Cuomo’s Gotta Go!


Cuomo's Gotto Go

Gotta go.

So today’s the day—especially for us New Yorkers.

Last year, in the dead of night and in violation of the mandatory waiting period, Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed through the aggressively anti-second amendment (and completely retarded) “NY SAFE Act of 2013”. Since then, patriots throughout the state of New York (yes, we exist) have been working diligently to repeal the law. Of course, all of our protests have fallen on deaf ears.

Hence, our best hope is that today, election day, we unseat Governor Andrew Cuomo and put in his place Rob Astorino and Constitution-defending Sheriff Chris Moss. Should they win, they will repeal this ridiculous and dangerous law.

Unseating Cuomo is no small task given that “downstate”—i.e., New York City and much of Long Island and Westchester county—are radically left-wing, deep-pocketed, and highly populous. Add to this the corrupt and failing (read: Democrat) cities of Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo, and these urban areas almost always trump the political concerns of the vast swaths of people in all the rest of this large state.

Undaunted, patriots from across the state have stepped up to take on the challenge. They formed a group called the New York Second Amendment Grassroots Coalition, and have been tireless in their efforts to oust Cuomo and repeal the SAFE Act.

While many people have contributed to this noble effort, a few names stand out for their leadership, creativity, and inspiration. They are (in no particular order): Evan Hempel, Jake Palmateer, Christopher Zaleski, Hector Miranda, Rob Arrigo, Leah Davis, Ashleigh Lee (even though she cut and ran from this miserable state—splitter!), and the inestimable Lisa Donovan.

I also want to extend some recognition to my fellow Oath Keepers, particularly those who have assumed leadership of the state chapter and are doing an excellent job in not only combating the SAFE Act but also in keeping 1the anti-Constitutionalists in check.

While I have only worked with the aforementioned in very limited capacities (and only in the earliest stages of the movement), it is an honor to be even loosely associated with such an upstanding and outstanding group of patriots. Regardless of the outcome of today’s election for governor, and despite the decrepit and seemingly hopeless condition of this blue hell-hole of a state, people such as those mentioned above make me proud to be a New Yorker.

While our chances are a long-shot, just remember: If we can make it here, we can make it anywhere.

For the Republic,


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