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So a #BlackLivesMatter terrorist has killed and wounded a lot of #Dallas cops during what our President refers to as “a peaceful protest.” The terrorist said he wanted to kill white people and white cops. Well, he has. So now what?

A couple of thoughts here:

This #BlackLivesMatter group is not organized from the grass roots. Wealthy white liberals like George Soros and funding their activities. Their puppet Obama even welcomed #BlackLivesMatter leaders to the White House.

The ghetto black community is easily assimilated. As long as white liberals keep black convinced they are victims of the white man’s racism, privilege, etc, they can keep blacks in the voting booths on election day. AWD predicted many months ago there would be another Trayvon-like incident to stir up the ghetto black community before November.

The MSM will, of course, not discuss the racism and hatred of whites by the killer. They will quickly follow the leftist clap-trap of assault rifles killing innocent people. It’s apparent to anyone who pays attention: Guns don’t kill people. Black males with guns kill people. Don’t expect to hear that narrative from the MSM, including Fox News.

Obama and his ilk are accomplices in the murders of the Dallas policemen. At every turn, he has criticized the police in dealing with blacks. Even when the evidence proved otherwise. Of course, he has an agenda. But there is no doubt that the blame for the growing violence against law enforcement by blacks lays squarely at the feet of Obama.

I’ve never understood the monolithic nature of the black community. Everything has to toe the approved black line. The way blacks talk, dress, address each other, think, all must fall into the accepted black “keepin’ it real” mode or the black person is not black. Think Clarence Thomas.

Why do blacks in Dallas march in protest for deaths of blacks in Minnesota or Louisiana? They don’t know these people. I read where an unarmed white man was shot yesterday by police in Fresno. OK. Too bad. Off to work I go.

But AWD, blacks are targeted by the police more than whites! And why may that be? Perhaps because black males between 18-49 years of age commit more than 50% of the violent crimes and murders in America? I just heard on Rush that a policeman is 18 times more likely to be shot by a black male than an unarmed black male being shot by a cop. Silly ol’ racist me, but I understand why cops are more nervous around blacks than whites!

The black community demands no guilt by association for being black but, according to their leftist pretzel logic, all whites are racist because…..well, just because!

Today, AWD was talking with my girlfriend about the Dallas shootings last night. She said something akin to “there’s so much hatred, we all just need to come together.” My response is, “how do you come together with the black terrorist whose stated desire was to kill white people? Or Muslims in ISIS who want to behead you? How do we come together with those who seek our death?”

I went on to say, “How do you take irresponsible, ignorant, lazy, full of hatred, welfare leeches and turn them into productive, law-abiding people?” The answer is you can’t.

The death of America started with Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society welfare nation. Taking the wealth from producers and redistributing it to moochers by government looters at the point of a gun for lifetime votes has killed this Republic.

The evidence is what we have seen in every inner-city in America. Crime, high unemployment, low education rates, skyrocketing illegitimacy rates, etc. This is the end result of the welfare state.

So, what to do? Do the law abiding continue to sit back while terrorists kill us and our law enforcement? Do we do nothing while the Rule of Law is totally destroyed by corrupt politicians and government employees in Washington? Do we do nothing? What would our Founders do?

I was just getting a cup of coffee at a local place when I overheard a table of men discussing the Hillary miscarriage of justice. I couldn’t help but interject into their conversation this:

“Hillary knew she would never be indicted. It was a Mutually Assured Destruction situation between the Clintons and Obamas. The Clintons have all the dirt Obama has paid millions to hide. If Obama were to indict Hillary, the Clintons would expose Obama and all his dirty deeds.”

One of the men immediately said, “How about them Cowboys.”

“F*** the Cowboys” is what I said as I walked out the door.

So where does what’s left of this dying republic go?



  1. My wife has had a theory for some time now, and by G-D it happened again. She has noticed that every time there is a big event in the USA, such as last night’s murders, our American hating president is out of the country. I can’t list them out, but I know this has happened many, many times now. I know this is conspiracy tin hat kind of talk, but it really does seem like he knows when these types of events are going to happen, so he gets the hell out of Dodge.

  2. Segregation is the answer. Give blacks their own city, state, nation within a nation, whatever. Let them police themselves with no white intervention. Let black doctors, police, lawyers, judges, etc, help the black community. Don’t let whites go in, let the blacks run the place, start their own factories, businesses, etc,. Let them develop their own trade treaties, if they need something, they can negotiate with the white world to have truckloads of supplies delivered to their border, where they can take it in to their area and disseminate it.

    Whites should only help enough to get this black nation on its own feet, then they are on their own. We will have to specify a time frame and define what “on its own feet” means, or they will expect free handouts forever. Once they are up and running, then install the trade deals, and no free shit thereafter. After all, isn’t this what they have been bitching about wanting all along?

