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I thought about using the title “Dennis Hastert – Portrait Of A Perverted Corruptocrat” but changed my mind when the thought crossed my mind that Dennis Hastert is the poster boy of the modern Republican Party. The corrupt, perverted, despicable Republican Party.

Sure, I know the Democrats are the same or worse but the Republican Party was always supposed to stand for values we conservatives hold sacred. Small government, low taxes, the rule of law, individual liberty, decency, moral values, doing the right thing. ‘Supposed’ being the key word.

The Republican Party has done NOTHING of which they were elected to do. They have not stopped Obama’s destruction of America domestically and overseas. They have funded every debacle Obama and the Democrats have used to weaken the USA. So much that there is basically zero difference between either political party. What a horrible record.

Politicians from both parties have proven over and over the old adage of ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Why tax paying Americans continue to send the same corruptocrats back to Washington year after year to do nothing but line their pockets is beyond belief. But a stupid electorate is exactly what these corruptocrats desire. All that’s required is a few speeches at election time rife with “we have to” and “we need to” words of nothing and another term is given and more millions are waiting at the trough of public corruption in Washington.

Dennis Hastert. The ol’ coach! That was his persona and what won him the Speaker’s gavel. He was supposed to be one of us. A regular guy. And he was, if you’re a child molesting, corrupt pervert. A despicable human too cowardly to eat a bullet to salvage the last molecule of decency he may have for the office he disgraced and his family he embarrassed. Not to mention the young boys he violated.

Hastert is being sued by several males whom he molested when he was a junior high wrestling coach. He paid them millions in hush money to keep quiet but quit paying, hence the lawsuits. How a junior high wrestling coach and later Congressman comes up with multiple millions in disposable hush money explains perfectly why losing an election (which rarely occurs) or death are the only reasons Congressmen ever leave office. They go to Washington to ride the lifetime gravy train. Hastert was no different.

Hastert also lined his pockets as Speaker. Here’s how he made a cool $1.5 million by using tax dollars to put a highway through land he and investors purchased.

Of course, George W Bush was only too happy to sign Hastert’s highway earmark as he never vetoed a @#^& wasteful spending bill the Republicans served up during his eight horrible years. When the Republicans spend money like Democrats, how can they be not considered Democrats?

Of course, Bush also enjoyed cigars on the Lincoln balcony with Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia two days after 9/11. It’s now coming to light that Bandar and the Saudi kingdom financed and assisted the 9/11 murderers in killing 3,000 Americans. Bush also made sure all Saudis as well as bin Laden family members were quickly and quietly flown out of the country.

There is no one in Washington we can trust to do the things they promised at election time. Actually, we can expect the opposite of what they say. That is where we find ourselves in 2016.

AWD lost interest in the Tea Party movement once I realized the movement was being taken for a ride by the Establishment Republicans. When the Tea Party millions worked tirelessly to return the House to the GOP, Republican congressmen voted John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Nothing changed. When the Conservative Caucus raised a stink last year that resulted in Boehner being forced to resign because of his atrocious record, the Republicans elected Paul Ryan to the Speaker’s seat. Ryan appears to be worse than Boehner. Rinse and repeat.

I don’t look for anything to change with a President Trump, President Cruz. We know what will happen with a President Cankles. There’s simply too much money and power in Washington to change anything. And too many lobbyists and politicians. Nothing will change except things will get much worse. Except for politicians and lobbyists in Washington.

Maybe not all in Washington are perverted pedophiles like Dennis Hastert but you better believe they are all corrupt. But it would’t surprise me a bit to find they are all pedophiles. Such is my opinion of politicians.

The GOP should change the Elephant as the symbol of their Party to the face of Dennis Hastert. It’s much more accurate. Sadly accurate. And disgusting.



  1. Been coming to this site for a few years now, and how AWD’s outlook has changed. That is not to criticise as I have much respect for AWD’s thoughts and agree with him 99.9% of the time. This is another article where I find myself in total agreement concerning the scum who run the country.

    I can assure you two things… I love my country for one, and two, if a giant sink hole sucked DC under tomorrow, I would open the finest bottle of wine I could afford.

    • paulb, I admit that everything changed for me after Obama’s reelection. I knew the country was screwed. Nothing has changed my opinion since then. The best I can hope for is the Red States separate from the Blue and organize under the Constitution. It’s difficult to have any other hope. Sorry for being a downer.


      • I am 100% in agreement on this one Dude. I have been watching Texas very close for the past several years on the issue of secession. I am looking forward to a New 13 Colonies and I am hoping Texas will be viable enough to lead a Red State Revolution. I worry about cities like Houston, D/ FW and Austin to be problem areas by turning the Republic of Texas blue. I love my Constitutional loving state of Kansas, but there is a big push from our own urban slums to get a democrat back in the governors seat. Watching this current presidential election unfold I have only one question … Which way to the front? Btw, what the hell happened to Rex Machina?

      • Sorry about the thumbs down. My damn cat stepped on the keyboard.

    • Mr. Rational

      if a giant sink hole sucked DC under tomorrow, I would open the finest bottle of wine I could afford.

      Sorry, I would have to mourn.

      The Washington Monument.  The Smithsonian museums and everything in them.  The wonderful architecture of the capitol building and so much else.  An enormous loss to humanity.

