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Cuomo’s Gotta Go!


Cuomo's Gotto Go
Gotta go.

So today’s the day—especially for us New Yorkers.

Last year, in the dead of night and in violation of the mandatory waiting period, Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed through the aggressively anti-second amendment (and completely retarded) “NY SAFE Act of 2013”. Since then, patriots throughout the state of New York (yes, we exist) have been working diligently to repeal the law. Of course, all of our protests have fallen on deaf ears.

Hence, our best hope is that today, election day, we unseat Governor Andrew Cuomo and put in his place Rob Astorino and Constitution-defending Sheriff Chris Moss. Should they win, they will repeal this ridiculous and dangerous law.

Unseating Cuomo is no small task given that “downstate”—i.e., New York City and much of Long Island and Westchester county—are radically left-wing, deep-pocketed, and highly populous. Add to this the corrupt and failing (read: Democrat) cities of Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo, and these urban areas almost always trump the political concerns of the vast swaths of people in all the rest of this large state.

Undaunted, patriots from across the state have stepped up to take on the challenge. They formed a group called the New York Second Amendment Grassroots Coalition, and have been tireless in their efforts to oust Cuomo and repeal the SAFE Act.

While many people have contributed to this noble effort, a few names stand out for their leadership, creativity, and inspiration. They are (in no particular order): Evan Hempel, Jake Palmateer, Christopher Zaleski, Hector Miranda, Rob Arrigo, Leah Davis, Ashleigh Lee (even though she cut and ran from this miserable state—splitter!), and the inestimable Lisa Donovan.

I also want to extend some recognition to my fellow Oath Keepers, particularly those who have assumed leadership of the state chapter and are doing an excellent job in not only combating the SAFE Act but also in keeping 1the anti-Constitutionalists in check.

While I have only worked with the aforementioned in very limited capacities (and only in the earliest stages of the movement), it is an honor to be even loosely associated with such an upstanding and outstanding group of patriots. Regardless of the outcome of today’s election for governor, and despite the decrepit and seemingly hopeless condition of this blue hell-hole of a state, people such as those mentioned above make me proud to be a New Yorker.

While our chances are a long-shot, just remember: If we can make it here, we can make it anywhere.

For the Republic,



  1. Get rid of Bloomberg, and all your problems will also disappear.
    BUT,,,,,how does that happen??

  2. Good luck, I hope he leaves town on a rail, wearing tar and feathers.

    Just don’t send that asshat south, point him towards California

  3. Despite what some may be inclined to believe, I am not a racist. I will stand behind anyone of any race if they’re a patriot. Sheriff Moss is a patriot, without a doubt. He’s also black. And this is how he’s treated by the “anti-racist” left:

    If you’re on twitter, be sure to leave this jacktard a reply.

    • Lol Leftist.

      Ima post something here cause I can’t wait for BigTimer to blog up, I gotta go. Move it Redstater if ya don’t think it fits Here

      It’s about Hypocrisy

    • I clicked on your link, and got a blank Twitter page that said page didn’t exist. Admittedly I don’t know how to Twitter…lol

  4. My experience on vote day Nov 4th 2014

    Pick up my 83 year old dad

    Park in handicap space at the poll station

    Polling location is a Black church in our area

    Walk in and show requested I.D.

    Help my father vote because the machine makes him nervous, but white poll worker runs over with with a voter assitance ‘form’ and insist both of us fill it out and sign it. I’m OK with that if it protects the sanctity of the vote.

    My dad votes for Warner and rewards the Liberal hack for increasing my health insurance costs, and effectively cancels out my vote for the republican challenger. But everyone gets to vote their conscience in America, and he said he didn’t know about Warner’s vote for Obamacare, but he knew Gillespie was involved with the Enron scandal, seems there is plenty of information about the past, but not much about the present for lofo consumption.

    I vote, but the machine won’t let me record my vote because I did not vote in all the elections. I however did not want to vote for a couple of school board run-offs because they were front loaded with all democrats.