    They need to sink or swim on their own. My bet is that they will sink within 3-5 years, and will be bellowing about how whitey abandoned them, and cut them off from white civilization. (read: free shit) It will have devolved into what rural Africa is today–a feudal system of warlords and tribes (AKA gangs) and they will have killed themselves off within 10 years.

    This will solve the problem. It will prove once and for all that blacks are incapable of maintaining a civilization, even when a working infrastructure is provided to them. All we have to do is keep our DWLs in check and prevent them from interfering to help the “poor disenfranchised black people” by forcing the rest of the country to pay, and pay, and pay, and pay, for the upkeep of their favorite pets.

    As for the “talented tenth”, they will most likely have been the first casualties, due to their “acting and thinking white”. Blacks cannot, and will never, be capable of living and supporting themselves alongside whites. As long as blacks have access to whites, they will leech off of whites, and forever play the poor victim. It is so deeply ingrained into their psyches, that it is practically part of their DNA.

    Yes, I know that this sounds harsh, it also sounds racist. It may very well be both. But there comes a time when the dead weight and dregs of society need to be cut loose for the good of the rest of society. If you try to help a panicking drowning person by being gentle, you will only end up getting drowned yourself, by the very person you are trying to help. Your choices are to knock out the drowning person, then swim them to shore, or not help at all.

    • +1

      and while we’re at it how about a gay island. I am sick of both minorities.

    • david7134

      We need to do what Lincoln desired, as much as I hate that scumbag, and that is send them back to Africa or an island. We will never, ever be able to live in harmony with these people. They hate us (as whites) far more than whites have ever exhibited animosity to them. This is secondary to so many preconceived notions and false knowledge of history that is repeatedly hammered into them one generation after another. White men are accused of raping black women, despite the fact that there is no stat on the subject as it does not happen. Then they don’t understand that the CSA and the pre-war South were in harmony with them and a place were they could grow rich when the North hated them and would not allow them to live in many of the Northern states. I have tried to set this record straight, but it is impossible. I used to work with a black woman and we would talk. A bill came up in DC and I asked her opinion of it. Her response was that she did not support the bill due to the fact that whites wanted it. No other reason, and the nature of the bill was one that would have helped her.

      One correction of the article. This crap started with FDR. He started the war on white prosperity and the fact that people who are doing well need to be discriminated against. LBJ certainly helped it along. Then the Bush bunch did their stupid things, then came Obama and we have plunged down hill. Now we will likely elect Hillary and the country is gone. Which is actually good news as we can secede.

    • Alexandra

      As I’ve heard it said, facts don’t care about your feelings.

      I believe that blacks in general, with their behavior, are incompatible with our civilization. I read a book online, “Negroes in Negroland,” and I found it very eye-opening.

      I don’t hate blacks, for the record. I don’t hate wild animals, either, but it’s not a good idea to have them run loose in our cities.

      • Patrick Wilson

        certainly any group foolish enough to identify with leftist policies i.e. that chooses to become the dependent/victim class is doomed, after the coming total destruction of blacks @ the hands of the democrat party what group will they target for elimination

    • Segregation worked well up until the Cultural Marxist graduates of the Frankfurt School were allowed to sink their teeth in American culture in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s and beyond – whereupon, they deliberately dismantled segregation in order to create the chaos and piles of dead White humans that have resulted as a direct result of their meddling. But, we are never going to return to the days of segregation – not like they were prior to the early 1960s.

      What is next is total and complete geographic separation. An exclusively White Ethnostate. With borders that are protected by armed White men who will be given the authority to euthanize any non-white who is caught trying to sneak into the ethnostate.

      Oh, and here is a message for all those self-hating, self-loathing, gutless, deracinated, MLK Jr worshiping, SJW liberal White cucks – you will not be given a residency chit to live inside this White Ethnostate. Nope, you race treasonous cucks are going to have to beg for a place to squat inside the black ethnostate and hope that you won’t be killed or gang raped or worse.

      Paul Ryan, Juan Boehner, the entire Bush Crime Family, and every last White political cuck in the GOP establishment are going to be on the “Prohibited Entry” list tacked to the wall in the White Ethnostate’s border control stations.

    • Quartierleblanc

      I can tell you what would happen. It would never be enough. NEVER. It would be just like in Africa. Whites and East Asians run the economies there. The more of them the better the country. The fewer the worse. Just compare Namibia to Zimbabwe. It would be the same. Many of the “talented tenth” would seek to leave making the situation even worse.

