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The Cruz Sex Scandal So Far…


cruz sexNational Enquirer has published a major story alleging that Ted Cruz had at least five mistresses prior to launching his presidential campaign.

Here is what we know about the #CruzSexScandal so far:

* A supermarket rag is breaking the story, but it is written by a Pulitzer-awarded reporter who broke the John Edwards sex scandal–which turned out to be true–in the same publication.

* In the wake of Hulk Hogan’s legal smashing of Gawker, playing fast and loose with what’s published is obviously ill-advised. Especially when the accused is a world class lawyer. National Enquirer editors must know they face a courtroom holocaust if this is handled wrong.

* The story has been at the rumor level for weeks, and possibly months, referred to as “The Thing” by journalists. Marco Rubio fans on Twitter were urging media figures to push the story in order to give Rubio an edge before the Florida primary. Breitbart reporter Allum Bokhari promised an earth-shaking revelation after Super Tuesday, but the story never materialized. He has now Tweeted, “I hate getting scooped,” with regard to the Cruz sex scandal.

* There was $500,000 funneled from the Cruz camp to his competitor Carly Fiorina’s Camp—where one of Cruz’s alleged mistresses was working.

* Despite not only #CruzSexScandal but “National Enquirer,” “The Thing” and “Amanda Carpenter” (one of the alleged mistresses) trending on Twitter for many hours and the story buzzing around the web since Thursday morning, there has been no denial from Cruz or any of the other principals—four of which have been almost certainly identified.

* The mainstream media, as a whole, is dead silent on this story, although it must be known more or less universally by everyone associated with high level news reporting.

scott adams twitter cruz sex
“Dilbert” creator Scott Adams commenting on the online fervor as contrasted with corporate media silence with regard to the Cruz sex scandal.

Remember, Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 amid numerous allegations, going back decades, of not only trysts but brutal rapes. This happened because the controlled corporate media acted as one entity, and resolutely played dumb, despite all the facts and many willing witnesses being readily available to any reporter willing to make a few phone calls.

We see the same thing happening today, except now we have the Internet to compare and contrast with the corporate media. For whatever reason, Cruz seems to have been protected in a manner similar to how Bill Clinton was protected. As with Trump voters driving the news coverage and the party strategy—instead of Fox and the RNC choosing Republican viewpoints and leaders—the general public will end up driving the media, and the party, in this case.

“They” would love to bury this story, if for no other reason than to continue to use Cruz to bleed off Trump’s delegates. If Cruz allowed them to force a brokered convention, he would have served a purpose. If Cruz miraculously secured the nomination, then lost to Hillary, his political capital would have been well-spent. If Cruz became another soulless, controllable president, the open borders communists wouldn’t mind that either.

All we know at this point is that the story is out. Something will happen. The tension is building as the MSM stays silent and the Twittersphere and the blogosphere get louder.

Update: Big developments by the minute with this one. The above was the state of the story early this morning. No telling what the fallout will ultimately be.

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  1. Spurwing Plover

    The Obama’s dance while the world burns america’s worst first family ever

  2. Unapologetic White Man

    What do you mean by “dropped a story”?

    It sounds like you’re saying they’ve withdrawn it.

  3. equinoxranch

    So, if I have this right……………….. It’s all Trump’s fault. Well, that’s what Cruz sez. O.K., got it. Alright…….., therefore the solution is obviously to nominate Cruz and then match him up ideally with Ben Carsen or Nikki Haley, or even Elizabeth Warren. Then when Clinton wins by a clear 60% plus margin (as I’ve said for over one year, but I digress………) it will, of course, be 100% plus………., wait……….., wait………., “Trump’s fault.” Of course.

