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Ted Cruz’s True Colors


cruzSome are confused by Ted Cruz taking the side of the violent, brainwashed degenerates who shut down Trump’s Chicago rally. The reality is that this is simply the ever-present, calculating lowlife—the real Ted—coming into view.

For many, Ted Cruz’s political posturing has always raised red flags. In an era of Tea Party and libertarian insurgency, he emerged with just the right viewpoints to advance his career. Before that, he had just the right viewpoints to advance his career at the high tide of Bush-era neoconservatism.

He watched Rand Paul and appeared sympathetic to libertarian causes, poaching liberty movement fans where he could while leaving himself plausible deniability should public opinion change. He used an identical strategy with Trump, initially avoiding friction with his competitor, in order to appropriate some percentage of his competitor’s support—then changing his tone when the moment came.

Cruz “accidentally” wanted illegals to “come in out of the shadows” before Trump forced him to be an immigration hawk. Cruz “accidentally” picked up undisclosed campaign funding from what was supposed to be his ideological enemy, Goldman-Sachs. Cruz “accidentally” picked up Ben Carson’s votes in Iowa, and “accidentally” had a staffer who was caught manufacturing evidence against Cruz’s rivals.

Like the worst psychos, Ted Cruz is probably a genius. His resume is dazzling and, in keeping with his lawyerly training, he can smoothly argue any position he chooses. His campaign, rather than grassroots barnstorming, is scientific. He collects data and profiles his fans, then tailors his message and actions to maximize their enthusiasm. Anyone who has seen “Cruzbots” in action knows that they are well-programmed.

Ted must play hardball, must work every possible angle, because he is incredibly unappealing to everyone outside his hardcore base of fans. Let’s face it, the man is not simply homely; he verges on grotesque. He has, perhaps, the most unfortunate face in politics. His voice is a nasally squeak, his hair is a pedophile comb-over and he’s got the physique of a beanie baby. Add to all this that Ted—based on his fan profiling—has gone full televangelist, aided by his nutty buddy Glenn Beck, and we must know that his crossover appeal is nil. There is not one lib or independent who will dream of joining the #CruzCrew in the general election.

Add also that the man faces doubts identical to those that dogged Obama, as far as his birth status, and it should be clear what an awful bet he is for conservative voters. We are seeing the establishment throw all of its furniture at Trump. There is around the clock negative press and brutal assaults from the Republican machine and the gutters of the left. Trump’s background is being scoured for scandals, his words analyzed and turned against him, his staffers scrutinized and falsely accused of wrongdoing. If the establishment brings 1/100 of this pressure to bear on Cruz they can collapse his career overnight.

Far from a reckless maverick, Cruz is a desperate climber. He is at the mercy of the national press and the party string-pullers. Even if he believes in his cause—which seems doubtful—he can be controlled. Right now he is being given a pass because he is being used to offset Trump’s dominance. They may even try to hand him the nomination, as the first lady of cuckservatism, Lindsay Graham, has called for.

But make no mistake, should Trump be neutralized, Cruz will be a disposable tool, and will do what he’s told or be destroyed in an inferno of public shaming. And, based on his ever-shifting convictions, chances are he will do what he’s told—which will be to either get out of the way or lose to Hillary.

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  1. Exactly…BLESS YOU.

    Cruz is the kind who would sell this nation out,
    only to use his copyrighted “wince” to say something like,

    “gee, I love America, but that Trans Pacific Partnership Deal
    is LAW, and we *must* follow the law,
    so we must accept thet the UN and World Court
    have control over us now.”

    I CALL BULL!!!

    The latest thing is Cruz buying into the GOP Establishment’s
    use of Rush Limbaugh’s 2008 “Operation Chaos” strategy
    to block/hinder the nomination of Trump…

    Cruz can TRY to prevent Trump from gaining enough votes for a clean win…
    …bringing about a BROKERED CONVENTION, in which
    GUESS WHO decides on the nominee?!?


    Yet Cruz supporters are naive enough to think – ALL OF A SUDDEN! –
    their guy is “getting his message across.”

    They are the USEFUL IDIOTS of the GOPe!!!

    * TRUMP 2016 *

    • I was not feeling all that great about Trump until the debate were Carson did not get his notice to enter the stage. I watched as Cruz bounded by him, almost pushing him aside, same for Rubio, but Trump came up to him and stood with the guy and would not come on the stage until the mistake was rectified. That has more meaning than anything one can say.

  2. Rafael would make a great ambassador to Cubarh. Maybe Marco could be his assistant. Who said intelligence and a$$holiness were mutually exclusive. There’s a reason this guy has no friends. Do you really want another President with that qualification?

