So a #BlackLivesMatter terrorist has killed and wounded a lot of #Dallas cops during what our President refers to as “a peaceful protest.” The terrorist said he wanted to kill white people and white cops. Well, he has. So now what?

A couple of thoughts here:

This #BlackLivesMatter group is not organized from the grass roots. Wealthy white liberals like George Soros and funding their activities. Their puppet Obama even welcomed #BlackLivesMatter leaders to the White House.

The ghetto black community is easily assimilated. As long as white liberals keep black convinced they are victims of the white man’s racism, privilege, etc, they can keep blacks in the voting booths on election day. AWD predicted many months ago there would be another Trayvon-like incident to stir up the ghetto black community before November.

The MSM will, of course, not discuss the racism and hatred of whites by the killer. They will quickly follow the leftist clap-trap of assault rifles killing innocent people. It’s apparent to anyone who pays attention: Guns don’t kill people. Black males with guns kill people. Don’t expect to hear that narrative from the MSM, including Fox News.

Obama and his ilk are accomplices in the murders of the Dallas policemen. At every turn, he has criticized the police in dealing with blacks. Even when the evidence proved otherwise. Of course, he has an agenda. But there is no doubt that the blame for the growing violence against law enforcement by blacks lays squarely at the feet of Obama.

I’ve never understood the monolithic nature of the black community. Everything has to toe the approved black line. The way blacks talk, dress, address each other, think, all must fall into the accepted black “keepin’ it real” mode or the black person is not black. Think Clarence Thomas.

Why do blacks in Dallas march in protest for deaths of blacks in Minnesota or Louisiana? They don’t know these people. I read where an unarmed white man was shot yesterday by police in Fresno. OK. Too bad. Off to work I go.

But AWD, blacks are targeted by the police more than whites! And why may that be? Perhaps because black males between 18-49 years of age commit more than 50% of the violent crimes and murders in America? I just heard on Rush that a policeman is 18 times more likely to be shot by a black male than an unarmed black male being shot by a cop. Silly ol’ racist me, but I understand why cops are more nervous around blacks than whites!

The black community demands no guilt by association for being black but, according to their leftist pretzel logic, all whites are racist because…..well, just because!

Today, AWD was talking with my girlfriend about the Dallas shootings last night. She said something akin to “there’s so much hatred, we all just need to come together.” My response is, “how do you come together with the black terrorist whose stated desire was to kill white people? Or Muslims in ISIS who want to behead you? How do we come together with those who seek our death?”

I went on to say, “How do you take irresponsible, ignorant, lazy, full of hatred, welfare leeches and turn them into productive, law-abiding people?” The answer is you can’t.

The death of America started with Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society welfare nation. Taking the wealth from producers and redistributing it to moochers by government looters at the point of a gun for lifetime votes has killed this Republic.

The evidence is what we have seen in every inner-city in America. Crime, high unemployment, low education rates, skyrocketing illegitimacy rates, etc. This is the end result of the welfare state.

So, what to do? Do the law abiding continue to sit back while terrorists kill us and our law enforcement? Do we do nothing while the Rule of Law is totally destroyed by corrupt politicians and government employees in Washington? Do we do nothing? What would our Founders do?

I was just getting a cup of coffee at a local place when I overheard a table of men discussing the Hillary miscarriage of justice. I couldn’t help but interject into their conversation this:

“Hillary knew she would never be indicted. It was a Mutually Assured Destruction situation between the Clintons and Obamas. The Clintons have all the dirt Obama has paid millions to hide. If Obama were to indict Hillary, the Clintons would expose Obama and all his dirty deeds.”

One of the men immediately said, “How about them Cowboys.”

“F*** the Cowboys” is what I said as I walked out the door.

So where does what’s left of this dying republic go?


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