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So the Establishment won’t go gentle into that good ole boy night. Joining forces (aka usurping) with the #NeverTrump pro-Cruz disgruntled, the Establishment is presenting Trump with an ultimatum: Run on our agenda or you’ll never get our support.

The pro-Cruz people would be wise to remember how it worked for the Tea Party movement when they trusted Establishment promises. NOT TOO GOOD! The Establishment was going to cut spending by billions, repeal and/or defund Obamacare, and cure cancer IF the Tea Party would only honor the Establishment with their votes. So the Tea Party did. And the Establishment, as we all knew, didn’t.

The Establishment doesn’t hate Trump because he holds some moderate positions. They do too because, as we have discussed here for years, Republicans are Democrats in Washington. The Establishment hates Trump because he cannot be bought and controlled. Ted Cruz saddled up to the Establishment late in his campaign and he lost leaving the Establishment without a puppet.

So what happens when the Establishment does everything in their corrupt power to keep Trump from the White House? What do the over-worked, over-taxed Americans do when President Hillary appoints Justice Eric Holder or Justice Barack Obama to the Supreme Court and the Second Amendment is abolished. And then the First? And what of the massive spending that will continue as it has under the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas? Who will represent us as millions more Third Worlders are imported to live off of welfare? Who in Washington will we have supporting us as the loyal opposition?

Not the Republicans! They’re Democrats and don’t support us now. Hillary will, with the support of McConnell and Ryan, continue Obama’s destruction of America. At this point, we have to question, is the destruction of America as a republic a bad thing?

How long will patriots in the Red States sit idly by as our constitutional rights, liberties, and republic are destroyed? How much money will be funneled from Red States who have exercised fiscal restraint to a certain extent to bail out collapsing Blue States that are now openly socialist? How long will we suffer our earnings to be stolen by corrupt and designing politicians in Washington when we have no representation? And who will allow their guns to be confiscated?

I have every belief the Establishment will not support Trump under any circumstance. We know they much prefer Hillary so they can blame her for the further destruction of America while they make millions for themselves and their employers in Big Business and Wall Street. Same ol’ same ol’.

The Cruz types will decide the election. If they stay home because they don’t agree with Trump on every issue, Hillary will win. Just as did Obama when millions refused to vote for a Mormon. While I am not a fan of Mitt Romney, there is no debate he would have damaged the country far less than Obama.

Question of the day. If the GOP disintegrates into factions and/or third and fourth parties and the Democrats remain united, will we see the beginning of the end for the United States?



  1. The end has already begun. There exists in nature various parasites. Some have a symbiotic relationship with the host that they feed off of, some just feed until the host is dead.

    Right now, America is the host, and D.C is the parasite. In this case, the relationship is not symbiotic.

  2. JJ Cintia

    Face it. America died under Lincoln. When he crushed the South, he made the Federal Government a tool to loot Americans with impunity. Its not about small government, its about government that fears the people. Local government cannot go far, because City Hall is near your house. State Government can only get away with so much, because the Capitol is close enough to get to Today.
    Washington DC has become an occupying force. Its puppet rulers answer only to their pimps who pay for the Whorehouse. They see America as flyover country, full of hicks from the sticks to milk like cows. They are the real provincials. You and yours are the Real America. Washington is a Fantasy World.
    You work and pay taxes. You commute and have little vacation time. You sweat and bleed and worry. Those fuckers in Washington are like poodle bipeds. They get fed every day, and go to get groomed. They are petted and flattered by lobbyists. They don’t worry about bills or health care. Their kids go to safe schools. They have armed guards every day.
    They believe they are rulers, but they’re just Whores, and Cheap Whores at that.

  3. Thomas Moeller

    I certainly am not establishment. I don’t want Trump to fail, but why would I want him to succeed? He is a certified NY liberal with documented ties to the liberal establishment and many of his stated views are right out of todays progressive hymnal. He is not a republican. He is not a moderate. He is not a man to be trusted, in my view.

    So while you attack the non-Trumper, in simplistic generalities, you are ensuring a dislike for you and your rotten candidate well into the future. Argue your position and maybe you may be heard. Take shots and you just get return fire.

