the one to go on the 10 spot…
    in fact we here at Jigg Digg News was able to obtain this footage of her posing for the artist..

    wishing you all a fine week -end ..hang tuff and stay save..

    • Lawdy, lawdy jigg where in the world do you finds these?

      Oh, never-mind…I don’t really want to know!

  12. I think we should have a woman, a truly contemporary woman that clearly represents Democratic ethics and values. I would like to nominate Monica Lewinsky, a woman already experienced on a “Bill”.

  13. Van Sinderen-Hegeman

    Hands down, Rosie O’Donnell, one of AWD’s idols 😉

    It would be a good start, since it would be a relatively painless way to ease the gender transition for obvious reasons.

    “Her” striking resemblance to Ben Franklin seals the deal.

    The dairy industry would also be very proud to see one of “their own” immortalized on currency.

    A good 2nd runner up would be Chaz Bono…

  14. At first it was going to be the $20, I wonder why they shifted to the ten.

    The funny thing is it’s hard to come up with any woman who deserves to be on the $10 bill because of her accomplishments. Leftists would say patriarchy, didn’t have a fair chance, etc., fine and dandy, but it’s still amazing how few good choices there are.

  15. A picture on currency is both an honor to the person pictured, and should reflect the highest aspirations of the American people. Plus, I don’t want to be nauseated when I see the money (as opposed to being nauseated when I see a bill). Here’s my nomination:

  16. Alexander Hamilton is the only genuine bastard on America’s currency, having been born out of wedlock. But, he is also a genuine America hero. Replacing him with anyone else is another Omohamid outrage and an example of political correctness run amuck. Why not just put Arron Burr on the ten dollar bill? When this country finally has a woman equal to the men honored with their portraits on our currency, then I’ll be pleased to handle the money. In the meantime, this will go the same way as the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. Hell, they just named a US naval vessel after Gabby Giffords, so why not get it over with and give us the Mooch three dollar bill? The other side could be a drawing of Airforce One disgorging the First Tribe on one of their endless, taxpayer funded, senseless trips around the world.

  17. I’ll post this here for lack of a better place to post……………….

    Hildabeast campaign bumper stickers………get yours now before they’re all gone……..


  18. Ironic if you consider that many believe the $10 note issued years ago in Louisiana was the Dix-ie behind the nickname given to the South.

  19. I don’t know where to post this, so I’ll post it here since it has to do with money.

    Raisin farmer wins at SCOTUS…


    Well, it darn well better be a BLACK “woman” right? Or we’ll just have to keep listening to more strife that “they” have all been through right? Perhaps if that one “person” who is really white but wants to say she’s black also became a dude with a sew on penis, and then became a homo after that, we might be pretty close to what the left wants on the new ten dollar bill. Am I even close yet?

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