      Now, neutron bomb the place and I’d spring for a case of Asti Spumante.

  2. AWD,
    Just a minor correction to your post. Hastert was a High School wrestling coach, not Junior High.
    He was actually my history teacher, and no, he didn’t get his grubby paws on me!

  3. AWD,
    P.S. I forgot to mention that I agree with everything else you wrote!!

  4. Does this surprise anyone? The most ardent and vocal anti-gays are so far in the closet they can see Narnia!

  5. Republicans are such a hoot.

  6. In the Illinois election we have anti-gun, brain-damaged RINO Sen. Mark Kirk running running against your standard anti-gun, crippled Democrat. Not a chance in hell of either one getting my vote. Hopefully, there will be a Libertarian candidate on the ballot.

  7. Desert Rat

    AWD, you have more insight into the Tea Party then I do, but totally agree. I get Tea Party email day after day, and all they want is money! How many Tea Party candidates did we back nationally and get them into the House and Senate? What did they accomplish for us?

    I think you are dismissing what Trump can do. Cruz is a sell out, but Trump is a loose cannon and pointed in the right direction he can blow shit up. The question, is will he?

    • Desert Rat, somebody once said “every cause starts as a movement, becomes a business, and degenerates into a racket.”


  8. I live 50 miles south of DC and know a lot of people who work there.They all say the same thing.The city and Gov are loaded with weirdo’s of both parties.Drunks,pervs,secret fags etc.I read somewhere that a former soldier said that we could solve 95% of our problems by taking about 100 people outside and shooting them in the head.Not that this would happen, but I think we all could come up with some names from both sides of the political arena.

  9. Washington needs an enema starting with the top guy! NOW

  10. And for years of perversions committed on underage boys, he gets just 15 months and a $250,000 fine. IF they ever indict cankles, she will only get 30 days and a $50 fine. What complete and utter bullshit.

  11. Watching the lecherous, greedy trash in Washington d.c. you can appreciate how a dictator comes to power. The government is corrupt and the members of it are anything but normal people. D.C. is a freak show. Two parties run the thing and they decide who you can vote for. Both of their candidates will do what big-money and the NWO tells them to do regardless of our letters and input. The people of the country keep electing people to their government who do not listen to them and do not ask them for their needs. Why keep electing them? If a strong person arrives on the scene and gets elected saying that he will clean up Washington and the country and bring it back to where it was before liberalism raised its ugly head,…………people are going to vote for him. If this man says he will put libs in concentration camps and will send immigrants squatters home,…..he will be praised. After he gets in office ,if he goes through with his promises he will be a hero. If he asked people to suspend the constitution for 4 years so he work to straighten up the whole system without interference from democrats,……he will get it. Presto! You have a dictator. Is there such a person you can trust with such power and know he will give it back to the people when he is finished???? I don’t know but it is going to take a revolution or such a politician to bring America back.

  12. what the hell is going on here……I mean what the hell is going on…….here we have a former speaker of the house being prosecuted for fagotism…….yet it’s not fagotism but for some kind of money shenanigans to pay bribery money to a little fag from his past that is now disgruntled………

    why is it that homos, queers, and fagots get what ever they want…..yet when a republican porks some little bastard in the ass he is hung out to dry…..prosecuted for his homo-ness…..aren’t fagots preferred over straight white males these days…….I mean lets tell the truth about this…..queers are loved by society these days and straight white males are to blame for what is wrong with society………

    here we have a real fagot….a child molester….literally the epidomy of what a d’himicrat society reveres as what all should aspire to and they throw him to the wolves and make him out to be some sort of monster…..he’s just what the d’himicrats ordered and uphold as the new wholesomeness…….all of us red blooded males should aspire to be more like Dennis Hastert according to our illustrious president, “Shitstain”………president Shitstain should come out and pardon this child molester simply because he is what the d’himicrats think all of us should become if we aren’t already……….

    it’s time to call on president Shitstain to pardon Mr. Hastert and Nasty Pelosi can give him the key to the city of San Francisco…… of the great cities of “brotherly love”…..

    I say it’s time for all of us to call for freeing Dennis Hastert………..

    “Free Dennis Hastert”…….let “Man Boy Love Association” be free to practice in our new Obama democracy……after all child molesters are people too….

    and remember child molesters vote…..

  13. “MODERN REPUBLICAN PARTY?!!!” Man , this guy is the face of every government in human history. The people in your “government” are criminal scum. ALL OF THEM. The sad thing about this legal farce , is that 15 months in a federal country club is nothing when placed next to the suffering that this sub human , homosexual child molester has done over his ENTIRE LIFE. You want “Justus” ? Then take every person that has ever has a job in “government” ; From the highest unto the lowest; and BURN THEM ALIVE. It won’t make up for the evil that they have done. But it will make a nice start.

  14. I wouldn’t put Trump and Cruz in the same category – at least, not yet. Cruz is proving himself to be a lying snake or weasel; a true establishment and globalist hack who would do ANYTHING to win an election regardless of the price that the American people have to pay for HIS success.

    I’m still optimistic that Trump will deliver on most, if not all, of his promises to the best of his ability – given the opportunity, of course.

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