So the Establishment won’t go gentle into that good ole boy night. Joining forces (aka usurping) with the #NeverTrump pro-Cruz disgruntled, the Establishment is presenting Trump with an ultimatum: Run on our agenda or you’ll never get our support.

The pro-Cruz people would be wise to remember how it worked for the Tea Party movement when they trusted Establishment promises. NOT TOO GOOD! The Establishment was going to cut spending by billions, repeal and/or defund Obamacare, and cure cancer IF the Tea Party would only honor the Establishment with their votes. So the Tea Party did. And the Establishment, as we all knew, didn’t.

The Establishment doesn’t hate Trump because he holds some moderate positions. They do too because, as we have discussed here for years, Republicans are Democrats in Washington. The Establishment hates Trump because he cannot be bought and controlled. Ted Cruz saddled up to the Establishment late in his campaign and he lost leaving the Establishment without a puppet.

So what happens when the Establishment does everything in their corrupt power to keep Trump from the White House? What do the over-worked, over-taxed Americans do when President Hillary appoints Justice Eric Holder or Justice Barack Obama to the Supreme Court and the Second Amendment is abolished. And then the First? And what of the massive spending that will continue as it has under the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas? Who will represent us as millions more Third Worlders are imported to live off of welfare? Who in Washington will we have supporting us as the loyal opposition?

Not the Republicans! They’re Democrats and don’t support us now. Hillary will, with the support of McConnell and Ryan, continue Obama’s destruction of America. At this point, we have to question, is the destruction of America as a republic a bad thing?

How long will patriots in the Red States sit idly by as our constitutional rights, liberties, and republic are destroyed? How much money will be funneled from Red States who have exercised fiscal restraint to a certain extent to bail out collapsing Blue States that are now openly socialist? How long will we suffer our earnings to be stolen by corrupt and designing politicians in Washington when we have no representation? And who will allow their guns to be confiscated?

I have every belief the Establishment will not support Trump under any circumstance. We know they much prefer Hillary so they can blame her for the further destruction of America while they make millions for themselves and their employers in Big Business and Wall Street. Same ol’ same ol’.

The Cruz types will decide the election. If they stay home because they don’t agree with Trump on every issue, Hillary will win. Just as did Obama when millions refused to vote for a Mormon. While I am not a fan of Mitt Romney, there is no debate he would have damaged the country far less than Obama.

Question of the day. If the GOP disintegrates into factions and/or third and fourth parties and the Democrats remain united, will we see the beginning of the end for the United States?


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