    What has Trump done or said, other than he will break the system, that is the least bit positive about his candidacy? A commie community organizer can break the system. Is that all you want?

    • mic doodle

      Honestly it goes way beyond that for me. If he turns out to be a NY lib then he played us good and we are screwed. If he seeks to promote nationalism then that’s fine with me (e.g. supreme court justices and federal agency appointees who actually support the country versus what we have now, gutting the military of its politically correct policies and absolutely nutless generals who’d rather have Fort Hoods than end diversity in the military). But also, and this isn’t a conservative constitutionalist position I know, at this point I’d just like to see him use the full force of the feds to punish the left as they’ve used it to punish the right.

      Over the past ten years I’ve just kind of abandoned libertarian views simply because the people and the military never acted to actually defend the constitution as it was being ripped to shreds; at this point it is so late in the game that I figure we are pretty much done anyway so drastic means are probably required to at least make sure when the Republic falls we have enough power to establish a friendly set of rules rather than having the left simply create a state where whites essentially can’t leave the front door, or be born, without having an iron brand burn the word “racist” in their foreheads. Ideally I would rather whoever we got, Trump included, not break the system but rather they and restore it to a state where the federal agencies and much more of the populace were actually nationalists versus advocates of endless immigration via illegal crossings, refugee status, or just hand picked programs to randomly bring in the third world on shipload at a time. I hear many people say he won’t do those things he promises…and yeah if that’s the case then the joke’s on me. But he was the only one even promising to actually use full measures to stop those things (would’ve probably been happy with Ted Cruz too, never disliked most of his policy positions).

      Lastly I, and sure this is probably a very unpopular position and I’ve fought many of my buddies on the issue, I’m just getting tired of the modern crop of business leaders in this country. I always fought for their reputations, but when the Chamber of Commerce began advocating to keep allowing illegal immigration that really irked me. At this point I’m just completely done with their profit over nation style policies where outsourcing has killed tens of millions of jobs since the 70’s, and probably even before then. The time was American companies took pride in being American but now they simply see US citizenship as a means to an end while seeing the average people as plebs and the only people many of them would like to see here are illegals. Or hell, even if you’re in tech, H1B visa holders coming to take your high skilled jobs and you being forced to train the person replacing you. Specifically I wouldn’t mind Trump here because he’s promised to completely neuter the EPA (so maybe we can actually have mining again in this country, and actually mine rare Earth metals and also make it easier for small businesses to come up in scale and maybe replace companies who have outsourced completely) and kill those free trade agreements. Frankly I’d rather pay more for American products if people were making what they were in factories in the 70’s.

      That’s the end of my Trump Treatise anyway. It’s not conservative in the sense we talk about it these days, and if he is lying then oh well, but we were screwed anyway.

      • Mr. Rational

        If you want to make rare-earth mining economic again, you have to quit classifying the associated thorium byproduct as radioactive waste.

        Using it as nuclear fuel sounds good to me.

        • mic doodle

          Hell we’ll never see another American nuclear reactor again unless there’s a revolution of some sort. While the Russians are building 4.4 gigawatt reactors we’re sitting around with out thumbs up our asses building miles large solar reactors in the deserts that can power a town of a couple thousand people…if all their AC is off and they use cellars instead of refrigerators.

          Not just rare earth, at the rate the EPA is going, unless they’re done away with of course, I doubt we will have coal, copper, silver, gold, et cetera mining in a decade. It’ll probably be illegal to churn the soil unless you’re planting hemp, burying whites in mass graves, or uprooting the CA poppy reserves and replacing them with solar panels that have been 100% federally subsidized.

          • There are 4 reactors currently under construction in the USA:  2 at S. C. Summer and 2 at Vogtle.  A fifth reactor, Watts Bar unit 2, has been completed after perhaps the longest construction project short of a gothic cathedral and is going critical for the first time this month.  There are the beginnings of a new style of reactor which will be first installed in Idaho and supply power to Utah.

            There’s political pushback to the “no nukes” movement.  There are groups trying to save plants in New England, New York, Illinois and even California.  Yes, a grassroots group to save Diablo Canyon!  If you’ve been around as long as I have this is like Bernie Sanders trying to have Ronald Reagan added to Mt. Rushmore.