  3. Spurwing Plover

    Anyone who supports amnesty and free everything for illegal aliens(Future Demacratic Voters)need to leave america and never return and the one who supports these uncilized brutes in chicago(The name dirives from the indian word for Bad Smell)needs to leave as well

  4. Disgusted Caucasian

    Bravo on the post Bill….nice work. At one time, I was a Cruz supporter. Then came his vote to change the Senate rules allowing TTP to fast track. Cruz supporters went wild with calls to his offices and campaign HQ’s. Cruz quickly got the message and pulled a sleaze maneuver by claiming that the turtle man lied to him. Cruz acts just like a sleazy politician by not committing to an agenda. He uses words like “Imagine” and phrases like “If I’m elected I intend to……….” This allows him to squirm of of any perceived commitment to an agenda item. Not to mention that one of the Cruz super PAC’s, is being tossed millions by a hedge fund manager….with no strings attached I’m sure.

    I know some folks here like Cruz, as I used to. However, Cruz’s fading poll numbers are proving that Americans, at least on the Right, are paying attention. Cruz is a fools errand at this point and he should just be happy if can keep his Senate seat.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    Red Ted Cruz Go Away and and take those unclean scumbags in chicago with you

  6. Cruz seldom rubbed me the wrong way, but then again I never paid much attention. I do think it was pure calculation to sidle up to Trump while Trump was on the ascendancy, and now that Cruz thinks he’s in a two man race, he’ll start playing his…er…”trump” cards.

    Three things, though, have thrown up some warning flags for me. Namely:
    1) The issue above that Bill deftly articulates.
    2) His ties to Goldman-Sachs.
    3) His trumpeting his support of Israel to ME Christians at that one meeting he had with them way back when.

    All these issues are interrelated. Working backwards…
    3) Cruz’s defense of Israel is part and parcel with the neocon agenda. (Yes, one can be in support of Israel without being a neocon [I consider myself part of that group], but one can’t be a neocon without vociferously supporting Israel. It’s the end-all-be-all justification for the invade-the-world part of the Liberal Establishment’s “invade the world/invite the world/in hock to the world” three-point plan.)

    2) Goldman-Sachs and their compadres in the rest of the Wall Street/Hedge Fund/Big Finance sector are generally neocons (aka libtards except for their warmongering fetish), and Cruz is connected at the hip to them.

    1) With Rubio failing, Cruz is their (the Liberal Establishment’s) ace in the hole. Between him and Kasich, they can strip enough delegates away from Trump to generate some plausible deniability when Trump does not get the nomination (thanks to the GOPe backroom machinations). Then, no matter what happens (Trump just leaves, or–almost certainly–Trump runs as 3rd party), neocon Hillary will be elected POTUS. 4 years of Hillary = more AA/diversity hire SCOTUS appointees ( = goodbye first and second amendments) + terminal ethnic cleansing of whites = USA is dead as a doornail. Victory!

    In my cynical old age, I believe that those who trust any politician–left, right or center–are doomed to eventually be proven fools…Cruz supporters included. Trump supporters, as I mentioned in my last post, likely will not be proven gullible as they don’t support Trump based on what they think he will or won’t do once in office; rather, they support him because they believe he is upsetting the NWO apple cart as evidenced by the all-out assault on him by every hall of power and influence across the Western world. The only way we Trump supporters could be fooled is if Trump turns out to be an Obama or Hillary or Rubio in disguise. However, to think that all the hate and fury of everyone in the Establishment is a mere act stretches credulity. I, for one, believe he’s genuinely a threat to their genocidal plans. And that, of course, is all I need in a candidate.

  7. Cruz ‘fans’ might want to check out this piece of breaking news:

    Heidi Cruz co-authored report calling for the merging of the USA and Mexico

    Heidi Cruz, the wife of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations [CFR] Task Force of the North American Community. She co-authored a report that reads like the script to a dystopian sci-fi/horror movie.

    Cruz co-authored a horrifying report titled “Building a North American Community.” Click here to download the pdf file of the report straight from the CFR.

    The report calls for ending US sovereignty and merging the US with Canada and Mexico. It calls for the “elimination of most controls” on the borders between US and Canada and the US and Mexico. All Mexicans, Americans, and Canadians could cross each other’s border at will. Anyone, from any other nation that enters Canada or Mexico, could also freely enter the United States.

    The report calls for a Marxist style sharing of wealth and resources to even out the standard of living in Mexico, America, and Canada.

    The report calls for a massive North American Development Bank called NAD Bank. It calls for a massive North American bureaucracy that would manage land and resource in all three nations. It calls for a North American wide environmental bureaucracy. It calls for a bureaucracy to oversea the development of energy resources. It evens calls for a North American wide bureaucracy to manage tax policies.
    [ end of quoted material ]

    In short, Cruz and his main squeeze are every bit as consumed with the same globalist, New World Order, destruction of all national sovereignty, elimination of all national borders, and the cultural destruction and racial mongrelization of every historic White European nation on the planet as are the Bush, Clinton, Kasich, Boehner, Ryan and McConnell Crime Families.

