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Living in America in our post-racial paradise can be a bit confusing these days! Many don’t understand the rules of political correctness and diversity even though President Obama and our liberal friends have tried to help us understand. That’s where Angry White Dude comes in. Because you know AWD is all about some diversity and political correctness.

Over the past few weeks, the Big Sexy has been taking questions from readers who are struggling to understand the complexities of diversity in modern America. Here are some of the questions submitted:

1. Dear AWD, I hate Chinese drivers! Those people can’t drive for sh*t! Every time I get my F-150 out of the body shop, another Chinese driver rams into me! Every freaking day! Maybe it’s because they can’t see over the wheel! Maybe there’s a reason those sumbitchess drive rickshaws and bicycles over there! Am I a racist? Matt In NY

Matt, yes, you are a racist! Your lack of compassion for Chinese culture is appalling. For millions of years, Chinese people have been forced to live in caves eating all that yang food with little sticks. They haven’t even heard of automobiles over there, much less ever dreamed of driving one. You must show compassion with their lack of driving skills here in our PC Xanadu of called America! The next time you’re sitting down to a big dish of sweet and sour cat up there in Nueva York, thank the Chinese for adding to the experience of our diverse culture! We should welcome our Chinese friends to America. It should be a point of pride that you can endlessly repair your vehicle if the damage done to it came from a Chinese immigrant!

2. Dear Big Sexy, every day I see Muslims around the world calling for Death to America and their religious leaders calling for the deaths of all Christians and Jews. They’re even killing Americans abroad and burning our embassies! That ain’t right! And I see more and more fuzzy little Muslim men wearing pajamas while putting their women in black tents walking around town. President Obama has taught me that Islam contributed greatly to America from the times of the Founding Fathers and I appreciate that, but I must admit it makes me angry to see billions of Muslims saying they want to kill me. I mean, I’m trying to embrace diversity but is it wrong to dislike someone who wants to kill me? Am I racist? Mike in Albequerque

Mike, yes, sad to say but you are a racist. Under the rules of diversity in America, you must never place your own desires or values above those of other cultures. Even if those cultures want to kill you. In fact, can you think of a better way to show your devotion to diversity than to be killed at the hands of those from foreign lands? Oh, you would be the pride of your local Democrat precinct if you are decapitated in the name of diversity by a Muslim freedom fighter! You’d be more popular than all the dead Democrat voters that don’t show up!

First, you must understand that Islam is the religion of peace. And while their idea of peace is a little different from ours, that’s ok! It all helps contribute to a big, multi-cultural America! Until racist Americans like yourself can learn to coexist with followers of Islam, until you are killed, you can never truly live in harmony with the tenets of diversity. Just think of all you’ll be missing by remaining a racist redneck!

You might consider taking a vacation to a Muslim land….like Egypt. There you will find the richness of a beautiful, advanced culture that goes back thousands of years. To help yourself move beyond your racist beliefs, try making new acquaintances with people you pass in the street. While carrying an American flag, go up to a group of young Muslim men and say “Hi! I’m Mike from America! Anybody want to be my friend?” They will immediately recognize you are a true follower of diversity that appreciates people of all cultures. I’m sure it will be an experience you’ll never forget!

3. Dear Angry White Dude, what is it with black people in movie theaters? Every time I go out on a date with my wife, there are black people sitting around us talking either to themselves or talking to the characters through the entire movie! I mean, it costs $20 to get into the theater and another $20 for popcorn and a drink. I’m really frustrated and find myself trying to avoid black people in movie theaters. Am I a racist? Bill in Atlanta

Dear Bill, sorry to inform you but yes, you are definitely a racist and do not appreciate the cherished traditions of attending movies with the African-American community. Because of slavery, African Americans were forced to warn each other whenever the racist slave owner was approaching. Luckily for us, this warm tradition of warning others continues today. How many movie characters would have walked through the door where the killer waited if not for African Americans yelling out “Don’t go through that door! The killer is in there! He gonna kill your ass!” You can just imagine the lives saved in movies due to this beautiful tradition that goes back hundreds of years to the dark, ugly time in America when white slave owners…exactly like you, Bill…would bring violence to slaves.