    • Bill Matheson

      Yep. Wasn’t Ted’s fault when the Cruz PAC sent out the naked pics, but it’s Trump’s fault when a national magazine does a story on Ted.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Off topic but these some liberal rag JACOBIN who calling for burning the U.S. Constitution I have a better idea we should rip up a copy of this liberal rag as well as tearing up all those UN treaties epecialy the one that John Kerry scumbag signed

  5. Welcome to the majors Rafael. I know; “damn they didn’t curve like that in triple A.” Watch for the sound of the fastball Ted, you’ll hear a humming sound and the loudest smack you ever heard in the catcher’s mitt. It’s tough up here babe.

  6. Disgusted Caucasian

    Cruz is done for if this is true. So far, as my legal pointer is engaged, Cruz hasn’t denied it. He is just calling the STORY a lie and that Trumps ‘henchmen’ are behind it. When it comes to anything that comes out of Cruz’s yap, each word must be closely studied for sleaze, and eventual, plausible deniability. If Cruz wants to put this behind him, he must call a press conference and deny he has committed the accused acts with the strongest language. If he doesn’t do that…..well then there may be something to it.

    • Would you believe him if he denies it?

      I mean, it’s not the daily establishment ‘hit job’ on Trump. Cruz is the last in-party hope of the globalist elite to stop The Donald at the Rino convention in Cleveland.

      I guess it all depends on your definition of ‘sex’.

      Maybe he never ‘inhaled’.

      On a different note, did you see the article on Pamela Geller’s site showing the Pope washing and kissing the feet of the third world invaders? I couldn’t even read the article the picture was so disgusting to look at. What a disgrace!

      If you’re feeling brave, here’s the link (but only on an empty stomach):

      • Wait to you see what’s comin’ up for HRC. Shame? It’s impossible to shame her. Hypocrisy is lost on inveterate liars. Guilt?…nah she laughs at guilt, too bourgeois. Sex scandal? You’re kidding, right? You knuckle dragging misogynistic, homophobic, racist, dolt.

        A major league slider? Almost impossible to hit. Change-up? We all love a good off speed pitch. What could it be? I can’t wait, can you?

      • Disgusted Caucasian

        No thanks to the link Adam…I just ate dinner.

  7. I think cruz is a frigging weasel and I know he is not a natural born citizen, born in the us to us citizens. The tabloids did story’s about tinkerbell barry getting bjs and free of course cocaine from Larry Sinclair but Corp news never said a word about it….trump spokesman katrina pierson is a hot piece so I can see why lying ted would want some of that. Keep talking about the Bible ted you smarmy pos

  8. So many of us have already forwarded this story via e-snail mail, there is no chance of it’s going away. No way to get this genie back into the bottle. If only Cruz hadn’t acted and campaigned so self-righteously and Heidi hadn’t referred to themselves as the face of God to their voters, or some such nonsense, then he might be able to grovel his way out of this. As it is, he is looking like ole Jimmy Swaggart and they appear like the reincarnation of Tammy and Jimmy Baker.

  9. mark schoening

    So, a nude photo of Melenia is published–Cruz: I know nothing–wink, wink.
    Trump says “knock it off or I’ll spill the beans about Heidi”–G.S., trade, no borders, etc.
    Cruz: you are attacking my family and I’m mad!
    Nat Inq. drops a bomb!
    Cruz: Trump is sleazy, promoted hit piece on me.
    Trump: not me!
    Cruz: but you are friends with Nat Inq editor. Completely your fault.
    Media pounces and constantly and consistently call both candidates crude and un-electable .
    RNC, lefties, and media flush the 2 outsiders down the toilet and an insider gets the nomination!

  10. Quartierleblanc

    After the Klinton’s, the bar has been set so low that a paraplegic could jump over it. Hell, if true, Ted didn’t have to rape a few of them like Billy did.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    I see Bill(Moron)Maher is backing Ted Cruz more reasons we don’t need cruz and his policies

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      WOW…that’s big. If that commie is behind Cruz, then he’s turning into the establishment’s last hope.

    • he is endorsing Cruz for one reason……he fears Cruz more than he does Trump….and you guys are falling for it…….Maher knows he is hated by the “right” and anyone he comes out for you will automatically be against……Maher wants a Trump Hidabeast race……..

