Denial of Data


Facebook Sheeple


One of the key takeaways from the 2012 election [debacle] was that data was king, and Obama had more of it—much more of it.

Alarm bells should be sounding here, assuming that this (i.e., that data crunching will be key to political fortunes from here on out) is true (which I believe it is).

Namely: The quants responsible for analyzing and synthesizing this data into a coherent political campaign strategy are no doubt brilliant…but thanks to our unabashedly radical-left-wing indoctrination centers known as “academia”, these brilliant youths skew heavily toward the Democrats—especially with Hosanna Obama at the helm.

Clearly the need to purge public and secondary education of radical leftists is paramount (or at least to neutralize their advantage by establishing quality educational institutions that generate patriots instead of degenerates). But that’s a long-term battle that won’t be solved anywhere near in time enough for the next few election cycles.

So what’s left in our quiver?

Well, there’s this: Where are the quants getting all their data? Answer: From us. As in, we voluntarily, if unknowingly, inform them of who we are and what our preferences are.

How? Well, what are arguably the two largest information aggregators on the planet? My guess is Google and Facebook. And how many of us here use these systems, even peripherally? (E.g., even if you’re not on Gmail, ever email someone with a Gmail address? Well, then your correspondence, along with your personal email address, is forever archived at Google HQ…and available for analysis by anyone in public office who comes asking.)

I’ve railed against Google and Facebook on this blog before (see also here), and offered alternatives to their services. However, until now, there really hasn’t been an alternative to Facebook—which, let’s face it, is a very handy tool.

Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Dudemunity, I give you

The puzzle is now complete. There’s no longer any excuse.

Avoid the likes of Google and Facebook like the plague. Use every alternative possible (which will necessarily entail the hassle of maintaining a diverse portfolio of technologies). Install browser add-ons to block Google adsense and Facebook tracking (which allows Google and Facebook to know you intimately even without you using their services). Use the TOR bundle for anonymous surfing. Turn off the TV. (Yes, your viewing preferences are tracked and can easily be used to determine your voting habits.) Deny the Liberal Establishment its data. Starve the digital beast, as it were.

What they can’t measure, they can’t engineer.

Again, as stated in the past, none of this is a means of completely removing oneself from government oversight. Far from it (not with the neo-KGB firmly in place these days). But it will make it more difficult for The Powers That Be to piece it all together, and that might just be enough to help neutralize their advantage.

Their desire is for total domination. Anything we can do to stymie that M.O. is worth the effort, IMHO.


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