Bill, to help you better appreciate African-American culture, you and your wife should consider attending a concert in Atlanta featuring rap artists. Oh, how you’ll be filled with the warmth of diversity after listening to the vocal stylings of the rap artists…most of whom are regular guests to the White House! You and your wife will be moved deeply with the romantic lyrics of songs like “F*** That MotherF***ing B*tch!” and “I’m Gonna Slam Dat Ass Doggy-Style, B*tch!” Being relieved of your cash and watch….and your wife….is a small price to pay for enjoying the warm traditions of modern African American artists. Fun for the whole family! I can’t wait to hear your report!

4. Big Sexy, recently my grandmother was raped by Somali immigrants here in Minnesota. She was walking home from the store when she was attacked and gang-raped by a gang of unemployed, Somali thugs! Later in the week, they tried to recruit my sister into prostitution! This is not my America and I’m mad as hell! Am I racist? Bob in Minneapolis

Bob, sorry to inform you but you are definitely a racist! While the gang rape of your grandmother was tragic, at least she wasn’t raped by a racist, white American! She can recover being content that she was attacked by a group of diverse Africans only seeking a better life here in America. Oh, how we can learn from those young men! Raping grandmothers is a rich tradition going back thousands of years in Africa (and Detroit). While we may not fully understand this beautiful African tradition, we must seek to embrace and better comprehend the fulfillment these young Somali freedom-seekers derive from a brutal rape.

As for your sister, prostitution around the world is a cherished tradition. While not all Americans fully understand the beauty of forced prostitution, we must strive to abandon our antiquated Judeo/Christian values for the more diverse traditions from Africa and other third-world countries. Your sister should be honored she was approached by immigrants from a faraway land to sleep with strange immigrants and illegal aliens as she is shipped from state to state. What lessons she can learn by having sex with diverse men from all over the world. It’s an experience that most young women will never have the opportunity to experience! Please urge her to reconsider! It’s for her own good!

So goat-roping, redneck racists, we’re out of time and that concludes the first installment of Diversity Training with Angry White Dude. I hope you have learned something tonight. Hopefully you have learned that traditional American culture is racist and awful. And hopefully you have learned there is much we can learn from our brothers and sisters from rich, diverse cultures from around the world.

Until next time, this is Angry White Dude saying…….DIVERSITY WORKS!



  1. Dear AWD, Cracker Barrel hit an all time high on the Nasdaq today. And I was especially happy. Am I a racist? Derb from Houston.

    • Yeah,I just saw that this morning and didn’t know what to make of it,IMHO they were somehow pressured into that by the white house.

  2. My diversity training takes place at my local range. I’m diverse depending on where I’m going, so I train with my 357, .45 ACP, and my much beloved Kel Tec.32 ACP. Different areas, different problems, different solutions. Since I retired its amazing how I love diversity. I hated diversity training when I worked for a municipality, they did not let me train right and carry my toys.

  3. I don’t care if I’m a racist. What our evil governing elites call racism is nothing but the virtue of being in touch with the reality that nonWhites are destroying the United States by their incompetence and hostility. They say it’s racism when Whites avoid living in Black or Hispanic neighborhoods. That’s a hoot. Black and Hispanic neighborhoods are dangerous, crime ridden, loud, rude, ugly and have low property values BECAUSE those neighborhoods are FULL of low-IQ Blacks and Hispanics. Only a left-wing, White imbecile would even consider moving to such a lively, vibrant, diverse hellhole. Lots of them do and they always regret it.

    Obama is a deeply evil, overgrown adolescent, affirmative-action parasite. He is only president because his father was Black. That is the ONLY reason.

    • I would counter that he is POTUS because he was chosen by the men behind the curtain, the fact that he passes for black is simply a bonus for them. The racial divide has always existed in America, Obama was put in place to exploit it. His ‘blackness’ is just a tool, a mechanism to achieve a stated goal. And that is to turn the country into a socialist one.

      • AMEN!!!