      I can’t believe you guys are falling for this baloney…….Maher endorsing Trump is like Fog Horn Leg Horn endorsing Colonel Sanders as” friend of the year to chickens”…..

      I think some of you guys had better wake up……you’re being played and your falling for it hook line and sinker……………as soon as Maher is out of sight of the camer he’s laughing his ass off at you guys……….

  12. My, my. The Cuban Mistress Crisis grows even worse for Ted Cruz. I am more impressed with The Brilliant Debater’s panicked responses, and reflexive “blaming” than I am with his “rat copulation” proclivities, or harems, or D.C. trysts. The Brilliant Debator has been out done by a “Carnival Barker”. And now, “The Rock-Ribbed Conservative”, unable to get to the RIGHT of Trump, has to go LEFT, all the way. And now Cruz calling Trump, ” Sleazy Donald. ” ….well, well.

    Lyin Ted likes to play both the victim and aggressor. He knew Rubio’s people were intending to leak this prior to Rubio’s loosing so badly in Florida. Cruz is a low life phony.
    TRUMP 2016

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Holy crap Jenna….”The Cuban Mistress Crisis” LMAO!

    • equinoxranch

      It almost boggles my mind…………… Those conservatives who claim out of one side of their jaundiced mouths how they’re so supportive of the Constitution et al., yet have no problem averting their NEOCON, insider, entrenched elite Republican eyes to the fact that sleazebucket extraoedinaire Lyin’ Rafael is ineligible to run for the presidency/vice presidency as the greasy scumwad is not a natural born citizen. But hey……., what the hay, right? Whatever it takes supposed conservatives whose sense of propriety is, of course, fully intact. Ya, right………….

      In other news please…………., oh leprosy ridden CruZ foolZ, better look the other way again vis-à-vis in-the-tank for the GOP Robert Mercer’s heavily slanted, I mean fix-is-in, I mean mega funded Breitbart report who is behind the ginned up story of Breitbart NewZ Michelle Fields supposedly being “assaulted” by Corey Lewandowski. Señor Mercer is a major funder for, that’s right, you guessed it, your guy CruZ. You know the greasy half Cuban Canadian citiZen whose father was a PRO-Castro operative, who was born in Canada to a single American citiZen, who plays both sides and makes his fawning myopic followers actually believe that he is not an insider (that’s a knee slapper), who has none other than Neil Bush now on his campaign squad. Love Neil Bush!
      Oh, and would someone in the roll that beautiful bean footage CruZ control frijole gallery pleaZe explain how Breitbart operativo Michelle Fields could be physically grabbed for less than one second in the (humerus) upper arm region as the video shows, but – I guess through the power of Maybelline or Avon – have “bruises” on the (radius/ulna) lower arm region……………….

      I’m waiting…………………………………………………………………

  13. this story is nothing but bullshit…..and any one who believes this tripe is a god damn fool……that’s right I’m calling you a god damn fool for believing this tripe……

    this story was rejected by far left-wing rags and websites…….the NY Times rejected this crap…..BuzzFeed rejected this story…..and Politico rejected this story and they put journalists on the story and they came back with this story was nothing but bullshit……the Enquirer’s sources for this tripe is another website where the story was planted in the first place……it’s bullshit….and you all know it’s bullshit……if Donald Tripe had anything to do with planting this story his campaign will be over and kaput not Cruz’s……….

    stick this story up your ass…..I said stick this story up your ass sideways……don’t like that then eat shit and die……..

