So the Republicans now can’t repeal ObamaCare after 7 years of sending bills repealing ObamaCare to Obama for a sure veto. Note to all wussypants Republicans: We know your game. We have for a while. Message to Republicans: You suck and we hate you.

Yesterday, the Republicans fulfilled AWD’s prediction that Republicans will NEVER repeal ObamaCare. And they won’t even though they will go through numerous bullshit iterations of “repeal and replace.”

At this point it doesn’t matter. Let ObamaCare collapse on its own as it surely will. We don’t need the Republicans for anything. They are Democrats anyway.

The one great thing Trump has done is show that the wussypants Republicans have no clothes. They have bullshitted Republican voters for years. They can no longer do that. There is nowhere for the GOP cockroaches to hide. They are frauds. They are liars. They are bought and paid for by Wall Street. They are Democrats.

I continue to hope that SRV’s (Stupid Republican Voters) will one day stop voting for ANY Republican incumbent. Sorry to inform you but they all suck. They are all owned. They are all part of the system.

The Freedom Caucus that caused Boo Hoo Boehner to resign and leave DC? Yeah, well they voted for Paul Ryan for Speaker. Bought and paid for. Worthless.

Donald Trump should tell the Republican Party that he will do everything possible to destroy it. He should take his tens of millions of supporters and begin a new political party. The vast majority of all those red spots on the voting map are conservatives and not Republicans. They are the Tea Party voters and would follow Trump and his new Party. They wouldn’t even consider following the GOP with Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Fredo Graham, Murkowski, Collins, and the rest of the GOP ilk.

Personally, AWD hates Republicans more than Democrats. I expect Democrats to support socialism. I have had the illusion Republicans would support traditional Republican values if once returned to power in the House. Then the Senate. I learned a long time ago Republicans only want power for themselves in order to make more money for themselves. Their actions since assuming control of Congress has proved I was right.

My message is, screw the Republicans. Eat sh*t and die. You have deceived your voters to appease your political masters. But Wall Street ain’t no match for pissed off Americans who will show up and vote in the upcoming Republican primaries.

AWD has said this before and I say it now. If you’re a fiscal conservative and vote for ANY Republican incumbent, you are an idiot. Vote them out before they totally destroy what’s left of our country!


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