Dear Mainstream Media and Hollywood,

Just a quick note to inform you of something you appear to be incapable of comprehending. We normal Americans hate your guts! We loathe you. We despise you. And we know who and what you are. And we are NEVER coming back. Nor are you!

“Journalists.” I have to laugh my ass off when you Mainstream Propagandists refer to yourself as journalists. Do you really not see the joke you in the Mainstream Media are to us who pay the bills for America?

Clinton crime syndicate George Stephanopolous moderating a Sunday Morning political talk show? Oh, sure! He’s fair and doesn’t take sides like a true journalist would do! And you don’t see the joke you are? You “journalists?” Really? I guess Saul Alinsky wasn’t available. But you’re all George Stephanopolous! Or worse! And we in those dreadful flyover states filled with deplorables hold you in the same esteem as Herpes. But at least herpes goes away for a while.

Hollywood? What a joke! Yes, I love to hear geo-political discussion from an actor who, if he went to college, majored in drama. Most of the time Hollywood actors never made it to college but know everything about anything when they really know nothing about anything except being loudmouthed, annoying douchebags. In that, they excel.

What good has come from Hollywood recently? Batman 12? Another Super Hero movie? Antman? Face it, Hollywood. You just suck. There is no creativity left. Just a bunch of hack actors playing the same old parts in the same old formula movies. Actors who couldn’t intellectually piss and hit the ground.

We’re still waiting for Danny Glover and Sean Penn to explain the disastrous Venezuela after they kissed the culo of Mr Potato Head Hugo Chavez and bragged his socialist utopia! But they won’t. In addition to being stupid, they’re cowards. They are the intellectual parsley on the plate of intelligence. And they are exactly like the rest of the Hollywood ilk who believes we real Americans give one shit about what they say and think.

I wonder if Madonna is paying off her debt of blowjobs for everyone who voted for Hillary? Probably. If anyone is desperate enough to take her up on her offer.

You people in Hollywood and the MSM are just disgusting. And your stupidity is only compounded by your arrogance! How dare anyone not think the same as your cookie-cutter, politically correct, socialist bullshit?! Well, those of us who work as blue collar workers, secretaries, salespeople, managers, business owners, etc in the real world realize your pathetic ideology of big-government, welfare, high taxes, socialist government programs, etc fails every time. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

You surround yourselves with the same ilk as you! Therefore, there is no rational or individual thought in your circles. It’s an echo chamber of ignorance. Since you can’t win a political argument with fact or rational thought, you ridicule us with names. Oh, I’m a racist! Or a sexist, or a homophobe, or an Islamophobe. Brilliant repartee, Fidel!

Well, we finally have a President who is spanking you and enjoying humiliating you and your ilk. He is showing you the same disrespect you show him and those who voted for him. And we love it! Trump and his team hate you just as we normal Americans do. And we all want to see you totally destroyed! You have done enough damage with your vile propaganda and poison. And your piss poor ratings are well deserved. Enjoy them because they will sink further as you are exposed for the enemies you are.

Ridicule us but never forget that we too ridicule you! And worse yet, we ignore you. You are insignificant to those of us in real America. And, worse for you, the President and his staff know the damage you have done to this country with your lies and bullshit.

I can’t remember the last time I read a newspaper or watched a MSM Propaganda “news” show. Hell, I don’t even watch Fox as they are nothing more than the propaganda organ for the Republican Establishment.

I cut off cable and do just fine getting my news from trusted conservative sources. I suggest every reader of this page does the same. Why invite the enemy into your home?

The last time I saw Andrew Breitbart, we spoke over lunch about his mission to destroy the Mainstream Propaganda Media because of the danger it represents to America. Who would have thought that just a few years later, Steve Bannon of Breitbart, Inc. would be the Senior Advisor to the POTUS?

There is much work for Trump and team to do in draining the ocean of corruption in the DC swamp but it sure feels like morning in America. And that morning is so much brighter knowing that the President hates the Mainstream Propaganda Media as much as the rest of real Americans!


AWD and The Deplorables


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