The Cruz Sex Scandal So Far…


cruz sexNational Enquirer has published a major story alleging that Ted Cruz had at least five mistresses prior to launching his presidential campaign.

Here is what we know about the #CruzSexScandal so far:

* A supermarket rag is breaking the story, but it is written by a Pulitzer-awarded reporter who broke the John Edwards sex scandal–which turned out to be true–in the same publication.

* In the wake of Hulk Hogan’s legal smashing of Gawker, playing fast and loose with what’s published is obviously ill-advised. Especially when the accused is a world class lawyer. National Enquirer editors must know they face a courtroom holocaust if this is handled wrong.

* The story has been at the rumor level for weeks, and possibly months, referred to as “The Thing” by journalists. Marco Rubio fans on Twitter were urging media figures to push the story in order to give Rubio an edge before the Florida primary. Breitbart reporter Allum Bokhari promised an earth-shaking revelation after Super Tuesday, but the story never materialized. He has now Tweeted, “I hate getting scooped,” with regard to the Cruz sex scandal.

* There was $500,000 funneled from the Cruz camp to his competitor Carly Fiorina’s Camp—where one of Cruz’s alleged mistresses was working.

* Despite not only #CruzSexScandal but “National Enquirer,” “The Thing” and “Amanda Carpenter” (one of the alleged mistresses) trending on Twitter for many hours and the story buzzing around the web since Thursday morning, there has been no denial from Cruz or any of the other principals—four of which have been almost certainly identified.

* The mainstream media, as a whole, is dead silent on this story, although it must be known more or less universally by everyone associated with high level news reporting.

scott adams twitter cruz sex

“Dilbert” creator Scott Adams commenting on the online fervor as contrasted with corporate media silence with regard to the Cruz sex scandal.

Remember, Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 amid numerous allegations, going back decades, of not only trysts but brutal rapes. This happened because the controlled corporate media acted as one entity, and resolutely played dumb, despite all the facts and many willing witnesses being readily available to any reporter willing to make a few phone calls.

We see the same thing happening today, except now we have the Internet to compare and contrast with the corporate media. For whatever reason, Cruz seems to have been protected in a manner similar to how Bill Clinton was protected. As with Trump voters driving the news coverage and the party strategy—instead of Fox and the RNC choosing Republican viewpoints and leaders—the general public will end up driving the media, and the party, in this case.

“They” would love to bury this story, if for no other reason than to continue to use Cruz to bleed off Trump’s delegates. If Cruz allowed them to force a brokered convention, he would have served a purpose. If Cruz miraculously secured the nomination, then lost to Hillary, his political capital would have been well-spent. If Cruz became another soulless, controllable president, the open borders communists wouldn’t mind that either.

All we know at this point is that the story is out. Something will happen. The tension is building as the MSM stays silent and the Twittersphere and the blogosphere get louder.

Update: Big developments by the minute with this one. The above was the state of the story early this morning. No telling what the fallout will ultimately be.

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