    I knew this story was bullshit when I first heard of it and it’s starting to come out that it’s bullshit……wait till we find out who’s behind this made up tripe…..I bet the Tripe campaign has something to do with it……….

    only the dumb and the stupid are going to buy into this garbage…………

  14. Spurwing Plover

    Barack Obama is the #1 worst presidents in american history he dishonors the names of all those who died at the hands of the castro’s and their ilk and Ted Cruz is a bootlicker for Obama the Fink

  15. quit being fu_king stupid and believing every god damn thing you read on the god damn internet or in some god damn tabloid………..what the hell is the matter with you believing this crap………

    there’s one thing I can’t freak’n stand….and that’s someone who is stupid………show your dumb-ass ass here on this website and I will call you out on it….this story is nothing but bullshit…..and those that go around believing this tripe are just that….dumb and stupid……….

    here’s another story for you to believe in dumb-bells……if you believe this Cruz sex scandal story I’m sure your stupid enough to believe this story as well…………

    here you go dumb-bells……read and believe like the dumb ass lemmings you are……

    yeah…you’re right, your pissing me off with your god damn tripe….dumb-asses…..

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Bluto my friend….you’re on a sinking ship. The best you and Ted can hope for is an AG appointment. It would probably be the best for the country if it works out that way.

      • D C
        I am aware of that….my gripe with this article is that it’s bullshit…’s a story that was planted on 3 websites that the Enquirer “so called researched” ha that’s a laugh, then printed this story as though it was the truth……it’s fu_king nonesence

        and those that believe this tripe are gullible fools…..anyone who believes this tripe, well I’ve got some land off the coast of Florida that might make a nice retirement plot of land for those that believe this kind of garbage……….

        a number of stories are being planted on the internet for those who are dumb and stupid and believe this sort of trash…..this is nothing but tabloid trash for fools…..

        it now appears as though the Rubio camp were the one’s responsible for planting this story……I stick by my guns….this hit piece is bullshit and those that believe it are gullible dumb-bells that will believe anything they are told…………

        I’m sticking to my guns…….this hit piece is nothing but tabloid trash for idiots and fools……….

  16. Nick Digger

    Amanda Carpenter is no Katrina Pierson, but if ol’ Rafael tapped that I just might have to rethink my vote for Trump!

    • Nick Digger

      Okay, the downvotes confused me until I saw a recent interview with Carpenter. I’ll admit she hasn’t aged well, and I was amiss in my prior givings.

      Pierson, on the other hand…

  17. AngryWhiteDude…….you are going to have to institute an intelligence exam to start posting on this website………the dummies are falling for every left-wing trick they come across on the internet……..

    we need a test to test gullibility here at awd . com……….

    gullible fools need not apply………believe everything you read….then you should go the Huffington Post…………either that, AWD, you should start using the ban hammer for those who are stupid and gullible……..if you’re gullible then you are too dumb to be on this site……..

    hey all you gullible fools…’s a suggestion…….”Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”……………

    it’s time to institute a gullible fools test for posting on this site…..

  18. AWD it’s time to asses the credibility of this website…..we have internet bloggers promoting internet stupidity and readers of this internet trash that are nothing more than internet dupes frequenting this site………stupidity is abounding all over……..

    now the dupes are believing Bill Maher is endorsing Ted Cruz…… can anyone be so damn stupid…….Maher endorse Cruz!!!……how many times do we have to inform these dupes that the “left” lies……the “left” lies about everything………Maher’s endorsement is a ruse…….he’s playing those who are gullible….it’s Cruz they fear…..anything these left-wing hacks can do to put you into the camp where they feel they have the best chance of winning they will say and do and dumb-asses on this website are falling for the ruse………..

    Maher knows Hildabeast Rotten Cankles will mop the floor with Trump in the presidential debates…….Trump speaks like a sixth grader……in incomplete sentences……like he’s illiterate…….Cankles will mop the floor with him in everyone of the three presidential debates………

    Trump will mount a campaign that will be worthy of a tabloid trash article with absolutely no substance…..just trash, calling Hildabeast a bunch of names……..that’s all he seems to be able to do in the last umpteen number of debates so far….trash talk……’s not going to fly when the general election comes around………the trash talking will make him look like a fool while Hildabeast walks away with the election…..

