Ohhhhh, the schadenfreude is schadenfreuding schadenfreudingly! Wiki-leaks has posted a few thousand incriminating emails from higher up socialists in the Demon-cratic National Committee that show the primary election deck was totally stacked in favor of Our Lady of Eternal Evil. Poor worthless communist loser bastid Bernie Sanders never had a chance!

But now the Dims must deal with the unwashed, horrible-smelling, loud, stupid beasts they themselves created through decades of leftist indoctrination and political correctness. The most stupid and worthless group to ever walk the Earth. No, not the Republican National Committee. I’m talking about Bernie-tards.

Here’s a shot of the middle-class socialist brats. A bunch of feminazis and beta-males. And a whole hell of a lot of stupid.


Ol’ Butterhair Wassermann-Schultz has already faced the wrath of Bernie supporters as she was booed constantly throughout her speech at her own Florida delegation breakfast! Drudge is reporting the Dims are already asking Butterhair to give up her speech slot at the convention! The Chair of the DNC is getting the boot from her own party!!! Now if the GOP would only do the same1

I believe distinguished Faber College academic, Flounder, said it best:

The released emails also prove what we conservatives (not Republicans, real conservatives!) have known since Bill Clinton bought his first Swisher Sweets cigars in the third grade to terrorize his female classmates: The Mainstream Propaganda Media is totally, 100% controlled by the Dims!

The DNC would give the propagandists at CNN, MSNBC and the rest lists of questions to ask Her Cankleness. DNC officials would even have private meetings with the propaganda higher-ups to plot their nefarious deals.

The Wiki-leaks emails also showed that the DNC is controlled by a gaggle of feminist wildebeests like Donna Brazile, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Maria Elena Durazo, and others. I will not post photos of these leftist hags. You’ll thank me. These ‘ladies’ want a woman President and set up the primary rules where Commie Bernie never had a chance at winning. They were, figuratively, in bed with Hillary. Literally is more than a great possibility.

Hillary is the one they came up with? I thought they wanted a woman.

So the DNC Convention should be a wild one unless all Bernie-tards are kept in their cages. If allowed into the show, they will vent their frothy anger and stupidity. Even more than the Democrat speakers scheduled.

The Party that believes in “Bridges, not walls” in the case of illegal Third World moochers has put up enough 8 foot fencing to secure the US Southern border. They’ll need it because the Black Lives Matter terrorists are also itching for some TV time. To them, a cop killing would be the perfect accent on their F-U to responsible, law-abiding America. Of course, none of the responsible, law-abiding Americans will be in attendance at the DNC Convention!

Here’s the full video of Butterhair’s attempted speech in front of her home state delegation!

You know those yelling were Bernie-tards. They were yelling “shame, shame, shame!” They’re too stupid to know what to yell. Because when has a Democrat ever shown shame?


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