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The author of the Sequester, President Hopenchange, is busy crying big girly crocodile tears (between golf rounds) over the upcoming Sequester that will be the first real cuts in government spending in 20 years! He and his propagandist henchmen in the mainstream media are busy pinning the Sequester on the wussypants Republicans. As if the Republicans could come up with anything that even resembles spending cuts!

But that is what the Sequester is…a resemblance of spending cuts. The Sequester doesn’t cut real spending…only the rate of spending increases already programmed into the well-oiled, federal spending machine. The nasty little secret Washington doesn’t want you to know is that the federal budget increases automatically by 3-4% every year! They have created a monster that grows bigger and uglier every year and requires more to be fed. Its only a 3% reduction in the spending already planned! Well, BFD!

The Pentagon notified its 800,000 civilian workers that they would be furloughed because of the Sequester. What is amazing to me is that nearly 1 out of every 330 American civilians works for the Pentagon! What the hell do these people do other than consume a tremendous amount of tax dollars!?! The Sequester will not touch active duty military personnel. Furlough them sumbitches!

In fact, military spending won’t fall below 2007 levels under the Sequester. 2007 levels represent a 75% increase over pre-9/11 military spending. With a $17 trillion national debt (and growing rapidly), America can certainly do with defense spending cuts! Let South Korea, Germany, Japan, Israel and everyone else fight their own damn wars or pay us to cover their asses!

The Sequester only cuts $85 billion from the planned spending in 2013. Obama doesn’t mind cuts to defense but he absolutely hates the cuts that will take place for the moocher class in America. His people.

The Hill reports:

Already the White House warns that the cuts will reduce loan guarantees to small businesses, end Head Start funding for 70,000 children and leave 373,000 seriously mentally ill people without treatment.

It says there will be fewer food inspections, raising the potential for a food-borne illness outbreak, and that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will need to eliminate grants for firefighters and emergency personnel.

Well, boo-freaking-hoo! It’s about time is all I can say! Why not get some of those illegal aliens pre-Democrats off of welfare and social services? And why not cut off a bunch of food stamps for the rest of the moochers out there living large on tax dollars taken from workers? The Sequester, albeit a small, symbolic cut in the rate of spending growth, should be just a start to the real (huge) cuts that need to take place!

This would be a perfect time for the wussypants Republicans to grow a testicle or two and 1. remind Americans that the Sequester was Obama’s idea and 2. tell them that the Sequester is going to happen and there will be a lot more spending cuts (actual spending cuts) on the near horizon! After all, Obama got his $600 billion in tax increases. Now it’s time for the sacred cows of moochering to be slaughtered!

The national debt is the real danger to America and our defense! Printing and borrowing money leads only to inflation and disaster. Anyone noticed the jump in gas prices over the past month? Is it a stretch to blame the $85 billion printed by the Fed and Bernanke on the increase in fuel costs?

America will take our medicine one way or the other. We will cut out the sugar-daddy government welfare services or the entire economic system will collapse! After all, it is entitlements that make up the lion’s share of our spending. The economic malfeasance thrust on this country by decades of corruptocrats makes one wonder if the destruction of America wasn’t planned all along! Destroying America is the only thing Washington does well!

AWD says take the Sequester and multiply it! Cut defense to real defense! Not protecting the Muslim Brotherhood or anyone else. Turn the millions of wealth-sucking federal workers into private sector producers! Get the federal leviathan out of our way and Americans will do what we do better than any country in the world….produce wealth! The government is the enemy and must be chopped down in size, scope and expense.

Obama never intended on spending cuts taking place. He only wanted tax increases, which he got. Now it’s time for Obama to live up to his own Sequester! He can borrow some Kleenex from John “Boo Hoo” Boehner!

Here’s Neal Cavuto and Michelle Malkin calling BS on Hussein:



  1. “…and leave 373,000 seriously mentally ill people without treatment…” That’s a fair chunk of the government’s workforce.

  2. The crying worked so well with Bohner I guess obama thought he would try it.

  3. The whole of Washington are Cry Babies and rich at that. They could all use a 5% cut in pay every year for the next decade and still make more per capita than any real working American citizen, Joe and Mary six pack. Then they try to get our guns so they can just rob us even more. Its the on city I wouldn’t cry about if a Nuke hit it. Good riddance. We could rebuild a Capital elsewhere. And no, I really wouldn’t cry, its a cesspool.