    Hildabeast will walk all over Trump…..and mop the floor with him in all three presidential debates……”Make America Great Again” will only play so far then the message gets old….and it gets old fast… say how you’re going to do it…..he can’t……..

    his knowledge of foreign affairs is non-existent…..he doesn’t know shit……..and Hildabeast will take him apart on foreign affairs…… Trump…one big ass mistake………

    make no mistake about…..If he is the nominee I will hold my nose and vote for him but there’s better and I know there’s better……I’m not fooled……..and you can bet Bluto is not gullible either…….I’m on to the “left” and know their games………

    • Quartierleblanc

      You know my wife says the same thing ( in somewhat gentler terms ) and she is NEVER wrong. I, on the other hand, think otherwise. Interesting perspective though. We still have the FBI investigations and what I believe is her overall poor health.

    • equinoxranch

      You and so many others are tragically so blind to the real game afoot……………. Separate of the fact that slimeball Cruz, (like Rubio) is not a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible for the presidency/vice presidency, but why let that get in the way, right……….? Cruz, just like Romney in 2012 has no intention of winning any presidential election, period. Rafael is solely in it to take Trump down because, horror of horrors…….., Trump IS that much of a threat to the system, beginning with the coprophagic collective that is the Legislative Branch were he ever able to realize the presidency which will not happen. After all, dare to look at ALL those who are attacking him. That, of and by itself IS its own glaring indictment. So that when Clinton wins a THIRD TERM by at least 60% plus, the system will automatically reset and return to “normal”. And there will be your darling GOP, Rafael Cruz and all the rest right back where they were to begin, thus allowing each to play you and yours as they always have. The bitch (legerdemain) session will go on unabated, because that IS the game. The game of further eradication of one’s vitality – liberty and freedom – increased taxes and regulation, increased government, the increased marginalization (ultimate extermination) of the Occidental race, the further erosion of our Bill of Rights, etc., etc……….. Oh, and so much open confiscation of more rights and money, money, money. And more money. Your precious Republicans say “X” while the vicious Democrats say “Y”, and in the end it always winds up “Z” (X+Y=Z), and there you are………… Championing for all these supposedly “conservative” Republicans who keep on feeding you lies which, of course, you lap up like Mother’s Milk. Yum!

      You actually believe in Cruz. I pity you.

  19. Disgusted Caucasian

    Bluto…your loyalty to your candidate is admirable. However, only a fool fights in a burning house. Trumps delegate count and poll numbers are way ahead of Cruz. If Cruz stays in the race to the end, it may cause both of them to lose the nomination and we could end up with Kasich or even Walker. Cruz can live to win another day but it’s Trumps last shot at it due to his age so he’s not going away….and he shouldn’t…he’s winning.

    • I’ve thought of that………..unless the rules are changed Kasich and Walker can’t even be considered….2’nd ballot or any ballot…….

  20. stick Trump up your ass…….Trump has just berated Scott Walker for not raising taxes in Wisconsin……..”for not raising taxes”…….you have got to be kidding me…….

    ok dumb-asses…….now you can pay more in taxes with Trump…..Oh yeah…..and you can pay more in subsidies for “ethanol” in your gas so it can continue to ruin your engines too………

    how about if you stick Trump, his taxes and ethanol subsidies up your ass………

  21. I admit I am not a Trump guy…but I sure as hell will vote for him if he is the nominee….

    I am worried what the “establishment” will do if Trump is the nominee and if it looks like he is going to win……the d’himicrat and republitard establishment along with the oligarchy that run this country will not allow him to sit in the chair……..

    I just got this in my in-box…………

    Bill Bennett just wrote this……..

    What I See Happening In a Trump Presidency
    By Bill Bennett

    “They will kill him before they let him be president. It could be a Republican or a Democrat that instigates the shutting up of Trump.

    Don’t be surprised if Trump has an accident. Some people are getting very nervous: Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Jon Corzine, to name just a few.

