Ted Cruz’s True Colors


cruzSome are confused by Ted Cruz taking the side of the violent, brainwashed degenerates who shut down Trump’s Chicago rally. The reality is that this is simply the ever-present, calculating lowlife—the real Ted—coming into view.

For many, Ted Cruz’s political posturing has always raised red flags. In an era of Tea Party and libertarian insurgency, he emerged with just the right viewpoints to advance his career. Before that, he had just the right viewpoints to advance his career at the high tide of Bush-era neoconservatism.

He watched Rand Paul and appeared sympathetic to libertarian causes, poaching liberty movement fans where he could while leaving himself plausible deniability should public opinion change. He used an identical strategy with Trump, initially avoiding friction with his competitor, in order to appropriate some percentage of his competitor’s support—then changing his tone when the moment came.

Cruz “accidentally” wanted illegals to “come in out of the shadows” before Trump forced him to be an immigration hawk. Cruz “accidentally” picked up undisclosed campaign funding from what was supposed to be his ideological enemy, Goldman-Sachs. Cruz “accidentally” picked up Ben Carson’s votes in Iowa, and “accidentally” had a staffer who was caught manufacturing evidence against Cruz’s rivals.

Like the worst psychos, Ted Cruz is probably a genius. His resume is dazzling and, in keeping with his lawyerly training, he can smoothly argue any position he chooses. His campaign, rather than grassroots barnstorming, is scientific. He collects data and profiles his fans, then tailors his message and actions to maximize their enthusiasm. Anyone who has seen “Cruzbots” in action knows that they are well-programmed.

Ted must play hardball, must work every possible angle, because he is incredibly unappealing to everyone outside his hardcore base of fans. Let’s face it, the man is not simply homely; he verges on grotesque. He has, perhaps, the most unfortunate face in politics. His voice is a nasally squeak, his hair is a pedophile comb-over and he’s got the physique of a beanie baby. Add to all this that Ted—based on his fan profiling—has gone full televangelist, aided by his nutty buddy Glenn Beck, and we must know that his crossover appeal is nil. There is not one lib or independent who will dream of joining the #CruzCrew in the general election.

Add also that the man faces doubts identical to those that dogged Obama, as far as his birth status, and it should be clear what an awful bet he is for conservative voters. We are seeing the establishment throw all of its furniture at Trump. There is around the clock negative press and brutal assaults from the Republican machine and the gutters of the left. Trump’s background is being scoured for scandals, his words analyzed and turned against him, his staffers scrutinized and falsely accused of wrongdoing. If the establishment brings 1/100 of this pressure to bear on Cruz they can collapse his career overnight.

Far from a reckless maverick, Cruz is a desperate climber. He is at the mercy of the national press and the party string-pullers. Even if he believes in his cause—which seems doubtful—he can be controlled. Right now he is being given a pass because he is being used to offset Trump’s dominance. They may even try to hand him the nomination, as the first lady of cuckservatism, Lindsay Graham, has called for.

But make no mistake, should Trump be neutralized, Cruz will be a disposable tool, and will do what he’s told or be destroyed in an inferno of public shaming. And, based on his ever-shifting convictions, chances are he will do what he’s told—which will be to either get out of the way or lose to Hillary.

Bill Matheson is the author of Under Bastard Christianity: A Handbook for Heretics in an Age of Equality Cultism. Get it on Amazon. Contact Bill through Facebook with any questions.


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