    • Worthless bastards shouldn’t receive a penny of any kind of compensation until the government operates on a balanced budget. Theft is one thing, but writing up cockamamie laws to facilitate their theft just adds insult to injury. Case in point: Obamacare. Who knows how much some of these leeches are going to benefit personally from this monstrosity.

    • majorityofone

      I might cry if a nuke hit it but only if Choom Doom and Gloom was golfing in Florida that day.

  4. Big sissy boy needs a tissue for his issue. I get that up chuck vomit in the back of my throat when I see or hear this douchebag.

    I wonder what the savings would be if we cut off all entitlements to illegal immigrants, hand outs to foreign countries that hate us, bad loans to fraudulent businesses (solyndra anybody?), for just one year?

  5. A suggestion on where to start, if I may. This is actually state level, but it couldn’t hurt. Send home at least 19 of the 20 black women at the DMV that are filing their fake nails and smacking gum.

  6. Nero plays golf and cries while Rome burns.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=O-jZ_emzlrY#!
    From the Guy who laughed at the French Tire Company Workers who wanted him to buy them out.
    Here he explains simply how to balance the Federal Government without touching Social Securityhttp://www.france24.com/en/20130220-goodyear-france-titan-taylor-montebourg-usa-unemployment-tyres-factory-unions


    King Obamas fake tears for sandy hook

  9. Let the sequester begin… this sorry ass president is an embarrassment to the country. Obummer is just another free loading moocher who really doesn’t want to put in a days work.

  10. I just love it when he say’s “We have to pay down OUR debt” you mean YOUR debt. rug head.

  11. I love it when this bungling asshole is on the ropes. I hope the sequester crashes and burns all his appointed freeloaders he put on the payroll so he could claim he “created” jobs. This lying piece of muslim shit is like a cancer thats invaded our country. How this jack off got reelected has got to be attributed to massive vote fraud. The American public CANT be that f’ing stupid. Or can it?

  12. Dude,

    While you are correct that “The Sequester will not touch active duty military personnel”, at least as far as being furloughed like the pentagon civilian personnel, it will touch them in many other areas. The training dollars will be cut greatly and the preparedness of our military will be devastatingly low. I’ve included a link to the Army Chief of Staff’s testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee and it does not paint a pretty picture. It makes me so damn angry to know that Latisha won’t be missing any of her lifetime welfare payments but we will be severely cutting back on our ability to defend the nation. Your thoughts?



    Forcing GIBSONS GUITARS out of buisness over this RAINFOREST WOOD poppycock ruining AMERICAN AIRLINES and KODAK and wanting to regulate all small buisnesses into ruin typical liberal demacRAT

  14. bluffcreek1967

    Geez, our Dear Leader is so phony. It still seems hard to believe that people can’t see through his charade!? We are truly living in strange times. Everything is wrong, backwards and there is an Orwellian feel to everything. We are on cusp of some very dark days ahead. I would like to think I’m wrong, but current trends keep me from having a more positive outlook.

    • I totally agree. gets worse every day. Something must be done. Getting late! Our once great country is in the shitter because of these lying ,greedy basids………all of them !

  15. obumbles may very well have painted himself into a corner this time. see..IF he cannot shame the party of stupid to let him off the hook..the executive branch must deal the sequester cuts…that’s obumbles his own self. the last thing obumbles wants is to have his name attached to anything that looks like “leadership”. if he is seen as leading, then he is responsable for the outcome, good or bad. that is why he is in campaign mode 24/7…if he is campaigning, he is not leading, and nothing can be his fault…see??

  16. the mean boy

    Why is bath house barry crying like the fag he is, did reggie forgot to give em a reacharound?

  17. When will we see BATF agents walking the unemployment line? After all, there are so many of them they even show up at local fires and school shootings. And when will the Federal government stop buying SUVs and purchase economy cars? How about replacing the pension plans with 401Ks LIKE THE REST OF US IN PRIVATE INDUSTRY?

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