    It’s about the unholy dynamics between big government, big business, and big media. They all benefit by the billions of dollars from this partnership, and it’s in all of their interests to protect one another. It’s one for all and all for one. It’s a heck of a filthy relationship that makes everyone filthy rich, everyone except the American people. We get ripped off. We’re the patsies. But for once, the powerful socialist cabal and the corrupt crony capitalists are scared. The over-the-top reaction to Trump by politicians of both parties, the media, and the biggest corporations of America has been so swift and insanely angry that it suggests they are all threatened and frightened.

    Donald Trump can self-fund. No matter how much they say to the contrary, the media, business, and political elite understand that Trump is no joke. He could actually win and upset their nice cozy apple cart.

    It’s no coincidence that everyone has gotten together to destroy The Donald. It’s because most of the other politicians are part of the a good old boys club. They talk big, but they won’t change a thing. They are all beholden to big-money donors. They are all owned by lobbyists, unions, lawyers, gigantic environmental organizations, and multinational corporations – like Big Pharmacy or Big Oil. Or they are owned lock, stock, and barrel by foreigners like George Soros owns Obama or foreign governments own Hillary and their Clinton Foundation donations.

    These run-of-the-mill establishment politicians are all puppets owned by big money. But there’s one man who isn’t beholden to anyone. There’s one man who doesn’t need foreigners, or foreign governments, or George Soros, or the United Auto Workers, or the teacher’s union, or the Service Employees International Union, or the Bar Association to fund his campaign.

    Billionaire tycoon and maverick Donald Trump doesn’t need anyone’s help. That means he doesn’t care what the media says. He doesn’t care what the corporate elites think. That makes him very dangerous to the entrenched interests. That makes Trump a huge threat to those people. Trump can ruin everything for the bribed politicians and their spoiled slave masters.

    Don’t you ever wonder why the GOP has never tried to impeach Obama? Don’t you wonder why John Boehner and Mitch McConnell talk a big game, but never actually try to stop Obama? Don’t you wonder why Congress holds the purse strings, yet has never tried to de-fund Obamacare or Obama’s clearly illegal executive action on amnesty for illegal aliens? Bizarre, right? It defies logic, right?

    First, I’d guess many key Republicans are being bribed. Secondly, I believe many key Republicans are being blackmailed. Whether they are having affairs, or secretly gay, or stealing taxpayer money, the National Security Agency knows everything.

    Ask former House Speaker Dennis Hastert about that. The government even knew he was withdrawing large sums of his own money from his own bank account. The NSA, the SEC, the IRS, and all the other three-letter government agencies are watching every Republican political leader. They surveil everything. Thirdly, many Republicans are petrified of being called racists, so they are scared to ever criticize Obama or call out his crimes, let alone demand his impeachment. Fourth , why rock the boat? After defeat or retirement, if you’re a good old boy, you’ve got a $5 million-per-year lobbying job waiting. The big-money interests have the system gamed. Win or lose, they win.

    But Trump doesn’t play by any of these rules. Trump breaks up this nice, cozy relationship between big government, big media, and big business. All the rules are out the window if Trump wins the Presidency. The other politicians will protect Obama and his aides but not Trump. Remember: Trump is the guy who publicly questioned Obama’s birth certificate. He questioned Obama’s college records and how a mediocre student got into an Ivy League university. Now, he’s doing something no Republican has the chutzpah to do. He’s questioning our relationship with Mexico; he’s questioning why the border is wide open; he’s questioning why no wall has been built across the border; he’s questioning if allowing millions of illegal aliens into America is in our best interests; he’s questioning why so many illegal aliens commit violent crimes, yet are not deported; and he’s questioning why our trade deals with Mexico, Russia and China are so bad.