    Another excellent article by Matheson. He has become a fantastic asset for truth telling on this website and I look forward to every article he writes.

    BTW: For those in the AWD reading community who are fans of Clint Eastwood Westerns, and who have seen the great movie ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’ – we all should take a moment and remember the scene in the movie where Josey Wales and the wounded cowboy played by Sam Bottoms rode up to the ferry alongside the river and solicited a bit of ‘ferrying business’ from the swarmy felow who owned and operated the ferry. This guy, having a keen eye and instinct for survival – recognized Wales as being a former Confederate soldier and began singing ‘Dixie’ as he hauled his ferry and Josey Wales across to the other side of the river. On the trip back, the Yankee Red Legs who were pursuing Wales arrived on horseback and ordered the ferry operator to carry them back to the other side so they could continue to pursue the Outlaw Jose Wales. Does everyone remember that scene?

    Well, as the swarmy ferry operator was tugging on the cable that moved the ferry – with the Yankee Red Legs now onboard – he starts singing ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’.

    That ferry operator is a perfect illustration of Ted Cruz and his political strategies, as described by Bill Matheson. Cruz is almost a caricature of the ultimate political opportunist.

    Even during his prime, even O.J. Simpson could not cut on a dime as efficiently as Ted Cruz can on a political position.

  8. Funny. I eyeballed the grab gate video and the next video to pop up was Christianity Debunked Using Science and History 

  9. Cruz is popular with about half of the evangelical crowd because of his ‘Christianity’. I do not know his background in his faith but his father is some sort of minister. I remember Jimmie Carter. He was a big Christian but he was the second worse president this country has ever had. Obama, of course, holds that august position of being the very worse president. Christian faith is important but does not guarantee a good leader. Leaders are born. You either have it or you don’t. You can learn it to an extent but being a born leader makes the better leader by far. Cruz may be touched with genius or may be closer to God than most of us….but he is not a leader. Trump is a leader. Trump is independent. Trump seems to have a mind of his own. The establishment is afraid of him and the depth of that fear is shown in their media and in their disgusting faces. The establishment makes fun of Trump’s occasional use of a curse word or some off-color remark and call him ‘hars’h and ‘coars’e and ‘non-presidential’. The problem is that the establishment hasn’t seen a man for a while. They are used to those ‘Matt Lauer’ type metro-sexuals that the establishment loves to parade as their version of men. Trump is opposite of what most of these communist establishment persons want everyone to be. They are too afraid of him. That is good enough for me. I will vote for Trump.

  10. Formerly Chicago guy

    Cruz sure has been a disappointment lately. I just voted for Trump today, and saw on the republican ballot how many statewide and local races have no republican candidate. Illinois is so fucked. If that wasn’t bad enough, some sub-moron has been using “Chicago guy” to render his lame opinions. It is absolutely a shame what these demorat bastards have done to my home town. If there is a god in heaven, President Trump will put a bloodthirsty corruption killer to head the DOJ and sic him on these bastard criminal politico’s here, starting with the Daley crime family. After the election my house is going on the market, and I ain’t lookin’ back. Texas maybe, not sure yet. Gotta find a new handle now too. Maybe P.O.D. (piss on demorats).

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Red Ted Cruz and the unwashed masses of useful idiots after all lenin and Marx had their useful idots the Bolshiveks

  12. Disgusted Caucasian

    It appears that most of the Cruz clingers at this site have been converted, or matured, into Trumpers. If there are any left, this is for you. Even Ronald Reagan screwed us on immigration.

  13. Yeah, I hate to say it because I wanted to think positively about Cruz, but after his disgraceful lack of support for the First Amendment as evidenced by his siding with the Marxist mainstream media and all the anti-Trump haters after Chicago, it’s pretty obvious the Ted “Goldman-Sachs” Cruz’s true colors are not Red, White, and Blue but simply Globalist $Green$.

    If Cruz really cared about the nation, he would do what Carson did and support Trump for president while working actively to help him Make America Great Again. What a shame! Actually, what a disgrace!

    And in case you didn’t know it, the CEO of Goldman-Sachs is Peter Sutherland, the chief behind-the-scenes architect along with George Soros of the current Islamic invasion of Europe. So Cruz is indirectly ‘married’ to THAT too. It goes from bad to worse.

  14. They all suck. The whole thing is a sham. Like Mark Twain said “If voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it.”

  15. There’s always been something slimy about Cruz. Aside from all of the points you raised, I think he has an electability problem with the general public. I can’t see Cruz winning against the Hildabeast. He has no charisma, resembles Count Chocula, has an unpleasant voice and how long will it take for the Dems to run and ad reminding everyone of he and Glenn “Coo Coo for Coco Puffs” Beck handing out stuffed toys to illegals crossing our border ?

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