            Thorium looks good for the economics of existing reactors because it can help them run longer between fueling outages (talking upwards of 2 years here).  The problem is getting it certified as fuel by the NRC.  As always, Washington is in the way of getting anything done.

          • Wow news to me! On the West coast all they’re doing is shutting them down during energy shortages. No pushback there, but it is the left coast.

          • Here’s a link for you:


    • As AWD likes to say: You can’t fix stupid! And I’m talking about you Moeller, not Trump.

      If you wanted to see all of the good things about Trump and what he has to offer it would be easy – even though he will still have to deliver on his promises. But you refuse to take the bitter “Red Pill” in order to see things as they really are and prefer living in a world of false morality.

      You would rather cling to words like “Liberal”, and “Conservative”, and “Constitutionalist”, and “Christian” , etc. as if they really mean something. Although words do have some value it’s actions that really count because that’s what leads to RESULTS in the real world. Not simply talking about how things can, should, or will be.

      When Trump first announced his candidacy he claimed that this election is going to be about “Competency” above all else. Let’s hope so. Because in this regard he is by far the most qualified person to lead America in the right direction when compared to any of the other aspirants, including the globalist, establishment sellout Cruz.

      Go ahead a stay home on election day which amounts to voting Democrat. Just don’t complain when the coming Tsunami hits you and your loved ones because when it mattered, rather than do the right thing, you sold out and bowed down to your “Elite Superiors” in the Establishment just like Rafael Jr. did.

      Still, it’s not too late for you to do the right thing. The choice is yours. Choose wisely!

  4. Missourian

    I don’t want to see Hillary elected President but I don’t know if I can vote for Trump. I can’t stand him. Maybe I’ll change my mind but from what I see he’s already moving to the left. He says he wants to attract Bernie Sanders supporters, not Constitutional conservatives like me.

    • Look at it this way, Trump is a business man first and formost. Hillary is just a flat out crook. Trump may actually try to fulfill some of his promises ( and may line his pockets) but ultimately won’t try to take away our rights. Hillary will wipe out the First and Second Amendments, and remove any personal autonomy that the ordinary citizen has. (and she will absolutely continue to line HER pockets)

      I have been voting for the lesser of evils ever since I’ve been voting, and I’m in my mid fifties. Trump is the lesser evil in this case, and is the least evil IMHO that we’ve seen in a long time. The proof of that is in how much the establishment RINOS hate him.

      • Lo’ There I see my brothers, and I say to them do not let the zeitgeist of lesser men who’s base immorality seek to destroy that which we hold sacred.

        They are but worms to be trodden beneath our boots. Have faith I say, you are my brother, and I will sacrifice my life for our noble cause.

        Now laugh with me, for war is our way, and it is here at our gates.


    • if Hildabeast is elected we are done….vote and elect Trump we live to fight again……

      Trump is not all that he purports to be but we have no choice now…..recognize it…. if Trump loses because we wont unite against the Hildabeast then it’s over for the next 40 years and the only choice we are left with if we are to remain free is armed revolution……

      make your choice…….Trump or we have to start the killing…….for me and mine….I’ll take Trump….at least we stand a chance but if Hildabeast becomes Obongo’s third term all will be lost….I prefer taking a chance with Trump and living to make our fight again………..

  5. Missourian

    I remember reading several articles by Angry White Dude about how he’s tired of having to always vote for the lesser of two evils but I guess that’s what it always comes down to. No King David or Ronald
    Reagan for us, this time.

    • mic doodle

      Regarding your last post I just wanted to discuss Trump saying he wants to attract Bernie supporters. On its face it definitely seems outlandish considering the often times radical, BLM, anti-capitalist, etc nature of most Bernie people. But there are definitely some similarities that are hard to detect when the argument is limited to the frame of a traditional left versus right. Many, not by any means most, Bernie people are working class whites, as difficult as it might be to see. Like his primary victories…Hillary wins the cities. The urban votes and many young libs like her (but yeah even more young people like him for sure), but many disillusioned working class workers who have seen outsourcing of their jobs do support Sanders because they’ve pretty much given up on free trade and capitalist greed. So….if that is their main issue then there is a bridge to Trump. If, however, they are literally just socialist moochers, gay advocates, or what have you then yes I don’t see how a connection can exist.

