Bless their little stupid, socialist hearts! The Democrat Party just got beaten like a red-headed mule in the last election by eating a steady diet of industrial strength stupid over the past 8 years. So what do they do to correct their problems? Go back for seconds!

The Democrat Party has done every damn thing in it’s power to alienate the majority of voters in Americans. Normal, white people. They’ve praised Islam and blamed normal, white people for terrorist murders on American soil. Islamaphobes, you know.

Democrats have supported and underwritten Black Lives Matter terroists burning, looting, and attacking passing crackas to protest black lives. All the while ignoring massive black on black (and black on white) murders. Well, those crackas are redneck racists.

Democrats have pushed transF***ed up ‘men’ into public bathrooms with white normal women and little girls and were surprised when normal people were shocked. Sexist white breeders, you understand! Great! Go ahead and alienate tens of millions of white normal voters to appease a few dozen freakazoids, Dims!

Democrats have blamed any self-reliant white person’s accomplishments on “white privilege” all the while outsourcing middle class jobs overseas to satiate the greed of Wall Street masters who own Democrats. And Republicans. But Democrats love to stick it to the greedy, uneducated white people in Flyover Country who actually work (or once did before their jobs evaporated) for a living!

Democrats have applauded the invasion of every unwashed, uneducated Third Worlder who wants to live in Ah-mer-eeeee-ka and enjoy the numerous welfare programs available to them from dwindling numbers of middle class taxpayers. Any resistance to open borders from those racist white people is just pure hatred of brown people, of course.

Oh, Head Democrat Obama even blamed Fox News being aired in restaurants for keeping those middle class rubes ignorant of the wonderful things he and the Democrats have been doing for the past eight years. Like ObamaCare and the atrocities listed above. And he told this to Rolling Stone magazine! I crap you negative!

So what’s a political party that has pissed away the majority of voters to do? Should they try to become more centric and recognize the values and concerns of the majority of voters (normal white people) and not just those leftist, anti-American socialists in large Northeast and West Coast cities? Naaaaahhhhh!

The Democrats just gave normal white people more reasons to hate them. Congressional Democrats ate a huge plate of stupid and reelected the moonbat Nancy Pelosi to lead them. Because she’s done so much good for Democrat numbers in Congress over the past 8 years!

And if a whack job socialist idjit from San Francisco wasn’t bad enough, Democrats are leaning toward anti-American, anti-Israel, socialist, Muslim moron from Minneapolis, Keith Ellison to lead the DNC. Oh, please Allah! Please!!!

Yes, the stupid is strong with the Democrats. After getting their asses kicked for being just left of the Soviet Union, they move further left! That ought to get all those Flyover Country racist haters back into the Democrat voting booth!

But please, Democrats, continue telling normal white people how awful you consider us to be.


The Deplorables


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