  3. BLACK PANTHERS,,,Black lives Matter,,, what’s the damn difference.
    These black people started this war last night in Dallas.
    I am locked and loaded, and will not leave my Gun Barrel City limits.
    No negros here.
    They come looking for trouble, they will get it.
    Time is NOW to remove all negros from the USA!
    Ship these 50 million to some African shit-hole and let them build up their own country.
    Let them kill each other.
    I’ve had it with their lifestyle and ignorance and attitude.

  4. Snake Oiler

    AWD – As you have so well stated, Glorious Leader did his utmost to gin up antipathy towards whites in general and white police officers in particular. He, along with Lynch, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and their BLM minions are (surreptitiously) whooping it up and rubbing their hands with glee. Somewhat surprising was the report that the police used a bomb to dispatch the bastard.

    • The shooter was chased up into one of those parking garages multi-level type..
      This negro got into a hidden part of it where he was talking loudly to the police.
      He would NOT surrender, and no way the cops could get a sniper shot into him.
      SOOOO,,, the Dallas SWAT put high explosives on one of those wheeled robots and delivered this humongous package,, up close to the shooter,, and DETONATED IT.
      This killed the sniper instantly.
      I call this great thinking!

      • Snake Oiler

        I would say so. Great thinking on more than one level. If he had been captured, we might have seen another Mumia Abu Jamal. File the heads-up action by the Dallas Police Department under DSAF (Did Society A Favor).

      • It was a great move on the part of DPD. You kill a DPD cop, and you don’t get to have a trial, you just get to be dead. I wish more PDs would do this.

    • Snake Oiler? Where in the wide world of sports have you been?

      • Snake Oiler

        On a rather long and strange journey, friend. An interesting quote, attributed to Stalin, though I cannot confirm 100% – ‘Ideas are more dangerous than guns! We don’t let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?’

        • Stalin was too stupid for such acuity; he probably overheard Trotsky and Lenin talking in the men’s room and parroted their insightful musing. Well, I’m glad you’re back.

  5. Have to keep the slaves on the “Gimmedat” plantation. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  6. REV Wright

    Well stated.

    Best regards,


  7. Now what?

    We need to change the fact that there is only one class of citizen who can not be a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, etc. And that citizen would be the conservative white male. Everyone else gets a free pass on their bigotry. They can hate on this white man all they want, they are excused.

    At the moment only blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, Tranny’s and Muslims are permitted to be proud of what they are. White people do not enjoy freedom of speech unless it is politically correct and liberal. White people, regardless of their intentions or motivations, will always be accused of harboring deep-seated prejudice toward blacks if we protest how they treat us like that idiot at the BET awards.. And black people are never racists towards other races. Ever. That needs to change.

    Blacks do not own the First Amendment, nor do they have the right to determine who has access to the same. If the federal government is going to demand we be divided into color groups each having their own box to check, then why are whites in America denied the same privileges all others have? Where is the justice for ALL Americans when only a certain skin color is permitted to file complaints charging racial offense?

    Racism is not civil rights. No group that talks about “white supremacy”, “white privilege” or “white spaces” is a civil rights movement. It is a black racist movement, and anti-civil rights. #BlackLivesMatter activists are not victims of racism, they are perpetrators of racism.

    We all know that what happened in Dallas last night, and all the other attacks on Police officers just today are all a direct result of the HATE spewed by Black Lives Matter and the ‘black culture”. This group needs to be banned as enticing murder on cops.

    Hey Obama. How’s that ‘Diversity’ working out for ya?

  8. Have enjoyed reading the banter on this site for some time and thought it was time to chime in!
    I believe what happened last night in Dallas is just the tip of the iceberg.
    The gravy train is in jeopardy of being shut down, and ALL of its beneficiaries are in panic mode.
    AWD is spot on…..NOW WHAT?
    Even if this is all a part of the master plan of Obama and his minions, it has to happen this way now.
    Law abiding citizens, and more specifically law abiding white citizens are about to crack.
    What is going to happen when the other side, as it finally will, starts hitting back?
    Dear Leader will then see this as a crisis that requires intervention and he’ll suddenly be tough.
    I have seen the posts suggesting Martial Law…but I think that would backfire in a BIG way.

    Anyway I think this is past the point of no return and people now need to start thinking ahead.
    What are YOU going to do when the daily routine ceases to exist and things get weird?

    I am sick of watching all the sensationalism on the tv. Would rather hear about what happens next!

    OH, interesting idea JMV……..hahahahahaha!

  9. Doesn’t this take focus away from Hilary’s email scandal? Seems the lies won’t be covered now.

  10. Armed Black Panthers Declare War On Texas Cops

    Armed Black Panthers March in Texas: ‘Oink oink, bang bang!’