  6. Mr. Rational

    The destruction of the USA began either 5 or 7 decades ago, depending whether you count from the 1965 immigration act or Shelley vs. Kraemer.  These two edicts from Washington corroded the American (White, mostly English-descended) nation which is the ethnic and cultural foundation of the country.  The children in the USA are now less than 50% non-Hispanic White.  Unless a lot of those children (especially Hispanic offspring of illegals) are returned to their ancestral home countries, the USA has had it.

    What’s happening now is just the re-alignment of White America as a racial tribe recognizing its own interests (which the left calls “racism”, unlike when any other ethny does it) and the inevitable political fallout.

  7. minuteman26

    The destruction of the GOP as it exists today is needed if this nation has any chance of surviving as our founders intended. It needs to be torn down and rebuilt on a constitutionally conservative bent. The current establishment has played “We The People” for fools too long and need to be relegated to the dust bin of history. Don’t think the establishment types really sense the anger towards them out here in fly over country. It will be at their peril if they successfully do succeed it stopping Trump and allow Hillary to be elected. Then children civil war WILL only be a shot away.

  8. Are we sure that Hillary will be the nominee ?.She could step down for “health ” reasons.The FBI has had 150 agents going over her 30,000 e mails.Do the math, that’s about 200 e mails per agent.How long does it take to read and check an e mail ? They have been at this for months.I think they are looking into the Clinton foundation and the connection between Highly paid speeches and favors from the state dept.This is much bigger then it appears.I would not be surprised if she steps down and Biden/Warren step in.Six months is a long time in politics.Stay tuned.

    • Hillary will never voluntarily step down. Even if she is in an iron lung, she still would want to be President. In her sick mind, it’s her turn to be President because she has put in the time. In reality, she has cheated and murdered her way to the top. She has more scandals and skeletons in her closet that any candidate in recent decades. The only way she will be removed from the running is if the FBI grows some balls and hands down an indictment for her private server, or if the DOJ grows some balls and indicts her for her incompetence in her handling of Bengazi. In either case, her brain dead followers will riot in the streets screaming that it’s a set up by Republicans to keep a woman from occupying the White House.

      No, the only way she can be shut down is if the silent and sane majority goes to the polling places and votes her down. Even then, they will have to beat out the dead who will rise to vote, and the blacks who will vote multiple times to ensure they get more free shit, which Hillary will happily provide to them by picking our pockets to pay for it.

  9. dumb-ass piece-of-shit John Kerry tells college grads to prepare for a border-less world………

    you have got to fu_king be kidding me……..these bastards are all in for this one world government crap……this is another reason to vote for the “Donald”…….these muther-fu_kers can go to hell……….

    you sons-a-bitches that think your so god damn high-falootin and sanctimonious that you can’t vote for Trump had better think again……if you bastards end up giving us more god damn Marxist d’himicrats you will have no one to blame but yourselves……..

    open your god damn eyes and look at what is going down……..suck it up and do what you need to do… the country……get off your high horse and get behind Trump…….

    this shit is for real… with it……

  10. let a d’himicrat get elected and this will be the norm……………

  11. ok you dumb-ass Trump protesters….now you can listen to your hero and do what he has to say…..and he’s got a message for all of you……..and don’t forget it’s not just for Chicago……

    and here it is……………

  12. The political industry does not realize that it is in the middle of a hostile takeover from people who are beyond sick and tired of insiders who use the aspirations of hard working people to line their pockets.

    Is Trump perfect? Nope. But the leaders of this nations political indu$try have failed us miserably. Hopefully the “we know what’s best for you” crowd has its’ days numbered.

    And why the media seems disinclined to suggest the connection between decades of “conservative” rhetoric and today’s situation is a mystery to me. The conservative hate machine plays on real fear and economic insecurity, builds it into anger and frustration, and focuses it on any hapless political official or candidate. Nothing is the fault of any Republican official or policy. Just keep the poor white working class divided and impotent; fuming about “defending their freedom” and the Democrat’s black “welfare state”, while the wealthy laugh all the way to the bank.