        He was “selected” not elected…. that is why I fume at those who say he is destroying this country due to incompetency. He is doing what he was mandated to do by his marxist/socialist handlers and he is VERY good at it… no incompetency there

  4. One thing is for sure, there is plenty of opportunity to practice tolerance here in the Duke City. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Muslim. Not as bad as Dearbornistan, but there is a healthy population. No offense to ‘Mr. Mittens’.

  5. KennakaKeeper

    I converted to Trashism and a Trashist I’ll be the rest of my life…..

  6. I get so sick and tired of “diversity this, diversity that” being preached above all else, everywhere I go. I’m not a racist, and I don’t have to prove that I’m not. But my God… At my job we get all these holidays recognized. Which is fine, I have no problem with that. But the difference is, all the other holidays are always recognized by their proper name (i.e. Kwanzaa, Ramadan, the Winter Solstice). But what do they call Christmas? “Winter Festival.” Only WE white heterosexual male Christians have to change things around, to suit everyone else. We have to hide any reference that might be construed as Christian, European, American, anything that’s been around for longer than 50 years.

    Another case-in-point: The dress code at our office. It says that if the supervisor or manager even THINKS that something might be inappropriate, the employee will be asked to go home and change. And NOT get paid while their away. However, people have actually asked about cross-dressing guys that work there (yes, they’re at my job!). And what did the supervisor answer when asked if that would be considered inappropriate? “Well… that’s a diversity issue.” So basically, if I showed up wearing jeans on a day other than Friday, I’d get sent home, without pay. But if I showed up wearing a dress (I’m a guy, in case you guys didn’t know)… then I’d get away with it. Where’s the logic!?

    I may be relatively young here (35)… but I’m beginning to wonder if those “good ole days” that my parents, grandparents, and their contemporaries always talked about really WERE the good ole days.

  7. 2 news updates
    Why Does China Want A Mural In Oregon Destroyed?
    NPR‎ – 8 hours ago
    The mural in downtown Corvallis, Ore., is big: 10 feet high and 100 feet long. One side shows a peaceful countryside setting in rural


    Theres a washroom in Canada for trannies…
    see ‘news of the weird’ online column

  8. Big Sexy, recently my grandmother was raped by Somali immigrants here in Minnesota. She was walking home from the store when she was attacked and gang-raped by a gang of unemployed, Somali thugs! Later in the week, they tried to recruit my sister into prostitution! This is not my America and I’m mad as hell! Am I racist? Bob in Minneapolis


    And obama has ‘diversity visas’ to bring in more ‘afros and mu-slimes.

    • If you notice the negative effects that “diversity” brings to you and other whites, and have the unmitigated gall to say it out loud.. then yes, you beez a racist cracka

      diversity = a social construct devised by globalist marxist with a desire for world power through a one world government.

  9. I’ve had it with all this racism…….Everywhere I go its always something……Everyone and their brother is calling me a racist……..

    I walk down the street and people yell out of their windows…”Racist”..

    I drive my car and and everyone starts yelling and honking their horns at me screaming…….You’re a racist…….

    When I’m at work I have to put with all of my co-workers calling me a racist…….

    Even when I watch my favorite show on television the neighborhood children ring my door bell and run away yelling……”racist”………

    I just don’t understand…….


    Diversity Training means telling the leftist NAACP,ACLU,RAINBOW/PUSH and BIG GOVERMENT to BUTT OUT OF OUR LIVES

  11. Dear Big Sexy:

    I have noticed a trend here in Ohio of elderly men in hats driving enormous Buicks or Oldsmobiles. While there is no traffic behind me, they wait until I’m right up on the intersection and then pull right out in front of me, causing me to slam on the breaks. They then proceed to go at least 10mph under the speed limit.

    Now, if I were a member of one of Obama’s preferred demographics, I would have all the handouts needed to allow me the extra scratch to buy a big, awesome F-150… But I’ve had to stick with a car I can actually afford, so I cannot just run them over like they deserve. It’s SO frustrating!

    But, back to the original question: I have noticed the phenomenon transcends race, so I would like to know if I’m a racist at all, or perhaps just ageist or sexist, and do the latter two matter?