    Yet: loretta lynch vows to prosecute anti muslim speech

  11. carnac123

    After the shooting of the five policemen in Dallas there were more police shot in individual shootings across the nation. There were (and still are) mass riots and demonstrations in different cites also. This was a coordinated response by blacks which had some planning. I would not be surprised if Obama and Lynch were calling the shots on these uprisings. This would not happen 60 years ago. There would be a reckoning. Whites would have already attacked blacks to even the score. Whites in this era have somehow forgotten how to gather together for protection and revenge. We are facing a black uprising and we must face them with force or this blackmail will go on and on. Blacks are proving everyday that they cannot assimilate even though a small percentage has. The majority cannot. We have had over 50 years of “civil rights” bullshit and discrimination against white people and still most blacks have not changed one iota. I say to hell with this. Whites had better form defense groups capable of defending against blacks and attacking if need be. Remember also that white people can snipe just as well or better than blacks. Blacks have always been a parasite sucking blood and money out of this country. Now they sense it is weak and want to go in for the kill and we shall not let them. Feral blacks are a curse and they ruin any country they reside in. We white people must get tougher and neutralize the threat coming from that worthless community called the “hood”.

  12. Guns&Bacon

    How many more times is this going to happen before things come to a head? How many more of our boys in blue are going to be sacrificed at the hands of scum while the real Americans stand idle?
    I will sacrifice my freedom to kill an active shooter, carry permit or not. We need true patriots to stand together, armed and vigilant, ready and willing, to cut down these animals the second they go from unproductive citizens to domestic terrorists.

    The time is NOW.

  13. Black Lives Matter: CIVIL WAR
    (You’ve got to see these stats)
    Black Pigeon Speaks

  14. the buckwheats are getting ready for a riots……this is going to be a summer of uprisings by the buckwheats……shootings…..killings……demanding that everyone and all of society kiss their black asses…….violence……looting……anything these anarchist buckwheats think they can get away with……..the buckwheats are looking to make trouble……looking for vengeance even though we haven’t done a damn thing to them……

    if society retreats…..refuses to look these anarchists straight in eye in order to deal with the buckwheat lawlessness, society will pay the price…….the buckwheats will feel emboldened…..and like all liberal sacs-o-shits ask for an inch but take a mile they will feel licensed to maim, burn, and loot freely at will……….

    Obongo is now changing his rhetoric and tune……for years he openly blamed the police…..they acted stupidly…..him and Eric “my people” Holder literally started this national narrative to gin up the “street war on cops”……and blaming white people for the ills of the country…..blaming the cops…..instead of where the blame really belongs….with themselves…………

    so now Obongo is going to Dallas to console…….to get in his digs about “gun control” and “that’s not who we are”……playing his political games…’s election year and Obongo has to pretend and come across with his fake concern about innocents being shot, killed and what is going on in the streets…….now Obongo is trying to come across like he cares so much about us and as soon as the election is over he will be right back at his the cops acted stupidly meme……..Obongo hates the police and now he is pretending he is their friend……bullshit !!!!!!!!……Obongo hates the police……intends on Federalizing the nations police forces in order to bring them under his control……..

    when Obongo comes to Dallas just remember Obongo is going to act ever so sweetly…..that he is so concerned…….it’s a ruse……..he is coming to deceive………he has no intentions of going there to help ……’s nothing more than one of his campaign stops to deceive the people of the country……that he is a nice guy and he cares so much……it’s a lie……..

    Obongo, there’s millions of us out here in the hinterlands and we are not fooled……….

  15. BubblePuppy7

    “F*** the Cowboys” is what I said as I walked out the door.”

    See, AWD, you’re part of the problem. Your “teamist” attitude is unacceptable in polite society. Personally, I’m a Bears fan but I don’t go dissing the other teams. (Because Bears.)

    Straighten up, man.

  16. Yes, it’s summer time, and that means it’s time for the annual summer Negro riots….

  17. Snake Oiler

    Now there is no denying that urban black communities are among the most heavily policed. Why? As Heather Mac Donald, author of “The War on Cops,” writes of a city she knows well:

    “Black people make up 23 percent of New York’s population, but they commit 75 percent of all shootings. … Whites are 33 percent of the city’s population, but they commit fewer than 2 percent of all shootings…

    “These disparities mean that virtually every time that police in New York are called out after a shooting, they are being summoned into minority neighborhoods looking for minority suspects.”

    As these percentages are unlikely to change, we are going to have more collisions between black males and white cops. Some will end in the shooting of black criminals and suspects and, on occasion, innocent black men. Some are going to result in the death of cops.

    You’re just robbin’ and stabbin’
    And lootin’ and shootin’
    You’re too bad (repeat)

  18. george lortz

    “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Lyndon Baines Johnson about the Great Society plan.
    ’nuff said.

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