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Diversity Visits Boston


Left: Richard Field   Middle: Lina Bolanos   Right: Bampumim Teixeira

Yep, according to progressives diversity is a cornerstone of liberalism. In fact it’s so much a part of the liberal lexicon that they have catchy buzz phrases such as “diversity is our strength.” Yeah right. However, lets look at how diversity really works. The story is not only heartbreaking, but also ironic.

What we have is a modern day tragedy worthy of Billy Shakespeare’s pen. It’s also a story for our times with hard lessons. Look for this one to make the Lifetime Channel in the near future.

Enter stage left is Dr. Richard Field, an Englishman who immigrated to the US to practice medicine. By all rights, Richard was a guy at the top of his game, a practicing anesthesiologist, whose sub-specialty was pain management.

Enter stage right is Dr. Lina Bolanos, native of Columbia. She was on the Harvard Med Faculty, a pediatric anesthesiologist. She was not only talented but her pics show that she knew how to rock her lady side. Both were described as “rising stars” within the world of high-powered Boston medicine.

Lina and Richard met and fell in love. They moved in together, living in high priced Boston penthouse condo. They were also engaged, with impending marriage plans. There was still time for children or perhaps adoption for a very fortunate child or two if they were so inclined. We will never really know their real plans. Seems like the perfect American immigrant/ love/success story doesn’t it? It just reeks of diversity.

But every tragedy has to have a villain. Enter center stage is Bampumim Teixeira, place of birth Guinea-Bissau, a total third world African crap hole if there was ever was one. He later spent time on Cape Verde Island, a definitive step up. Somehow, he finds his way to the US and even gets a green card. He’s accomplished at nothing and has done little with his miserable life except mostly live off the rest of us. His employment record is spotty at best. He is, however a convicted bank robber whose crime was changed to larceny because his TWO attempts were done without showing a gun. He had just been released from prison in April after a sentence of only a few months when the lives of all three collided. He was already a parole violator at the time.

On the evening of May 5th, Teixeira bypassed 4 layers of security and gained access to Lina and Richard’s apartment. How he did this is a matter of some speculation, however he did work for the security company at the building for a short time. Most reports state that the victims did not know him.

After obtaining entry, he robbed them and ultimately bound and murdered the couple. The cause of death in the news was that both had their throats cut, however more unofficial reports say they were mutilated. Dr. Field managed to send a text message for help. When the Boston PD arrived they found Teixeira inside the apartment with a weapon and subsequently shot him three times, unfortunately without fatal results. Description of the crime scene state that “messages of retribution” written in the blood of the victims were on the walls of the apartment. I’ll make a two to one bet that the messages did not mention diversity. Since being taken into custody, he’s had little to say and has pled not guilty.

If there is ever an example of why liberalism is a mental illness and a pathway to societal suicide here it is. It also poses a few questions, the first being what was Teixeira doing in the country in the first place? Did he bring any special skill sets into the US that we particularly need? I just don’t think that we have to import any more thieves, murderers or thug rats, after all we have more then we need right now.

Secondly, why was he still in the country after his bank robbery conviction? I can answer that one for you. Both his defense attorney and Boston prosecutors agreed that his crime would be plea-bargained down so HE COULD REMAIN IN THE COUNTRY! Is this insanity or what?

I realize that Teixeira held a legal green card, but Boston is a sanctuary city whose alcoholic mayor, Marty Walsh is a strong supporter of this idiotic liberal idea. You won’t hear a peep from this nitwit about why this guy wasn’t taken off the streets for parole violation. Even the Boston PD gets a chance to make this guy good, puts lead into him 3 times and can’t get the job done. Simply amazing!

But now that we have destroyed the myth of diversity, lets drive a stake into the heart of a few more progressive fairy tales.

The first liberal lie is that the police (and the government) will protect you. Really? It reminds me of that saying about when you need help in seconds, the PD is minutes away. The Feds were no help whatsoever; in fact for practical purposes they facilitated the murders.

Secondly is the liberal adage of submission. “Just give them what they want and they will go away and not hurt you.” That didn’t seem to work that well either did it?

Thirdly, is that a gun in the home is more likely to be used against you then for successful self- defense. I could be mistaken, but a gun or two in the home of the good doctors was exactly what was needed and would have given them much more of a chance then they had. Just saying.

The brass tacks of this tragedy are that it is YOU who will be responsible for your self-defense. Even money says that Lina and Richard felt safe, tucked away behind the refuge of a high priced dwelling. Another bet says that both were of the liberal persuasion and probably didn’t believe in guns.

Ultimately you need to know your threat. One of those is home invasion. You better have a plan in dealing with it that doesn’t include liberal talking points. Rest assured that if someone like Bampumim penetrates the perimeter of my home, the time for talking is long over. The problem is that there are many more out there like Bampumim Teixeira, just waiting their chance, fueled by the hate from the left. Buy a firearm. Better yet purchase two or three and get some training. There’s really a low level war going on in our society, the MSM just hasn’t mentioned it yet. Wake up and don’t be a victim.

Stay armed my friends.










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  2. carnac123

    The US is upside-down in everything including morality and identity. Apparently a black foreigner can kill and mutilate white Americans and his lawyers will break their asses trying to make sure he “can stay in the country”. You see in America,….white people do not matter. We are just the new slaves that work two jobs each trying to keep everyone’s life normal (except ours). White people! Quit putting up with this tyranny. Take up for yourselves. Do what others do and form close knit alliances with each other and demand your rights back any way you can get them. Get dangerous. We are the only ones who can bring back America regardless of the price. The leftist, socialist dems are trying to nullify white votes every time a Republican gets in the White House. They tried to overthrow Bush when he won. Remember the “dangling chads” and all of the voting scandals the dems made-up. They did not succeed but the democrat US media made fun of Bush the whole time he was in office. They spoke of rising unemployment and all the things that were wrong with the country but they were lying. The Bush years produced less unemployment and more jobs and prosperity than Obama ever could. Once more the media has gone off the deep end because another Republican got elected. They have talked about Trump’s “failures” since the day he got into office and have never stopped. The media makes up lies and then demands that their lies be investigated. Revolution……anyone?

    • Quartierleblanc

      They are the new soldiers of the left, designed by purpose to operate in an urban environment. Easily manufactured, easily trained, and easily disposable.

  3. All I can add is make sure you have a weapon on every level of your house.

  4. Excellent article and points…I support the immigration of educated skilled people who want to be Americans…However I see no logic in importing thousands of diarrhea colored , uneducated , unskilled pieces of third world amphibian shit like this murderer…Stay armed…We deserve what we tolerate…

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