  13. this just made my day……it’s a day to celebrate………Ryan’s challenger Nehlin has taken the lead in the race for Paul Rino’s seat…….theres a real good chance Ryan may be gone soon…………

    lets hope that Trump refuses to endorse Ryan………….Trump doesn’t need that rino’s endorsement…..and is talking about replacing that rino bastard as chairman of the GOP convention…….yes!!!!! a resounding “yes”……..I whole heartily agree…….

  14. Spurwing Plover

    Why else dose Obama the Fink and the UN and CFR want to open our boarders in fact John Kerry wants to disolve our boarders as part of the New World Order(NWO)all run by the United Nations Obama using Ecutive Orders and Kerry signing the Small Arms Control Treaty and this Climate Change poppycock TRAITORS ALL WERE RUN BY TRAITORS and yes IM BACK

  15. Desert Rat

    Good God! Has this site become a “Safe Space”? Seriously, listen to JMV, Bluto, and Jenna. Stop this, “I don’t know if I can vote for Trump B.S.

    This is Trump from day #1, and he has not waivered:
    1. Build a wall and stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.
    2. Stop lousy trade deals

    What else do you want? Forget abortion, gay right etc. If we don’t control immigration and trade we are all done, period!!!!!!!

    If he doesn’t win, it’s going to resemble Havana in 1959 when everyone was running for the boat harbor to get the hell out of Cuba. By the way, has anyone on this site been to Mexico City in the last year or two? I have. Parts of it look like Paris. Why? Because the Italians, Greeks, ad Brits are bailing out of their countries due to the massive Muslim invasion and bringing their money with them.  Record number of U.S. citizens are doing the same and bailing, it will speed up if Shrillary wins.

    If Trump looses, this country has about 10 years or less, you all better have an exit strategy.

    • apparently, you don’t read to well…………

      • Desert Rat

        I read quite well thank you. My comment was supportive of you, but you did not understand it. So I will try this instead. Didn’t I read your comments for months about how great Cruz was, and how Trump was a loser? My question to you now that you are an insulting ass is? What the hell did Cruz ever do for Texas and the Tea Party for that matter?

        Most of your comments are irrational ramblings with no coherent thought pattern at all. See, I read quite well and have been reading all comments on this site for years. Biggest loss for this site was when BigTimer died, she was a classy lady.

  16. it’s time to dump the speaker of the house Paul Rino… I mean Paul Ryan……Ryan is a real sac-o-shit that intends on sticking it to the American public…….while he places his children in schools that screen out and won’t permit Muslims to attend school with his own children, Ryan is demanding that we accept hundreds of thousands of these Muslims and put them in our schools with our children….but his children don’t have to go to school with them…….another case of we elites don’t have to live with the consequences of our actions but you do……..

    it’s time to dump Paul Ryan as speaker of the house and upset him in his primary bid to retain his Wisconsin district seat……..Dump Ryan has got to be the call…..and elect Nehlin to replace this hypocrite bastard……..Ryan is nothing more than a tool of the political elite and has no regard for his constituents or the rest of us out here in the hinterlands that have to deal with their elitist rules and regulations that do more damage to us day in and day out………

    if it were up to me I would run this bastard out on a rail “tared and feathered” with a message….come back and you will be put in a pen with starving wild boars that haven’t eaten in a week…..take your choice you elitist bastard……….

    I hope Sarah Palin campaigns in his district and kicks his punk ass so bad he becomes embarrassed and resigns so we don’t have to deal with his punk ass any more…..gett’n pretty sick and tired of looking at him and hearing his whinny voice……..and I would like to see Trump dump him as speaker of the GOP convention……just get rid of him……

    Dump Ryan… Ryan out of town while beating him like a rented mule…..

  17. Ben Sasse just got spanked……Nebraska GOP’ers letting Ben Sasse know that they think of his third party bullshit to stop Trump…….if he doesn’t watch out he’s going to get his ass kicked and kicked hard…….

    you stupid dumb-ass……… better stop this third party bullshit asshole…..

  18. “The Establishment hates Trump because he cannot be bought and controlled. Ted Cruz saddled up to the Establishment late in his campaign and he lost leaving the Establishment without a puppet.”

