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There’s nothing like the hypocrisy and the stupidity of the left. Last night, the cast of the musical Hamilton insulted the VP Elect, Mike Pence while he was in attendance. Wow, liberals are just such lousy losers. However, this is typical for their ilk. It not only shows their continued poor behavior but the extreme hypocrisy of liberalism.

According to the loony left, one of the mortal sins of the right is the crime of cultural appropriation. Lets provide an explanation of a concept that only a nutcase from the liberal fringe could come up with.

According to Wiki the definition is as follows.

Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture. Cultural appropriation is seen by some as controversial and even harmful, notably when the cultural property of a minority group is used by members of the dominant culture without the consent of the members of the originating culture; this is seen as misappropriation and a violation of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property? No shizer? So I need permission? Really? We have a deal here. I’ll give up jazz music, hip-hop and breakfast tacos. Hell, I’ll even throw in fried chicken, tamales and anything made with tortillas. You guys on the other hand can give up just about everything else. That means for you minority libs every important technological advance will be gone. You can go back to living in a grass hut with a bone in your nose or on some Jefe’s hacienda as an illiterate peasant with Sundays and Holy Days off. (If you’re lucky) Cell phones will be gone and you’ll be using smoke signals, bongo drums or just yelling real loud.

But back to “Hamilton.” For those of you who don’t know or even care, “Hamilton” is a historically inaccurate Broadway Musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, a native New Yorker and of Puerto Rican descent. The play was inspired and based loosely upon the biography “ Alexander Hamilton” authored by Ron Chernow.

The big thing about the musical is that “actors of color” play most of the major characters with Miranda in the title role. (He’s recently moved on and is no longer acting in the play) He says the fact the characters are not historically accurate does not “demand a suspension from reality.” He further states “Our cast looks like America looks now and that’s certainly intentional.” He also noted, we’re telling the story of old, dead white men but we’re using actors of color, and that makes the story more immediate and more accessible to a contemporary audience.”

Can someone explain to me what the above word salad means in anything even modestly coherent?

Here’s a huge newsflash Lin. Your production really does demand a suspension from reality. Besides not being historically accurate you’ve committed quite a bit of cultural appropriation here and done it without permission. However, you’re a liberal and in your world you probably feel entitled. Lets face it, this musical is nothing more than a gimmick, much like a pet rock or beanie babies. You knew your audience and that there was no way this concept was going to fail. You could have done a musical version of “The Three Stooges on Mars” using actors of color and it would have sold. There was no way the loony tune left would have said anything to denigrate a play that shows nothing if not a complete lack of originality.

But I have to hand it to you Lin, it is quite a scam and I expect you to do it again and again. The only problem I have is that your version of cultural appropriation lends itself to historical revisionism. That’s probably your real goal. Pretty soon the history books will change and a lot of people will actually think that George Washington was Black and Alexander Hamilton was from San Juan. Hell, Common Core will probably encourage it.

I also want you closely examine the people in the second caption pic. This is the crew of Apollo 11, the men of the first moon mission. Take a good long look at them. I’m sure in your version of the first lunar landing Snoop Dog will play Neil Armstrong and Pitt Bull will be cast as Werner Von Braun. But many of us will know the truth and keep it alive despite your misguided attempts at changing history. The liberal left would have trouble setting off a bottle rocket, much less landing on another planet. Just remember that Hamilton just got a whole less popular and there’s a lot of people out there who aren’t going to be interested in whatever “cultural appropriation” you have coming down the pike.



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