    • Brooke, ‘the old man in the hat’ driver is a nightmare for all of us. It’s only worse because they are usually white and most assuredly racist. But to answer your question….yes, you are a racist.


  12. Welcome to the obamination, where being born white is a crime and they are getting ready to purge a good many of us to acheive the africatopia. Please, someone, anyone, point out to me an african or hispanic country worth living in?

  13. Yep proof diversity works, in President Obama’s own words

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction…” – Audacity of hope

    This man may have been a Christian, or not. But he was certainly Black without a doubt.

    Now all you Black folk that want to vote for Obama take a good look at the picture and take notice of the Arabic sign, your president stands by the people that did this.

    Vote for Barrack at your peril

    • Waspish, please warn on those. I’ve spent enough time around the dead, dying and killing to last a lifetime. If or when I have to defend me and mine, I’ll rise to that but not until.

      Blistered, out!

  14. Dear Dude,

    I looked in the bathroom mirror this a.m. and saw the reflection of a middle-aged caucasian American male of European ancestry who has worked steadily since the mid-1960s. I was satisfied with what I saw. Am I a RACIST?

  15. Great article AWD!

    I’m guessing Homeland Security is re-evaluating just who the enemy is. with the Islamist world exploding, maybe they’lll take their focus off Patriots, returning vets etc.
    The border is still wide open under this administration during a time of war and international terrorism. What exactly would you call that?
    (I know what I call it.)
    The Mexican Drug Cartels are using Islamic terror tactics and beheading is now common in Mehico with thousands tortured and killed in yearly. Of course Mexico has very strict guns laws that don’t appear to have any beneficial effect whatsoever. (And the Mexican President has the nerve to lecture america on the gun issue while Obama nods in agreement.)

  16. I have seen the light Mr. AWD and freely admit that I too am Racist! Much like the guy in this video!

    My name is MT Patriot and I admit to having a problem! 😉

  17. Texas man hangs an empty chair with a rope in his front yard………….

    Gee, I wonder shat he means by this??????????

  18. Hmmmmm, behave like a worthless, freeloading, good-for-nothing oxygen thief, contribute to nothing other than excess, demand more from productive citizens and berate them for demanding that I get off my ass and get a job all the while telling them that they owe me for this, or that perceived transgression. OR
    Take responsibility for myself like countless generations before me and be concerned about my faith, my family, my country, my education, my job and my self worth. And then look at all of those worthless souls in the aforementioned category and worry about being labeled a “racist”? Gee, with such a stark contrast, who wouldn’t want to be labeled one?
    Count me in!!!

  19. Blacks and other ‘minorities’ should be judged according to “the content of their character” (Martin Luther King). And that’s exactly why so many intelligent Whites completely avoid them. MLK unknowingly set up an unreachable goal when he asked that Blacks not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. It’s a goal that backfired. He wrongly assumed that Blacks would behave and be civil once they were accepted by society and granted ‘civil rights.’ He also wrongly assumed that once Blacks were given a little boost (e.g., welfare, free housing, affirmative action), they would conduct themselves as refined as White people. What a disaster that proved to be!

    Blacks may despise being judged based on common ‘stereotypes,’ but they fulfill all of those ‘stereotypes’ daily by their conduct. One would think that Black communities throughout our nation would unite and seek to distance themselves from everything that gives rise to such ‘stereotypes,’ but they don’t and they never will. It’s not in their nature. It’s not in who they are as a race of people, and their low IQs only confirm it.

  20. Good post, Dude. My favorite is #3, since the very issue addressed in it is why I’ve stopped going to theaters where there will be any black in attendance. Blacks have a whole other culture, and it’s SURE AS HELL not mine.

  21. awd that was one of your all time best pieces ever written.

    • Good one Red, I read not too long ago that there is no word for “left” or “right” in the chinese language, they say “this way” and “that way”… No wonder they cannot drive.

  22. Anyone remember the old ‘Duke Nukem’ video game ? Life has hit the final difficulty level from my point of non diverse view.

  23. JOHN GALT1955


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