    Trump can’t be bought? Baloney. I was posting comments here and elsewhere where I flatly stated that any politician or candidate that took one thin dime of money from the diabolically evil, White genocide craving, open borders from the turd world fanatic supporter, endless wars for the state of Israel Las Vegas mob boss Sheldon Adelson was a candidate who was to be considered the #1 mortal enemy of every White man, woman and child in America and especially so if you were a traditional, no-nonsense conservative. I applied that logic to Cruz, to Scott Walker, to Jeb Bush, to Rand Paul, to John Kasich, to Marco Rubio and to very other lower tiered cuck turd who was running, and I intend to also apply it to Donald Trump, who I have been tentatively supporting up until this announcement:
    “Sheldon Adelson Is Poised to Give Donald Trump a Donation Boost

    The casino magnate Sheldon G. Adelson told Donald J. Trump in a private meeting last week that he was willing to contribute more to help elect him than he has to any previous campaign, a sum that could exceed $100 million, according to two Republicans with direct knowledge of Mr. Adelson’s commitment.”

    If Trump takes one dime of money from this evil bastard, then that means he will be wearing a $100 million dollar Sheldon Adelson dog collar and if anyone thinks for a moment that he won’t then be taking orders from Adelson and his pals in Tel Aviv if he wins in November – then, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    Trump has pulled a huge con job on the millions of White conservative voters who have voted for him in the primaries, which includes myself. Adelson represents the face and the agenda of the very RINO cucked establishment that tried unsuccessfully to force Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Jeb, Christie, or Fiorina down our throats and we told them to shove those cucks up their ass. Ben Carson announced that the VP candidate list is down to 5 names. Guess who those 5 are?

    Palin – she has said she doesn’t want it, but supports Trump anyway.
    Cruzman Sachs – Let’s increase H1-B visa by 500 percent and fight more wars for Israel
    Kasich My daddy was a mailman and I eat like a ill mannered, disgusting pig
    Rubio – Father of the Gang of 8 Transformation of America into Mexico El Norte & Bubble Boy
    Chris Christie – Huge Obama Butt Crack Licker and a RINO liberal

    Hence, if Sheldon Adelson’s tribe can grease the skids and get Trump into the White House and have Trump pick one of their resoundingly rejected RINO cucks as his VP, then arrange for a JFK style exit down the road, presto – their CUCK VP moves into the Oval Office and it’s back to business as usual.

    No Trump Wall. More globalism. More nation destroying trade policies. Endless wars all over the planet that Israel demands we fight to advance their agenda. No interruption in the White Genocide Agenda which they (Emanuel Cellers, Jacob Javits) kicked off in 1965. Two or three more hard core anti-White Supreme Court appointments. Abolishing the Second Amendment and the First Amendment. USSR the Sequel resurrected here in North America.

    Mission Accomplished.

    • I fear you may be right Tucker……I’ve thought along those lines that you have stated as well…….I’m in the Trump camp simply because I don’t want a d’himicrat to win… least we will be able to fight again if Trump wins and maybe we can get someone who will take the republica nestablisment party apart……..

  19. #nevertrump means I won't vote for him

    You f***ing moron. Who’s fault will it be if a.) Trump loses to Hillary because he split the liberal vote (no conservatives will ever vote for the fascist) or b.) The faker is elected (after a bitter prolonged recount between liberals) and revealed to be the fraud more than half of America knew him to be all along?

    • Don’t like Trump? Good for you, call yourself a flaming libtard, change your affiliation to Democrap, and vote for Hillary the crook/killer/thief, or for Bernie the retard Socialist. Then when the country is turned into a muslim stronghold, you can be one of the first executed by your new overlords.

      Or, you could pull your ignorant head out of your fat ass, suck it up, and vote Trump in. He may not be perfect, but he’s the best shot at rebuilding the nation that we’ve had in decades. If all he does is build The Great Wall of the Southwest, then IMHO that’s a win, and a big turnaround for our economy. He’s for goddamn sure a better choice that Hillary or Bernie, and you butt-hurt Cruzbots can’t get over the fact that the best man won. The only way Trump will lose is if candy ass slack jawed faggots like yourself don’t vote because your feelings got hurt because lying Ted got his ass kicked.

      Better yet, why don’t you crawl back under your rock, and eat shit and die, cockbreath.

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