    After the fouth try it lets me record my vote and leave those democrat overloaded run -offs blank, Yay me! I guess.

    I hand in my vote, and as I exit the poll, the Black poll worker that is affixing the vote sticker to everyone’s lapels sneers “You look like a cop”… and I do mean she sneered it with vitriol.

    Then she asks in a demanding way “Are you a cop?” I politely said no.

    Then she asked “What do you do?” I politely told her I was retired.

    “From what?” she asks, “What did you used to do?” I am retired from sales I politely told her.

    “I hate salespeople” she said, and stuck the vote sticker onto my lapel.

    So I said back to her, If something doesn’t first get sold, then nothing would ever get made, then where would we be Ma’m? And then I turned my back on her ignorance.

    So basically I was told at a polling station by a Black poll worker that I was hated.

    Now she can say it was because I looked like a cop and Mike Brown and Trayvon are fresh on her mind, and she can say it was because I was a salesman at one time, and those bastards try to get your money, or she can say it was all a big funny joke, but we all know she hates because of my skin color.

    And I’m just fine with her racism, because the bottom line is, she needs my ethnic group, more than my species needs her tribe.

    I promise I won’t shed one tear if she repatriates back to Africa and leaves me to stew in my own White Privilege.

    And I am going to keep on voting, right there in that Black Church, no matter how White I am

    • Waspish I hope Mr. Mittens didn’t get confused and vote Democat. And be careful taking that I voted sticker off him, he could lose some fur that way and besides it hurts like hell. 🙂

      • The damn cats a libertarian or maybe a libertine, I get the two confused.

        So he won’t vote for people, only other cats, and he says there are enough pussies in Congress as it is.

        However I don’t agree with Mr. Mittens on this because our Beltway politicians are always licking their own ass… And that’s a dog trait.

        Except for Cruz, Gowdy, and Gohmert, who may just be men.

    • Next time say “Thanks, I get that a lot…I’ve heard those with criminal intent think everyone looks like a cop…I am friends with the DA…do you need to talk with someone?” Then smile and walk away.

      • Nice comeback Wes.

        Fortunately for me she took too long with her set up before delivering the insult and I was prepared to stay civil. If she had caught me off balance I would have just blurted out an opposite backhanded thrust like… You look like a gang-banger, ever loot a hair-weave.

        But that’s what race-baiters do, say something shockingly racist, and then plaster your retort all over youtube to prove racism against blacks.

        • I’m thinking she might have been flirting with you, in her sociopathic twisted mind. She might be jonesin for some cuffs and nightstick kink. Her ex was probably a salesman. You were a smart man not to take her bait, specially with your dad there. You were in a lose/lose Wasp. Flush the bitch from your head, grab three fingers of rye, and listen to some Jackson Taylor. I’d send you a link but I can’t get this thing to paste from YouTube. Try this:

  5. Spurwing Plover

    Cuomo needs to be given the ax him and his entire band of scum sucking demacratic leeches

  6. I know some will have a wishful feeling about getting rid of Cuomo……and that is paramount for NY…..Cuomo is a disaster……a god damn fool……a dumb-ass liberal………he should never have been elected in the first place……the one’s that suffer are those in upstate NY that can’t get rid of the liberals in the liberal bastion Albany and NYC………..

    but the only thing that will get rid of these god damn liberals is when the state goes absolutely bankrupt…….when everything goes bust and NY can’t pay it’s bills and the bill are coming due…..soon……NY is more than 10 billion in debt and the only way out is to tax those still there to death and we know that won’t work……….

    New York State has to go down…….in the shitter…….until that happens the stupid and the ignorant will continue to vote in NY and keep their welfare state absolutely broke…………I feel for those in upstate NY….the economy there has been devastated by these liberal-ass bastards running the state……..

  7. Spurwing Plover

    If a face luanched a thousand ships cuomos would luanched three the TITANIC the LUSITANIA and the ANDRA DORIA

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