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You just knew Nevada would replace a kook like Harry Reid with another kook. Only kookier and with boobs. Her name is Cortez Matso and she just happens to be the first (and hopefully the last) “wise Latina” to be elected to the Senate. Although the name Cortez sounds like a dude’s name. Maybe she got tired of standing up to pee and thought she’d go further in politics as a woman. Worked for Obama.

But she’s sure got those Democrat talking points down. You know, the talking points that has cost them elections for a decade now? About all that silly diversity and whatnot? Yeah, those.

Lifezette published Matso’s remarks to a “Women Rule” podcast on Politico (liberal hack site):

“We should be mandating diversity in our committees, mandating diversity in our hiring practices, mandating diversity throughout the United States Senate,” Cortez Masto said. “You just have to walk in the room and look at the senators that are there — the 100 senators, right? You could see the lack of diversity,” said Cortez Masto during her interview.

“I want to see diversity at all levels, not just here in the Senate amongst the staff,” Cortez Masto said. “I think those are important areas for us to focus on that diversity because it’s also succession planning. Those individuals can go on to run for statewide office or a federal office at some point in time.”

Hey, AWD is all for diversity in the Senate. Maybe we could get a conservative or two.

What Senadora Matso is saying is to hell with finding the best candidate to represent a congressional district or State as a Senator. Let’s instead the Democrat preferred freak-of-the-week liberal minority and place them where we want them. Note: NO CRACKA MEN SHOULD APPLY. (Unless they identify as liberal women)

Matso’s challenger in the Democrat primary actually said: her “job is to shut other white people down.” Oh boy, where do I sign up to vote for her?

Remember the Clash song “I’m So Bored With The USA?” AWD is going to reissue another version of the song and change it to “I’m So Sick Of The USA!” Why would I want to see a country continue where nearly 50% of the elected absolutely hate me because I’m white? Even when they are too? I get enough hatred because I’m so damn good looking, I don’t need people hatin’ on me because I’m white too!

But perhaps maybe Matso has something there. Perhaps the Democrats, who hate crackas, should force all cracka Democrats to resign to be replaced with colored people people of color. Call Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi right away!

No, here’s what do. Red States need to rid themselves of the excess stupidity of the Blue States in the Republic. We have enough stupid here. If California wants to offer sanctuary for illegal aliens who commit felonies, have at it! Texas and other Red States will be happy to ship them to your once Golden State. Want freakazoid men (and felonious illegals) to tinkle beside little school girls? Go ahead while sex freaks squeeze a whole hell of a lot more than the Charmin. Want to tax the bezeezus out of the dwindling Middle Class so you can buy votes from worthless moochers, domestic and illegal? We’re getting real tired of that sh*t.

To quote wise Texan songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard:

I like the other states, they’re OK;
But Texas is where I want to be and I don’t care if I ever go to Delaware anyway.

Ray Wylie, believe me, you don’t. Any state that would consistently elect “the first openly retarded Senator, Joe Biden” has stupid dripping off the walls.

My friends, it has come time for America to divorce and go our separate ways. If California wants to ban guns, let them. If Nueva Jork wants to ban white people, OK. If Chicago wants to have more murders annually than taxpayers, I don’t care. If Nevada wants to have 50 wise Latina Senators, BFD.

Maybe the Blue States of America can include Venezuela as a State. Because the socialist, politically correct ideas of the Democrat Party have worked swimmingly down there!

For a little Music That Doesn’t Suck, here’s The Clash:

And to show that AWD also embraces diversity, here’s The Homo Rainbow from Ween:



  1. Flounderello

    Does Matso ball?

  2. Quartierleblanc

    Looks like she could get a job on Fox News. I have an article on diversity in the works that should be precious.

  3. If you are going to mock someone you must do so from a position of authority.
    This makes being accurate MANDATORY. Her name is not Cortez Matso. It is
    Katherine Cortez-Masto. Gross inaccuracies show you as the buffoon you are.


  5. SteveRogers42

    Bathe her — and bring her to me.

    Oh, and Dan? You’re a twit.

  6. Tim The Yankee Scum

    Looks to me like she needs to be plowed and shown some white privilege.

    The blue states are basically are basically baby communist countries. Look at the People’s Republic of NJ (the PRNJ for those in the know). Just about anything you can name is illegal yet at the same time we have some of the highest taxes in the nation. Lets see:

    High income tax: check
    High property tax: check
    High gasoline tax: check
    Highly paid govmt employees: check
    High illegal population: check
    Lavish pensions for said govmt employees: check

    And at the same time they want to continue to be sanctuary cities. No wonder the PRNJ has one of the highest population exodus rates in the nation. They restrict your rights, tax your brains and than at the same time piss your money away on illegals and highly paid incompetent govmt employees.

    We want to leave but our family is here. Thats the only reason we are still here.

  7. The buffoons are theses self righteous liberal ass-clowns who have tried to force their “diversity” “multicultural” politically correct agenda down the throats of middle america…We are nation divided by the identity politics crowd versus the normal folks…What we tolerate we encourage…

  8. mandated diversity is nothing more than incompetence on parade…..”afffirmative action”……lets look for the lowest form of life on the planet and put them in charge…….make sure you find someone with a 30 point lower IQ…..then we can all be equal by being brought down by these sub-human dolts to their level………..that’s how we get equality…….by bringing everyone else down………

  9. Oscar2Marine

    When I think of mandated diversity I think about that clown that feared Guam might tip over !

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