    Trump has the audacity to ask out loud why American workers always get the short end of the stick. Good question! I’m certain Trump will question what happened to the almost billion dollars given in a rigged no-bid contract to college friends of Michelle Obama at foreign companies to build the defective Obamacare website. By the way, that tab is now up to $5 billion. Trump will ask if Obamacare’s architects can be charged with fraud for selling it by lying. Trump will investigate Obama’s widespread IRS conspiracy, not to mention Obama’s college records. Trump will prosecute Clinton and Obama for fraud committed to cover up Benghazi before the election. How about the fraud committed by employees of the Labor Department when they made up dramatic job numbers in the last jobs report before the 2012 election?

    Obama, the multinational corporations and the media need to stop Trump. They recognize this could get out of control. If left unchecked, telling the raw truth and asking questions everyone else is afraid to ask, Trump could wake a sleeping giant. Trump’s election would be a nightmare. Obama has committed many crimes. No one else but Trump would dare to prosecute. He will not hesitate. Once Trump gets in and gets a look at the cooked books and Obama’s records, the game is over. The goose is cooked. Holder could wind up in prison. Jarrett could wind up in prison. Obama bundler Corzine could wind up in prison for losing $1.5 billion of customer money. Clinton could wind up in jail for deleting 32,000 emails or for accepting bribes from foreign governments while Secretary of State, or for misplacing $6 billion as the head of the State Department, or for lying about Benghazi. The entire upper level management of the IRS could wind up in prison.

    Obamacare will be de-funded and dismantled. Obama himself could wind up ruined, his legacy in tatters. Trump will investigate. Trump will prosecute. Trump will go after everyone involved. That’s why the dogs of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump.

    Yes, it’s become open season on Donald Trump. The left and the right are determined to attack his policies, harm his businesses, and, if possible, even keep him out of the coming debates. But they can’t silence him. And they sure can’t intimidate him. The more they try, the more the public will realize that he’s the one telling the truth”.

    • Bluto, Bill Bennett didn’t write that. He’s an Establishment RINO. And a degenerate gambler.


      • Anywho, it’s a damned good article. Should be required reading for everyone. It’s absolutely amazing how no attempt is being made by these folks anymore to hide their true intentions.

      • I know he’s a piece-of-shit……I got the post in my inbox and thought it was a pretty decent article…..had his name attached to it so I assumed he wrote it but with all the lying-ass bullshit going on I would not be surprised one bit that it’s some sort of fake………

    • Bluto… still a good read whether Bennett wrote it or not. Truth is, Americans are sick and tired of the corruption coming out of DC and we’re also tired of the filth distributed upon conservatives by the stinking liberals/Democrats.

      I’m backing Cruz but I’ll sprint to the polls in support of Trump should he be our nominee. Most of you regulars know I love to work and the last six or seven years has been a struggle… you best hope and pray Hillary does not get elected unless you’re just a lazy ass who expects government to wipe your ass.

  22. Cruz’s campaign is over, he just doesn’t know it yet. Still to come….the DC Madam client list. Popcorn…check. 3D glasses….check. Stay tuned my friends.

  23. Trump has been on the campaign trail now for months and this is his answer to a simple question……..Bwahahhahahahhahaha……..

    you have got to be kidding me………if Trump gives answers like this one in any of the three presidential debates he might as well kiss it good-bye and we are going to live under communist rule by the d’himicrats…..because they’re going to win……

    Hildabeast, Sanders, or Joe Blow will make him look like fool if he can’t do any better than this……….

  24. Disgusted Caucasian

    Ah yes… the ‘Trump can’t win’ battle cry of the Left AND the Republican establishment has now made its way into the Cruz camp…sad. If ANYONE can win in the general election it’s Trump. He has higher numbers with Latino voters than the two Latino guys running/ran against him. Trump has wide Conservative support and MANY Dems that hate Hillary will cross over to vote for Trump in the general. Trump has the only chance of taking NY, PA and MA in the general election. Here is a guy running under the Republican brand that can get votes from outside the party, something the GOP leadership has sought for decades, and the party is doing everything they can do to take him out of the running. Rank and file Cruz supporters are drinking the same Kool-Aid the GOP leadership is.

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